The ESPA structure underwent extensive engineering analysis and a qualification testing to demonstrate its capability to withstand the harsh launch environment. [5]The Phi-Sat-1 mission has two main objectives: [4], The mission was proposed by Spain’s Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and developed by a consortium of European companies and institutes. You must agree to allow Moog to contact you by phone. © Copyright 2020 SpaceQ Media Inc., All Rights Reserved, NorthStar to launch first of its kind satellite constellation for space situational awareness, The Canadian Space Agency takes first step towards putting a rover on the Moon, Virgin Galactic coming to Canada for an Industry Day presented by the Canadian Space Agency, Chad Anderson on the Space Investment Quarterly, Enhanced Satellite Communication Project – Polar, New Canadian methane map shows emission trends globally, exactEarth gets Canadian government space-based AIS contract, Initial data from GHGSat-C1 satellite positive, OSIRIS-REx spacecraft performs flawless touch-and-go maneuver. All Rights Reserved. Soap & Sanitizer Dispensers Overview. FPA is available with Moog’s SoftRide vibration isolation and it can be scaled up or down for larger or smaller spacecraft. ESPA can be used as secondary payload adapter, constellation deployment dispenser, satellite structural bus, or platform for a free-flyer. ASTRA 9823K is a split remote pump with electronic display register and nozzle hang-up for easy access and volume read-out viewing – at just the right height. Perfect companion to Atlas masters for saddle tank refueling. The Atlas® 9800K Series fleet fuel dispenser product line offers standard-, high-, super high, and ultra high-speed electronic commercial dispensers. We’re excited to show the world what Iris can do!”.

Front load lane oriented nozzle boots.

Fill out a short contact form letting us know what products or info you are interested in and we will be happy to help you in any way we can. Fits in most 800ml dispensers on the market. 1L foaming soap/sanitizer dispensers system delivers 1600 uses; 1000ml soap/sanitizer dispenser system delivers 600 uses It will transport more than 50 satellites at once into orbit on the first rideshare mission dedicated to light satellites… "ESA - First Earth observation satellite with AI ready for launch", "Launch operations resume for Vega Flight VV16", "ESA Earth Observation Directorate NewSpace initiatives", "First Earth Observation satellite with AI Ready for Launch", "The ESA is Ready to Launch an Earth Observation Satellite with On-Board AI", "Vega Flight VV16 – the SSMS Proof of Concept mission: Postponed until August 17, 2020", "The first Vega ride-share mission flight", "ESA prepares first Earth observation satellite with AI", "Φ-Sat-2 Challenge of ESA – Call for Proposals", Space Applications and Telecommunications Centre, Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility, European Launcher Development Organisation, Chinese next-generation crewed spacecraft,, Short description with empty Wikidata description, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, ɸ-Sat-1, Phi-Sat-1, ɸ-Sat, PhiSat, FSSCat, To acquire images in the visible, the near-infrared and thermal infrared regions, Demonstration of AI inference engine for cloud detection demonstrating the capabilities of the Myriad chip, Hyperspectral/TIR optical payload - HyperScout®-2, AI chip - Intel Movidius board with a Myriad II chip (VPU), This page was last edited on 16 October 2020, at 18:55. Moog adapters can be used for Small Satellites including ESPA-Class payloads down to Nanosatellites (CubeSats) in addition being a spacecraft structure. ESPA has become an industry standard small satellite adapter. [8], The AI cloud detection experiment is aimed at validating the performance of the on-board inference engine based on a machine learning algorithm for cloud detection. The main advantage is that the on-board processing makes the delivery more efficient as the "cloudy" images have already been removed. The Moog ESPA Ring and other payload adapters support multiple satellites of different sizes on EELV class (Atlas V, Delta IV, and Falcon 9), Minotaur Family, Pegasus, Athena, Antares, and other vehicles.

If you are viewing this website in compatibility view, please turn it off from 'Tools > Compatiblity View settings'. [citation needed]This launch is a proof-of-concept flight to demonstrate and validate the SSMS, a new rideshare launch service for small satellites. The company will also launch GHGSat-C2 (Hugo) in December, if the schedule holds. Fill out a form to request a quote from a Gasboy sales specialist.

[2] [9] The satellite will be on-board of a Vega rocket which will lift off from Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana carrying 53 other satellites on its new dispenser called the Small … ESPA, the Evolved Secondary Payload Adapter, was developed for the Air Force to utilize excess launch capacity by mounting additional payloads below the primary spacecraft. Dispenser systems are used for multiple satellite launches. Atlas 9800 Series Electronic

The FPA is compatible with ESPA or CASPAR, and it mounts two or more ESPA-class satellites side by side.

This is especially suitable for spacecraft constellations where a number of spacecrafts need to be placed in orbit in a short time frame. Business, News From the fuel island to the office, Gasboy provides industry-leading solutions for every facet of your business.

Blue Canyon Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of turnkey small satellite solutions, including nanosatellites, microsatellites, and ESPA-class satellites. ESA has 5 satellites. Watch: VV16 mission and the new ESA small satellite dispenser. An error has occured, please try again later. One nozzle is attached to the master dispenser and the other is typically mounted on a small dispenser cabinet positioned so it will be on the opposite side of the vehicle from the master dispenser. One of the key issues for hyperspectral instruments in small satellite missions is to simultaneously lower costs while respecting on-board resources (power, mass, etc) and at the same time to maximize the relevant information to be downlinked by the Ground Segment. ESPA Grande allows secondary satellites up to 1,543 pounds (700 kg) each while maintaining the same primary interface and primary spacecraft capacity of the standard ESPA. Planet Labs accounts for 14 Flock 4v satellites, Swarm Technologies has 12 SpaceBee satellites and Spire has 8 Lemur-2 satellites. Front load lane oriented nozzle boots. Safe-T-Fresh's new 800ml Refill Cartridge is a game changer. You must agree to allow Moog to contact you by email. Missions: STP-1, LCROSS, ORBCOMM Generation 2 (OG2), AFSPC-4 (GSSAP/ANGELS), DSX, EAGLE, SSO-A. It is the first commercial satellite under ESA’s maritime SAT-AIS (Automatic Identification System) ship tracking program. FPA's can be used to adapt custom spacecraft designs to standard interfaces including on the ESPA. It’s hoped that the new modular dispenser will demonstrate its usefulness which should be reflected in a lower cost to launch for small satellite operators.

Credit: ESA. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind. [12]The ɸ-Sat-2 Mission Challenge was released in November 2019.[13]. WARNING: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and or/birth defects or other reproductive harm. Satellite Option 9216K General purpose Satellite for use with Atlas or other master dispensers. Throw out your bags! Fill out the form to download the document. Germain said the podcast “provides a new medium (to) reach out that is often easier for our stakeholders to consume than reading articles and case studies. Moog’s Flat-Plate Adapter supported NASA's GRAIL mission on its Delta II launch. This reduces the number of images to be downlinked from space and therefore improve efficiency. See how Gasboy can help your team achieve its fuel management goals. Moog adapters can be used for satellites ranging from ESPA-Grande class to CubeSats, and they provide the structural hub for Moog’s family of Orbital Maneuvering Vehicles (OMVs). He is the founder of SpaceQ Media Inc. and CEO and co-founder of SpaceRef Interactive Inc. Boucher has 20 years working in various roles in the space industry and a total of 28 years as a technology entrepreneur including creating Maple Square, Canada's first internet directory and search engine.

Tools and documentation for your dispenser needs. Gasboy is the global leader for turnkey solutions for commercial fleet operators.

“This SSMS dispenser makes effective use of every … The launch will be broadcast live on SpaceQ around 9:30 pm EDT on Thursday, June 18. It’s the right product when high capacity fuel delivery.

Prior to the launch this Thursday, GHGSat is expected to make a significant announcement.

Convenient for toll gate island layout to fuel from both sides of fueling … 800ml, 1000ml, and Foaming Soap/Sanitizer DispensersIdeal for use with portable toilets and handwash units, easy to install and a great way to enhance rental revenue. The Arianespace VV16 mission will use the smaller Vega launch vehicle for the Small Spacecraft Mission Service (SSMS).

Francais - Europe, Moyen-Orient & Afrique, Deutsch - Europa, Mittlerer Osten & Afrika, Italiano - Europa, Medio-Oriente & Africa, Nederlands - Europa, Midden Oosten & Afrika, Polski - Ploska, Europa, Wschodnia i Rosja, 1L foaming soap/sanitizer dispensers system delivers 1600 uses, 1000ml soap/sanitizer dispenser system delivers 600 uses, 800ml soap/sanitizer dispenser system delivers 480 uses, Available for use with non-alcohol based soap as well as alcohol based sanitizer designed for waterless wash. Can be used with multiple forms of soaps and sanitizers - liquid sanitizer, gel sanitizer, liquid soap, lotion soap.

Designed to fit most 800ml dispensers on the market with an easy to fill cap makes this a flexible, operator friendly solution. [3] June 15, 2020 There are three Canadian satellites on the Vega launch.

ESPA can accommodate up to a 17,000-pound (7,711 kg) primary spacecraft using the standard 62-inch (1575 mm) NSSL interface bolt pattern, and it is a drop-in component in the launch stack. The terms of use of this website are governed by the Moog Cookie and Privacy Policy and the Employee Data Privacy Policy. Tags Arianespace European Space Agency exactEarth GHGSat Kepler Communications Space Flight Laboratory Vega Launch Vehicle VV16 Mission, ESAIL satellite mounted on the Arianespace adapter. The SSMS can carry CubeSats with masses between 1 kg up to 500 kg. The ESPA ring allows secondary satellites, up to 991 pounds (450 kg) each, to "share a ride to space" on NSSL class launch vehicles while carrying a large primary satellite. for more information go to brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency. Satellite Option 9216K General purpose Satellite for use with Atlas or other master dispensers. Convenient for toll gate island layout to fuel from both sides of fueling lane. Dispenser Resources & Documents [7], The Phi-Sat-1 payload devices on-board of the satellite are: [4], The Phi-Sat-1 represents one of Europe’s first artificial intelligence in space. The main task of the AI chip is to comb through huge sets of images ( which will be used for the monitoring of vegetation changes and water quality) and filter out the ones of low quality due to cloud coverage. This is the first mission in 2020 for the Vega which … It’s hoped that the new modular dispenser will demonstrate its usefulness which should be reflected in a lower cost to launch for small satellite operators. Launches are separated by dots ( • ), payloads by commas ( , ), multiple names for the same satellite by slashes ( / ).

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