This weekend I was on section Recipes from La Havre and focusing on brioche. I have also heard this, but I didn’t think it would slow down that much. I fermented at room temperature, but if you raise the temperature a few degrees it will go quicker for sure. Just to clarify, you fed the starter and then immediately used it in the recipe? Flatten the dough gently with your hands. Total time for bulk fermentation was 5 hours in room temperature, about 74°F/23°C. It was very very rich and I think I can get away with greatly reducing the amount of butter so I’m going to experiment. Then you don’t have to bother about any stretch and folds. It’s quite stiff, and even if I know that stiffer doughs ferment slower, I didn’t think it would take that long. Love from the U.K. Hi Paul, Hi Tomas, But most things that taste insanely good are not healthy, and this bread is just too delicious to abstain from. There is always something new to learn. Hi Barbara, I am going to try this, but with a poppyseed filling like makivnyk or kolache, made into a roll rather than baked in a pan. I started this recipe yesterday. Finally, although the texture was great, I’m going to try with less butter next time. Yes, you can. You can add all ingredients, the butter in small pieces one by one, and run the mixer until you have a smooth dough with lots of elasticity. Your favorite beer will most certainly give different flavors than mine. But I have to say that I find it hard to imagine anything better than a slice of toasted Brioche bread for breakfast a Saturday morning. just follow this link. Not even a bit. Again, thanks for the recipe – I just wanted to share my thoughts! Things you eat should taste good, you say it does so that's great. Just a couple of observations, the bread isn’t sweet enough (for my taste) compared to traditional brioche so next time I will probably double the sugar. Both beer and bread have one thing in common, namely that yeast is used to break down sugar into carbon dioxide and alcohol. So that’s what we are going to do. Hi Anna, My method was to add some small pieces, grip the dough with my hand and pinch it with my fingers. I let the second loaf proof in room temperature, and it doubled in size after 12 hours. Just because I want to see if it’s possible in a reasonable amount of time and effort. Some say the butter should be cold and some say it should be room tempered, so I chose something in between. Would it be possible to proof overnight in the fridge? Or why not as a starter with Tapenade. Should I toss it or keep waiting for it to rise? Grilled sandwiches with spinach and tapenade, Deep fry batter made of sourdough starter discard, Mediterranean salad with zucchini, lentils and feta cheese. Perhaps in a small amount. But in the end, I decided to do it by hand. Let it stand in room temperature or warmer if you can, and see what happens. Your email address will not be published. The rest of the near-infinite decisions are left to the baker’s discretion. with the vaguest hint of tartness, although that word is far too strong to use really. Your writing is most helpful to a beginner sourdough baker! Hi Cat, You create alcohol when baking bread, but almost everything evaporates during the baking process. Hi Rosa, But If the imprint doesn’t recover at all, you probably have an over-proofed loaf. Temperature, the condition of the starter, etc. The taste, however, met all my expectations. Mix all ingredients except salt and starter and let the dough autolyze for one to two hours. I use to end the bulk fermentation when the dough has risen noticeably and got a smooth surface, perhaps with some bubbles on top. Marc. Windowpane test is a method to check if the dough has developed enough gluten. Hey, challenges are fun, aren’t they? Open the oven lid and let out the steam after 15-20 minutes. The dough is a bit firm. There are those who even claim that beer is liquid bread. The benefit of a metal bread pan is that it gives support to the dough, helping it to rise upwards. After that, I performed a set of stretch and folds and let the dough rest for an additional hour. Hi Paul, It says butter when it should have called for unsalted butter. Forget about how it is "supposed to taste" - if you like it it's good. In texture, it is quite like a French bread. For the second try, I greased the tin with a lot of butter, and the bread came out without any problems. The end result was a little dry, but definitely worth another go. Are you letting the dough rest an hour before starting the stretch and folds? This dough is heavily enriched, and that can slow down the fermentation process considerably. After that, I added some more butter and repeated until all butter was incorporated into the dough. Preheat your oven to 480ºF / 250ºC with two oven plates. Unfortunately, I mauled it a bit when I tried to get it out. Mixing in this much butter is a pain. I think it’s a good idea to use steam. Hi Danniella, Form the dough pieces into rounds. You are most welcome, Renata, I’m glad you liked it. It’s about 24×10 cm / 10×4 inch. Made this and it was just really salty and barely edible, not ideal qualities for a brioche. I think you can place the dough in the fridge. If you have a stand mixer I recommend that you use it. I don’t have any straight answer to that. While most kinds of bread are made with commercial active yeast, sourdough instead relies on Saccharomyces exiguous, a wild yeast. I also reduced the heat to 395ºF/200ºC. Make sure the dough passes the windowpane test. What are your thoughts on steaming this bake? There's a link to an excellent video showing how to form a boule in the recipe notes*. Just make sure iT has expanded enough. I used a pale ale of a Swedish brand, but you can use whatever beer you like. Please let us know about the result. A soft, yellow crumb with a rich taste of butter, slightly acidic, that was surrounded by a golden brown and flaky crust. One big loaf requires about one hour in the oven. But I advise you to not look at the clock because I don’t. I would like to make your recipe but first I have to make sure I know what you mean. great recipe! You can replace the rye flour with whatever you prefer. 200 g wheat flour, 11.5% protein content. Your recipe has helped me quite a lot. Let the dough bulk ferment until it has expanded by 30-50% in volume. Not everybody has a dough mixer, and I wanted to give it a try. The dough should be smooth and not sticky. Mixing in the butter in such a late stage means that you will degas the dough completely, so you will start again from zero when it’s time for the final rise. Hi Pete, I continued until I couldn’t feel any lumps of butter. Sourdough Brioche is not the easiest bread to bake, but I do think this method works quite well. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any further questions. Brioche is a classic French bread with lots of egg and butter, and it can almost be classified as a pastry. When it’s ready, take it out from the oven and remove from bread tin as soon as it is cool enough to handle. Thanks for this recipe! Otherwise, the butter can start to melt, making the dough sticky. I’m not sure about brioche bread, though., yeasty. The result was the bread in the picture and I got to say that I really really liked it's flavor, but I really don't know if that's how it's suposed to taste. Hi, I have a few questions: 1. The lactic acid produced by the lactobacilli gives it a more sour taste and improved keeping qualities. It’s a good sign if you shake the bowl and the dough jiggles. The Kitchn has a quite good description of the process. Turn out the dough gently on a piece of parchment paper. You can read more about it under “ABOUT FLOUR AND SOURDOUGH STARTER”. There is no rule stating how it must taste. As others have said, there is no particular "right" taste for sourdough - part of the beauty of sourdough is the variety. I was wanting to do more with my starter than regular sandwich and sourdoughs. The time required depends a lot on ambient temperature so don't look at the clock. Now, there are probably as many ways to shape a boule that there are bakers. Required fields are marked *. Pre-heat the oven to 420ºF/215ºC. Score the loaves in your preferred pattern and place them in the oven. It was a great guideline for method and times. It’s better to use what you have and start baking. Perform 3-4 sets of stretch and fold, spaced out with 30 minutes.

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