It also spent 2.6% of 2010’s GDP on post-secondary education, whereas the OECD average was only 1.6%. Second, South Korea has devoted extra attention to technology development and innovation to promote growth. Thanks to decades of growth, it’s now richer than Spain and New Zealand. In the present, South Korea plays an active role in the ongoing Digital Revolution, with one of the largest electronics industries and most innovative economies in the world. In total, 95% of South Koreans say innovation is a strategic priority. Some claim the tactic is over-the-top and leads to poor productivity, but it teaches a valuable lesson: team members must remain committed to the culture of innovation. The world's most innovative country invested 7.6% of its GDP into education in 2010. Hurry! With almost half of the country’s population in Seoul, Koreans are known to be early adopters of new technologies. More than 25 million people live in the Seoul Capital Area, beneath the city’s towering skyline. All of these initiatives are crowned by its annual startup property, the K-Startup Grand Challenge — South Korea’s largest outreach programme for the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Innovation and technology are the key factors that have underpinned South Korean export competitiveness and fueled the country's remarkable economic rise over the past decades. Promising startups with a clear objective to expand into Asia by using the Korean market as a stepping-stone may register and apply for the challenge. Read posts about productivity, teamwork and building high performing teams. 5 Don’t hesitate to hire young talent. That’s the advantage startups and other small businesses have over corporate giants. ", "Solar Cell Phones Change the Way the World Communicates", "Samsung Electronics Introduces EYECAN+, Next-Generation Mouse for People with Disabilities", "Samsung's 'eye mouse' enables users to control their computer with a glance", "World's First Completely Touch Screen Mobile Phone", "LG and PRADA Develop the World's First Touch Screen Mobile Phone", "The Touching History of Touchscreen Tech", "Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Phone Is Official: Everything You Need To Know", "Samsung Craft, the world's first 4G LTE phone, now available at MetroPCS", "MetroPCS debuts first 4G LTE Android phone, Samsung Galaxy Indulge", "LG Looks to Leave Apple Behind With 5-Inch Retina Display", "Korean scientists have developed a legitimate 3D hologram you can view from any angle", "Samsung unveils world's first UFS memory cards – the successor to microSD", "Samsung Rolls Out Its First UFS Cards: SSD Performance in Card Form-Factor", "LG Rolly is the world's first solid rollable keyboard for smartphones and tablets", "LG's new Rolly wireless keyboard turns into a pocket stick", "Bendable battery and LED make up the first functional all-flexible electronic system", "World's First Flexible Li-Ion Battery Unveiled by Researchers", "Wearable Device Is Powered By Its Owners' Body Heat – PSFK", "Thermoelectric generator on glass fabric for wearable electronic devices", "A wearable thermoelectric generator fabricated on a glass fabric", "The Clear Future of Electronics: Transparent Memory Device", "Wireless Online Electric Vehicle, OLEV, runs inner city roads", "Scientists Develop HYPER 3D Printing Pen That Works in Nanoscale", "LG Electronics Introduces Digital Refrigerator", "Hot and steamy: LG will bring its Styler steam closet to the US and China", "LG Twin Wash System Allows Two Separate Loads to Be Washed Simultaneously", "WITH TWIN WASH, LG TURNS HEADS WITH BOLD NEW WASHER DESIGN", "Kimchi refrigerator maintains taste of fermented food", "The woman who liberated South Korea's housewives", "4th Asian Transport Revenue Collection Forum",,,, "South Korea to seize on world's first full 5G network", "S. Korean scientists want android to walk", "World's first robot prison guard on trial in South Korea", "Robo-guard the South Korean correction service robot says 'stay out of trouble' (video)", "South Korea Rolls Out Robotic Prison Guards", "South Korea's 'Method-2': The World's First Supersized Manned Bipedal Robot on Its First Action (Video)", "South Korea Has A 13-Foot Robot To Make All Your Manned Mech Dreams Come True", "World's first ciliary microrobots could change the way we take medicine", "World's first ciliary stroke motion microrobots", "Fabrication and Manipulation of Ciliary Microrobots with Non-reciprocal Magnetic Actuation", "New paradigm for tumor theranostic methodology using bacteria-based microrobot", "Scientists unveil world's first cancer-fighting nanobot", "ScreenX Comes to First U.S. Theatre with Feature Film – the Himalayas – to Start the New Year", "270-degree ScreenX technology shows ultra-wide movies on three walls", "World's first cinema with projector-less LED screen opens in Korea", "Samsung made a giant 34-foot LED TV for movie theaters", "Samsung Debuts World's First 3D Cinema LED Screen Theater in Switzerland". Gen Y bears numerous similarities to South Korea’s workers at the time. You have to make innovation a priority. It was poorer than Bolivia and Mozambique 50 years ago. Companies in the world's most innovative country are notorious for asking applicants strange questions. Despite the tiny population and the small domestic demand market size, the Korean domestic market has substantial purchasing power, a fact that has been acknowledged by many global firms for a long time. That compares with the 6.3% average amount among OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries. Applications close 24th June 2020. For instance, conglomerates such as Samsung, Hyundai, LG, SK, POSCO, Lotte, Hanwha, CJ, GS all have robust acceleration or venture programmes. Hiring managers have a simple reason for their actions: they want to make sure applicants fit their companies’ cultures. With high scores in manufacturing value-added, high-tech density and patent activity metrics, Germany has been named the most innovative nation in this year’s Innovation Index.. In the name of productivity, many call for the end of email in favour of instant messaging. With the domestic market size of about USD 736.21 billion, South Korea has the 15th biggest internal market in the world. Located in East Asia, South Korea has strong cultural and economic ties with China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and more. These include research, creative thinking, group brainstorming and problem solving. People need to acquire valuable information and use it at work. Its speed and informal nature allow for less wasted time. They are eager to be the first to buy and use newly released technology. Access to state-of-the-art Korean R&D labs, 2. South Korea is the world’s most connected country with 100 percent LTE coverage. People often look to pioneering companies for advice and inspiration. But how many companies constantly help teams relate to their culture? The benefits include: 1. As the world’s largest three-month global accelerator programme, The K-Startup Grand Challenge is conducted and financed by the South Korean government and offers a fantastic global platform for startups looking to expand across the robust Asian market, via South Korea. ", "[굿모닝 내셔널]인류 최초 쌀 기원지 기념 조형물이 청주에 들어선 사연은? Cultural fit can encourage innovation. Innovation is at the heart of our business model. Know more about K-Startup Grand Challenge 2020 by registering and applying for it here. Bloomberg hints there’s a lot to pick up from South Korea, which it named the world’s most innovative country earlier this year. Hiring for cultural fit is common knowledge. In terms of innovation, they’re eager to accept ambitious challenges. Though the country has a competitive beauty industry, a three-year-old startup controls 80% of the online market and is growing in Europe and North America. Startups could take advantage of South Korea’s favourable location to expand a startup across the Asian market. The lesson is clear: innovation depends on learning, so give your team chances to pick up skills, study new ideas and conduct research. Projects between conglomerates and startups are also active under government directions. For the first time in six years, South Korea has been knocked off the top spot as the world’s most innovative economy. As a result, South Korea is one of the world’s most literate nations. They determined that innovative teams rely on this ability to create products that competitors wouldn’t be able to envision. 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