The SDA is also interested in industry concerns about data rights, security and protection, acquisition approaches and more. [5] It will function under the Integrated Defence Staff. [19], Joint formation of the Indian Armed Forces responsible for space warfare, Air Chief Marshal Srinivasapuram Krishnaswamy, Indian Ballistic Missile Defence Programme, "PM Narendra Modi attends Combined Commanders' Conference in Jodhpur", "Major General A K Dhingra appointed as the first Special Operations Division Commander", "Agencies take shape for special operations, space, cyber war", "Centre names officers for tri-service divisions", "Defence Space agency to come up at Bengaluru", "Policy Report: The Unending Quest to Reform India National Security System", "All eyes on Naresh Chandra report on natl security today", "Formation of Indian armed forces' special operations unit begins, to have 3000 commandos", "Modi hails India as military space power after anti-satellite missile test", "India successfully tests missile interceptor", "DRDO readies shield against Chinese ICBMs", "India successfully tests ASAT missile, joins space superpower club", "India has all the building blocks for an anti-satellite capability", "ASAT missile: Satellite-killer not a one-off, India working on star wars armoury | India News - Times of India", "Eye on China, India set to kickstart 1st space war drill | India News - Times of India", "Space Defence | Is India prepared to fight, and win tomorrow's wars? Defense Intelligence Agency Provide Intelligence on Foreign Militaries to Prevent & Decisively Win Wars. The Air Force successfully launches the fourth advanced extremely high-frequency communication satellite being carried to orbit aboard a ULA Atlas V 551 launch vehicle, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla., Oct. 16, 2018. [1][2] The Defence Imagery Processing and Analysis Centre in Delhi and the Defence Satellite Control Centre in Bhopal were subsumed by the DSA. Scientists who have been researching inflammation in pulmonary disorders at the Uniformed Services University are using their knowledge to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. The fleet consists of drone-craft exclusively. Texas A&M University's Engineering Experiment Station has been awarded a $20 million per year contract to establish and manage a University Consortium for Applied Hypersonics. "Frankly, we're confident that through the competition that we've run, there's been a full and open competition. Prior to taking the assistant director position, Tournear was the director of Harris Space and Intelligence research and development. Most of the military space research, development and procurement dollars are in the Air Force’s budget. While the Senate Armed Services Committee endorsed a version of Space Force, the House Armed Services Committee proposed a Space Corps, which would not be an independent branch of the military. I wonder if the Space Defence Agency HQ/Space Defence Office should grant some Defence Armies/EXP? [9] Among its recommendations, the Task Force recommended the creation of a cyber command, an aerospace command and a special operations command.

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