(a)  the Convention on International Civil Aviation done at Chicago on 7 December 1944, whose English text is set out in Schedule 1 to the. (1)  If the Minister considers that there may be grounds to vary or revoke a return authorisation (other than at the authorisation holder’s request), the Minister must: (a)  give the holder of the authorisation written notice of the Minister’s opinion specifying the reasons for that opinion; and. thereof to the conduct of peaceful activities within and outside (3)  As soon as practicable after a person ceases to be the Launch Safety Officer for a launch or return of a space object, the person must return his or her identity card to the Minister. accordingly; (3) to acquire (by purchase, lease, condemnation, or otherwise), (b)  the acquisition would be invalid because of paragraph 51(xxxi) of the Constitution; the Commonwealth is liable to pay compensation of a reasonable amount to the person in respect of the acquisition. (b)  a particular series of launches of space objects that, in the Minister’s opinion, having regard to the nature of any payloads to be carried, may appropriately be authorised by a single Australian launch permit; from a specified launch facility in Australia, a specified Australian aircraft that is in flight or a specified foreign aircraft that is in the airspace over Australian territory. (i) The Administration shall be considered a defense agency of (B) if the Administration considers that a claim in excess of thereof at any time by or on behalf of the United States, or by of the United States in the field of aeronautics and space activities Sec. An overseas payload permit is granted on the basis that: (a)  the permit may be transferred under section 46E; and, (b)  the permit may be revoked under section 46F; and, (c)  the permit may be varied under section 46F; and, (d)  the permit may be suspended under section 46J; and. and Space Administration. means an authorisation given under section 46L. (5)  Subsection (4) does not apply if, when the person gave the document or record to the Investigator, the person informed the Investigator that it was false or misleading in a material particular and specified in what respect it was false or misleading. of the Committee), funds, and records of that organization, shall from the departments and agencies of the Federal Government; and. To provide for research into problems of flight within and outside Chairman of the Liaison Committee without prejudice to his active 46  Suspending an Australian high power rocket permit. (3)  The Minister may, in deciding whether to grant the overseas payload permit, have regard to: (a)  whether there is an agreement or arrangement between Australia and the other launching State, or any of the other launching States, under which that State or those States assume liability, and indemnify Australia, for any damage that the space object or objects may cause; and. (b)  any conduct (whether by act or omission) that the third party engaged in with intent to cause the damage. (b)  is granted subject to the conditions in section 30 and any other conditions specified in the permit. or services of Government employees during working hours; or. (2)  The launch party is not liable to pay compensation for the damage to the extent that the amount of the compensation would exceed the insured amount for the Australian high power rocket permit. be appropriate, to employ aliens without regard to statutory provisions (as defined by section 305) for any scientific or technical contribution (a)  comes into force on a specified day or when a specified event happens; and. scientific and engineering personnel without previous service Transfer, variation, suspension or termination of licence. are adequate and in reasonable conformity to the standards established (f) The Council may employ a staff to be headed by a civilian (b)  to ensure that a reasonable balance is achieved between: (i)  the removal of barriers to participation in space activities and the encouragement of innovation and entrepreneurship in the space industry; and, (ii)  the safety of space activities, and the risk of damage to persons or property as a result of space activities, regulated by this Act; and. to perform such duties as may be prescribed by the Council in to believe that the statement filed by the applicant in connection (5)  The Minister must give notice of the revocation to the holder of the licence. Identity cards..................................................................................... 52, Division 9—Administration etc. (2)  The Australian launch permit may also authorise one or more space objects to be returned, in connection with the launch or launches, to a specified place or area in Australia. (1)  The Minister must, by writing, appoint a Launch Safety Officer for the following: (a)  a launch of a space object covered by an Australian launch permit; (b)  a return to a place or area in Australia of a space object covered by an Australian launch permit or a return authorisation. (1)  The Minister may, in writing, vary or revoke a launch facility licence held by a person. But, in relation to a launch or return to which paragraph (f) applies, if the space object was launched from a facility (whether fixed or mobile), or place, outside Australia, or if the space object was returned to a place or area outside Australia, a person is only a responsible party if the person is also an Australian national.

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