Soft Opening 25 Ausguest -15 October 2012. Alternative spaces as a catalyst for art projects is nothing new. Since this is the case, many businesses choose to go through a soft opening, in which the business is officially opened up without all of the fanfare of a grand opening. Probably London’s only 24-hour gallery, Soft Opening is a window space in Piccadilly Circus station that puts on contemporary art for the commuting hordes. Wednesday, October 21, 2020. Eau Gallery Soft Opening + Add to Google Calendar + iCal export; 00. days. Sometimes I do love going to openings but it’s just a massive relief that I don’t have to organise one every month. Close, to favourite, contact gallery, share & get notifications, Don't have an account? Even if the project looks different and feels different, it still comes from the same place. However, it’s equally as important for artists to be radical in their practice. Frank stepped up like a legend and shot from the inside of the space to the outside where you can see the passing commuters. 00. minutes. You’ve got an amazing legacy of female artists and practitioners like Maria Eichorn and Mierle Laderman Ukeles who have both played with the idea of the gallery space. Probably London’s only 24-hour gallery, Soft Opening is a window space in Piccadilly Circus station that puts on contemporary art for the commuting hordes. 00. hours. Explore what's on at Soft Opening. There are loads of rules with TfL about what you can and can’t put out there. Soft Opening is also coming at a point in my career when I’m advising collectors a lot more and it’s becoming a lot more commercial. Essentially it’s almost like, “Ok, we’re done, bye!” Obviously, that’s only one side of it and it is really important to engage with people for an art show and interact with an audience. Set in a storefront inside Piccadilly Circus tube station – amidst a backdrop of tourists, commuters, straggling Thursday night party people and school kids on their way to a class trip – Soft Opening will see a monthly exhibition of some of the most exciting and certainly urgent artists of the international art scene. It’s an intimate social reaction, whereas if you don’t know me... how would that inform your behaviour when seeing the art? I’ve put these three white walls behind a pane in the middle of a tube station. This pops up a lot in LA and New York, but really the idea is nothing new in terms of exhibition history. Browse new exhibitions, artists, selected works and other leading galleries near you and worldwide. I love walking along the street and seeing art in a space I didn't expect. Soft Opening launches 15 February 2018 inside the Piccadilly Circus underground. By using you agree to our use of cookies to enhance your experience. It’s no longer a choice because it’s just there. Yet, with Soft Opening, there are children walking past so you can’t have any nudity. Skips have been transformed into galleries and a former gun workshop even turned its hand towards contemporary installations. “I can be a lot more current and urgent in terms of what I’m programming” – Antonia Marsh. Tell us about Frank and Matt’s shows. Déjà vu! You have to take a nuanced approach: remaining accessible without coming across as condescending to your audience. © 2013-20 Whilst this was all happening I was getting the tube through Piccadilly and I kept noticing these little window display spaces. Share. is the essential international gallery guide with installation views, 360° VR previews, art listings, real-time interactive art maps and the unique NearMe function. Six million people go through Piccadilly Circus every year. But these are unusual times, so please check that venues remain open. Category Art & Exhibits. But with everything, there has got to be a balance. We’re not conditioned by the conventions of the gallery. 8,864 Followers, 11 Following, 380 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Soft Opening, (@soft_opening) It leads on to the conversation about all the learned behaviours in an art context. Hans-Ulrich Obrist famously curated his first show in his kitchen. Artworks of invited artists and collected artworks by Mr. Subhashok Angsuvarnsiri. Tags: Art Show, Originals, QR coded Paintings, Safe. I want people and artists to see Soft Opening and think, why am I seeing the artwork I associate with a gallery on the tube? With Girls Only, I had a show in Old Street underground and the people seeing it were people who didn't expect to see art in that context. Next Occurrence. People rarely look at the artwork at openings anymore. It gets to a place where you’re getting older and you need to pay the bills, so it’s a little self-reflexive in that way. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. We already have this email. I think it’s really exciting to be going on the tube and suddenly being confronted with the language you associate with an art gallery. There’s a curator called Alison Gingeras who recently curated a show called Sex Work at Frieze – which was amazing. Art exhibitions at leading galleries around the world. ... Soft Opening. You’re not denying the artwork but instead, it’s playing with it and poking fun at it. In terms of programming, it’s good practice because I can book in an artist every month. With plans for a ‘part two’ extension based in Marsh’s own home, Soft Opening might prove to be one of the most audacious art ‘openings’ in the city – a feat considering there’s no need to ever set foot in the space itself.

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