Sliven is located 270 km east of Sofia, 28 km northwest of Yambol, 70 km northeast of Stara Zagora, 75 km east of Kazanlak and 114 km west of Bourgas. Thracians, Romans, Slavs, and Ancient Greeks have all lived in the region. People use the mineral water of the balneology centre to cure diseases of the locomotory system, peripheral nerve system, stomach, intestines, liver and gall-bladder. They were placed on your computer when you launched this website. The specific climate and lay conditions of the nature park determine the great diversity of flora and fauna.

Sliven is the only Bulgarian town that has never changed its Slavonic name, though it is one of the oldest settlements in Europe. When visiting Sliven one should call on the History Museum, the Museum for Renaissance Art where a permanent exposition of Renaissance works and masterpieces is arranged.

Alongside with this road route, there is a railroad. Located within these ranges are unforgettable plants and animals that are rarely seen outside of this area. Sliven is a town with cultural traditions starting from the epoch of the National Revival, with significant contribution in the cultural treasure of the country. Sliven is 300 km away from the capital Sofia, the closest airport and the closest harbor are in Bourgas – 110 …
Copyright © 2020. In 1828 there were about 20 000 inhabitants in the town but after Sliven was liberated from Turkish yoke in the Russian-Turkish War more than 15 000 Bulgarians from the region left with the withdrawing Russian soldiers and settled to live in Romania, Bessarabia and South Russia. Okay to continue km and it comprises of 48 settlements. The north and northwest winds, called bora, famous as the wind of the town of Sliven and the night breeze are typical for the region. Hadji Dimitar Museum-house is situated in the southwestern part of the town and comprises a complex of several buildings restored during different periods of time. The beautiful nature, mineral water springs and the numerous cultural and historical monuments are an important part of the biggest potential opportunities of Sliven in the sphere of international tourism.

In 2019 2020, the population of the city of Sliven, Bulgaria is - 100 695 people. You can change your personal cookie settings through your internet browser settings. The dish is baked slowly in a covered clay pot or casserole dish. The Municipal professional cultural institutes are: History Museum, Art Gallery, Folk Song and Dance Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Universal scientific library and community centres, some of which have over a 100-year history. The historical elm tree approximately 600 years old is located in the centre of Sliven and has probably witnessed many of the events in the history of the town. Dairy production is another large industry, but not bigger than the wine industry. The town is famous for its clean fresh air, clean water sources, mild winters and cool summers. Chateau Alpia is located at the base of the mountains. The municipality of Sliven, the capital city also called Sliven, has had problems building a tourism base in the past few decades. Integrate your data with the world’s data in a personalized and collaborative environment, purpose-built to support your organizational objectives. Sliven municipality is one of the biggest in the country. The Facts About Renting a Car in Bulgaria Car Rental in Bulgaria – Discounts and lots of information for driving in Bulgaria, what to look out for with car rental restrictions, typical costs, and insurance... Travel Guide to Bulgaria Located on the western side of the Black Sea and north of Greece and Turkey, Bulgaria offers an excellent example of Eastern European culture, cuisine, and scenery. National Hotel and Conference Centre is located in the heart of the city.
Room service is available daily. Georgi Ikonomov, one of the apostles of April Rebellion, was born in the town, so were Sava Dobroplodni, Dr. Ivan Seliminski and Dobri Chintulov. From Sliven there are regular bus lines to the towns of Yambol, Nova Zagora, Karnobat, Aitos, Bourgas, Elena, and Veliko Tarnovo and to the smaller villages and settlement in the district. The town is famous for its clean fresh air, clean water sources, mild winter and cool summer. Modern Bulgarian art is on display in Sirak Skitnik Art Gallery. Activate Professional to get unlimited access to more than 3.4b time series and visualizations. Answer: Sliven (Сливен), Bulgaria (Administrative unit: Sliven) - last known population is ≈ 89 100 (year 2014). The beautiful nature, mineral water springs and the numerous cultural and historical monuments are an important part of the biggest potential opportunities of Sliven in the sphere of international tourism. Sliven Province (Bulgarian: Област Сливен, former name Sliven okrug) is a province in southeastern Bulgaria, named after its administrative and industrial centre — the city of Sliven.It embraces a territory of 3,544.1 km 2 (1,368.4 sq mi) that is divided into four municipalities, with a total population, as of December 2009, of 204,887. specific settings for specific purposes only, use the "Privacy Settings" button.

Traders from Turkey, Poland and Hungary would come to the annual fair in Sliven. The mountain place Karandila is located northeast of Sliven, among century-old forests.

Father Paisiy mentioned it for the first time as Sliven in his "Istoria Slavianobalgarska" (Slavonic and Bulgarian History). Most probably the name of Sliven derives from the location of the town, i.e. Halkata — the arc-shaped rock garland, possessing, according to the legends, magic force — is one of the symbols of the town of Sliven. Its territory is 1366 sq. At the foot of the monument in special niches one can see the busts of other outstanding renaissance people from Sliven. Georgi Ikonomov, one of the apostles of April Rebellion, was born in the town, so were Sava Dobroplodni, Dr. Ivan Seliminski and Dobri Chintulov. Population.

To guarantee your rights, we ask for your consent. These ranges vary in difficulty with one range available only by a long rope lift. The town of Sliven (population 110 240 people, 270 m above sea level) is situated in the eastern part of Gornotrakiyska Valley at the immediate foot of Sliven Balkan (Eastern Balkan Range). Sliven grew as a crafts and trading centre, making use of the waterpower of the rivers running close by. The colorful outfits and intriguing dances will have you taking shots for hours. Population The population of Sliven, Bulgaria is 96368 according to the GeoNames geographical database. Bulgaria Area and Population Density. In 1836 the first textile factory in Bulgaria was built in Sliven, that of Dobri Zhelyazkov. The figure of the legendary leader stands on a rectangular column.

It is a historical area that entered the Bulgarian national history as the most popular gathering place of chieftains. and to all third parties described in detail in our Privacy Policy There is an airport with the necessary facilities for passengers and cargo service. In fact, Sliven is the only city or town in Bulgaria that retained its Slavonic name. Dobri Zhelyazkov’s Textile Museum is also located in the area.

The following table shows the names of each municipality in English and Cyrillic, the main town or village (towns are shown in bold), and the population of each as of December 2009. The hotel offers an in-ground pool, parking garage, sauna, fitness room, and complimentary breakfast. Three state Cultural Institutes work in Sliven - a Drama Theatre, a Puppet Theatre and a National Museum of the textile industry. Question: Quelle est la population de/d' Sliven? There are groups who are working on ways to change that, however, and the area is becoming increasingly friendly and open to tourism. These mineral baths offer tremendous healing and relaxation properties. Geonames ID The geonames id for Sliven is 727079. Also in the area are a well-stocked historical museum, an art gallery, the Sliven Puppet Theatre, a drama theatre, and a large library that houses many books and papers on the area’s history. Most probably the name of Sliven derives from the location of the town, i.e. Bulgaria is a small southeastern European company along the Black Sea and sharing its borders with Romania, Turkey, Greece, Serbia, and North Macedonia.With a total area of 42,855 square miles (110,990 square kilometers), roughly the size of the state of Tennessee, which ranks 102 nd in the world in terms of area. Remnants of the Touida Fortress are evident today and provide insight into the area’s ancient settlers. [1][2] 14.88% of the population's ethnicity was unknown. Coordinates. There are six single rooms, fifteen double rooms, and five suites. Most of the inhabitants were Bulgarians (70.65%) with a minority of Turks (3.35%) and Gypsies/Romani (9.7%). The town is a major railway station on the main railway line Sofia – Karlovo – Bourgas. Many area hotels offer packages tying in a relaxing stay with time spent in one of the mineral baths. The description is composed by our digital data assistant. An outdoor pool, incredible mountain views, and in-house restaurants await weary travelers. Fabrikadzhiyata (meaning “the factory owner”) grew from looms and parts that Zhelyazkov smuggled out of Russian in bags of Russian wool.

If you want to avoid the bar scene, why not spend an evening listening to the dramatic sounds of the Sliven Symphony Orchestra? Sliven was mentioned as a big town for the first time in 1153 by the Arab traveller Idrisi. The town is extremely picturesque and packed with options for accommodation. Sliven pork chops are cooked in a mixture of mushrooms, garlic, onion, wine, carrots, tomatoes, and celery. The following table represents the change of the population in the province after World War II: Total population (2011 census): 197 473[8] The 19th century Sliven Lifestyle Museum is lodged in a building from 1813 having a very interesting architecture. Sliven offers traditional Bulgarian cuisine, but one area specialty is often requested by tourists. Please, review carefully for what purposes we collect your personal data. Father Paisiy mentioned it for the first time as Sliven in his "Istoria Slavianobalgarska" (Slavonic and Bulgarian History). After the liberation the textile industry continued to develop and shape the economic image of the town.

With a population of over 100,000 residents, tourists are guaranteed to find plenty to do, see, and eat while they are in Sliven.

Modern Bulgarian art is on display in Sirak Skitnik Art Gallery.

The municipality of Sliven with a population of 125.300 is located 300 km away from Sofia in the South-Eastern region of Bulgaria. Sliven Geographical coordinates: Latitude: 42.6833, Longitude: 26.3333 42° 40′ 60″ North, 26° 19′ 60″ East Sliven Area: 136,663 hectares 1,366.63 km² (527.66 sq mi): Sliven Altitude: 265 m (869 ft) Sliven Climate: Oceanic climate (Köppen climate classification: Cfb) This bed and breakfast has four rooms and offers breakfast in the room price.

If you want to get more information or make If you are planning an international flight into Bulgaria odds are you’ll be flying into Sofia airport. Close to one dozen wine or alcohol producers are located within Sliven’s city boundaries. Also located a short drive from the city center is Hotel Stote Voivodi. Dobri Zhelyazkov opened the way for many textile mills to bring revenue to the area.

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