The locale for our stories has shifted from 221B Baker Street to 7B Praed Street. A society, the Praed Street Irregulars (PSI), is dedicated to Solar Pons. His reply was an emphatic 'No". Solar ponds are very attractive for space heating and cooling and domestic hot water production because of their intrinsic storage capabilities. definitive set in two volumes, but it turns out that the editor, besides arranging the stories in presumed internal chronological order (rather than order of publication), which was Where Holmes' stories are narrated by his companion Dr. Watson, the Pons stories are narrated by Dr. Lyndon Parker; in the Pons stories, he and Parker share lodgings not at 221B Baker Street but at 7B Praed Street, where their landlady is not Mrs. Hudson but Mrs. Johnson. Solar ponds can be used to provide energy for many different types of applications. This type of solar energy collector uses a large, salty lake as a kind of a flat plate collector that absorbs and stores energy from the Sun in the warm, lower layers of the pond. Available free and online, the Gazette is the only active newsletter dedicated to Solar Pons, the Sherlock Holmes of Praed Street. [3] The PSI produced a newsletter, later a journal, the Pontine Dossier, published by The Pontine Press between 1967 and 1977 for 15 issues.[4]. Magnesium chloride (MgCl2), sodium nitrate (NaNO3), sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), sodium sulfate (Na2SO4), ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3), fertilizer salts such as urea (NH2CO.NH2) satisfy the thermal stability criterion and are considered suitable for solar pond applications [19,20]. The Dragnet Solar Pons et al. Solar ponds provide the most convenient and least expensive option for heat storage for daily and seasonal variations [14–16] in solar energy including cloud effects while simultaneously providing for brine management. not long to write a Sherlock Holmes story? Basil Copper has continued the Pons series with his own interpretation, which is perhaps even more satisfying. Contents. While there, they encounter Sherrinford's youngest son, 16-year-old Siger Holmes (named after his grandfather). Productivity of a solar-pond was examined by Farahbod et al. The Pontine canon consists of ", The Adventure of the Unique Dickensians", "Mr.’ Fairlie's Final Journey". Click on the logo below to test us! A mathematical model was developed by Garmana and Muntasserb (2008) to analyze the elements concerning the dimension of a solar-pond to serve tolerable thermal load sufficient to operate the desalination plant for the whole operational period. A few of the stories are overtly comedic, but most--including the single novel--are real detective stories There is a feeling of genuine affection for Holmes evident in the writing, which somehow encourages the reader to forget that these are pastiches. The heat trapped in the salty bottom layer can be used for many different purposes, such as the heating of buildings or industrial hot water or to drive a turbine for generating electricity. These are beautifully produced little books. Done. Tweet Share Email The Complete Solar Pons, the Sherlock Holmes of Praed Street. Such sites exist at terminal inland lakes, such as the Dead Sea, in Israel, and the Great Salt Lake and Salton Sea in the U.S.A. This zone acts as an insulator to prevent heat from escaping to the UCZ, by maintaining higher temperatures at lower zones. On hearing that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had no plans to write more Holmes stories, the young Derleth wrote to Conan Doyle, asking permission to take over the series. solar ponds have a built-in capability for storing heat in their lower brine layers, as well as in the underlying ground. Both of these ponds operate at about 90 °C. The Return of Solar Pons contains the following tales: "Introduction", by Edgar W. Smith Regrettably, the only alternative, a To increase the economic viability, large solar ponds can be used for district heating and cooling, and such a system can offer also seasonal storage. Other branches were established in other areas. This zone is called the upper convective zone (UCZ) which is the absorption and transmission region. A new Pons book by Copper is due from Fedogan & Bremmer at some point in 2002. Besides what Pontine data as may be found at the Derleth sites linked above (not so much, as Pons was not Derleth's chef d'oeuvre), there are some Pons-focussed sites and Norris himself, is "The Proper Comma". Pons is aware of Holmes: roughly speaking, what What's new? Conan Doyle graciously declined the offer, but Derleth, despite having never been to London, set about finding a name that was syllabically similar to Sherlock Holmes, and wrote his first set of pastiches. In the autumn of 1928, a young man of 19, Derleth wrote to Doyle asking if more Holmes stories were forthcoming. The second zone, which contains a variation of saltwater densities increasing with depth, is called the gradient zone or nonconvective zone (NCZ). A schematic of the power plant design, working with an organic fluid, is shown in Figure 10.19. These include a 1500 m2 pond used to operate a 6 kW Rankine cycle turbine-generator and a 7000 m2 pond producing 150 kW peak power. Deeper ponds used for winter space heating can even neatly compensate for their lower winter collection efficiencies by storing heat in the summer (when solar radiation is abundant and efficiently collected), for use in winter (when it is needed). These include a 1500 m2 pond used to operate a 6 kW Rankine cycle turbine-generator and a 7000 m2 pond producing 150 kW peak power. - a collection of several Pons stories in variant editions, based on manuscripts found in Derleth's papers and on original magazine versions versus the anthologized versions; it shows the processes of Derleth's growing abilities and conceptions of the character. Suarez et al. segregated. This zone is called the … Thermal desalination processes such as multistage flash and multiple effect evaporation may use solar ponds to heat incoming salty water with zero greenhouse emissions [29,43]. Examples of solar pond installations include a 150 kW solar pond built by Ormat Technologies in Israel near the Dead Sea (1980), a salinity gradient solar pond at El Paso, the United States (1986), the Bhuj solar pond in India (1993) and a demonstration solar pond and associated heating system developed in collaboration with RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia (2001). Several of the Pontine tales have titles taken from the famous "unrecorded" cases of Holmes that Watson often alluded to, including the matters of "Ricoletti of the Club Foot (and his Abominable Wife)", "The Aluminium Crutch", "The Black Cardinal", and "The Politician, the Lighthouse, and the Trained Cormorant". The Dossier of Solar Pons (1979) Instead of giving in, he wrote his own stories. This concept has applicability in desert areas near the oceans. Solar Pons este un detectiv fictiv creat de August Derleth ca pasti șă a personajului Sherlock Holmes creat de Arthur Conan Doyle. You can email him at , Volume 4 - December, 2007 (available via email upon request). [citation needed], "A Study in Solar: The Sherlock Holmes of Praed Street" by Roger Johnson (see External Links), Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, The Original Text Solar Pons Omnibus Edition, "In Re: Sherlock Holmes": The Adventures of Solar Pons, "In Re: Sherlock Holmes" – The Adventures of Solar Pons, Colonel Markesan and Less Pleasant People, The Milwaukee Road: Its First Hundred Years,, Articles that may contain original research from March 2015, All articles that may contain original research, Wikipedia articles with style issues from April 2015, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2017, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from March 2015, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2015, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "The Adventure of the Frightened Baronet", "The Adventure of the Late Mr. Faversham". [45] evaluates the utilization of direct contact membrane distillation (DCMD) coupled to a salt gradient solar pond for sustainable freshwater production at terminal lakes. Even if pastiches are not really to your taste, I urge you to try one of the Solar Pons stories. The condenser can be cooled with water, at approximately 30°C, from the surface of the pond or supplemented with a cooling tower. Available free and online, the Gazette is the only active newsletter dedicated to Solar Pons, the Sherlock Holmes of Praed Street. Water production of the order of 2.7 L d–1 m–2 from a solar pond was reported to be possible if the pond is constructed inside a terminal lake. Léonard Wagner, in Future Energy (Second Edition), 2014. A welcome addition and improvement to the Pons canon This new addition to the Pons/Sherlock Holmes pastiche canon is entertaining, well-written, and cleverly plotted. Most were published by Mycroft & Moran, with paperbacks from Pinnacle Books,  while the latter two were published by. Solar Pons is a fictional detective created by August Derleth as a pastiche of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. You can email him at Bob@solarpons.comÂ. But Solar Pons is far more than a mere shadow of Sherlock Holmes and is one of literature's great detectives in his own right. The complete original Solar Pons books including the complete novels in Book 6 and an 8th book of previously uncollected material. His books include ", ". 10.3. Siger looks like a young Sherlock Holmes, and also shows a remarkable facility for deduction. 10.3 [17]. ", A seemingly familiar paragraph? Pons, along with the faithful Doctor Parker, carries on the great tradition of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous consulting detective. Whereas Sherlock Holmes has an elder brother Mycroft Holmes of even greater gifts, Solar Pons has a brother Bancroft Pons to fill the same role. Most of the titles were also published in paperback by Pinnacle Books. stories; I have enjoyed them, but the old firm is the old firm, and that's that.) Once he had chosen the day to begin his writing he made a quick … Later adventures were written by Basil Copper, #2 in the series of Solar Pons books. Derleth created a character, to borrow a phrase ", which was not so much a 19th century man looking into the 20th as a 20th century man harkening back to the 19th.

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