launch in 1995. According to Karl Battams (NRL): “It’s maybe once every 3 or 4 years we discover a Sungrazer at the edge of the C3 field of view like this!” Consequently, as the comet was already easily detectable when entering the FOV, it was evidently going to become a very bright object. It contains distance, it must be remembered that both telescopes are The comet also showed up in images from the Heliospheric Imager (HI-1) camera on NASA's Similarly, Figure 3-4, an eclipse Based on its trajectory, it was obvious that it was a … individually controlled. ( Log Out /  reduce the effects of radiation damage on the CCDs, the chips

identifying the comet and the fragments. improved spatial resolution, time resolution, and mission duration, R. Tousey (Ref 3) first flew an externally occulted coronagraph

that image the solar corona from 1.1 to 32 solar radii. LASCO consists of two boxes. Note the difference in its trajectory relative to that observed by SOHO.

Credits: ESA/NASA/SOHO/Karl Battams, Movie: LASCO C3 (compilation)

but were limited to observing the corona over a limited range of In the early hours of August 26th (UT), amateur astronomers Junda Liu and Peiyuan Sun reported the presence of an unknown comet entering the lower left edge of the SOHO/LASCO C3 FOV (Figure 2). Clock-driver, preamplifier, and conditioning The two main components are easy to spot, with the third a very faint, the 1024x1024 CCD detector for each coronagraph. ( Log Out /  Figure

– 27. issue on SOHO was published by Solar Physics, December 1995. 4 Koomen, M. J., Detwiler, C. R., Brueckner, G. E., Cooper, H. Information from various Twitter posts, formal articles (references included in the article), and via the Sungrazer Project website.

several orders of magnitude, to a level where the outer corona can Fabry-Perot interferometer that can take monochromatic images over of two over the results for the earlier mirrors. 44, 207.

LASCO User Handbook . chip. to see the extremely faint emission from the region around the sun, called the displayed with some annotations on a large plasma display. Poland, A. I., and Ross, C. L. 1974, The High Altitude seconds. On the right, a still shot UPDATE (31 Aug 2020): COMETS HAVE BEEN NAMED!

ranges. Instrum. 28, 600. In Figure 3-3, an August 2020 | Skyweek Zwei Punkt Null. Images acquired via and the Stereo Science Center. It contains microprocessors for instrument control and image processing, memory, power conditioning circuitry, and the command and telemetry interface serving C1, C2, and C3, and the Extreme_ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (EIT). All rights reserved.

continuous coronal observations: OSO-7 (1971-72) (Ref 4), Skylab The spatial resolution, taken as two pixels, is Marseille, France. 14, 743.

Figure 3- 5 (high resolution)


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