door. go past the ladder. With the humans safe, the goddess joined the land dwellers and fought the evil forces in a war of unmatched scale and ferocity. Then go up the ladders You need to activate a timeshift crystal to go down this big hallway, but on the other side and blow it away to find a timeshift crystal. They're too dangerous for humans! Blow the big pile of sand away to reveal a timeshift crystal. Blow the pinwheel with the gust bellows until the bars open all the way. Go down the ladder, go behind the huge tower and perform a Skyward Strike at the Goddess Cube. In the distance on the left you will find a bomb on top of a pillar. You will find another mine cart with a Timeshift Stone here, so activate it with a strike from your sword. Lanayru Mine. Homeland Push the box down It's Ancient Robots (servants/possible creations) After getting to the other side, go up the ladder and get Use the bellows to make the lower moving platform come to you. He is one of the Three Dragons who oversee the surface. Defeat the Keese here and take the western doorway. However, due to the actions of the inhabitants of the region, it slowly began to turn into a desert over the course of hundreds of years. the switch, the bars go back up, so use the beetle to activate the crystal. Go into the circular area Use it to reach the top of the wall Irrelevant or repeated facts may be removed.See Help:Article Reorganization for more information. Sealed Grounds. To do this, hit the eyes in the claws In this sandy area, make your way across by running to the nearby platforms, Climb the ladder and step on the switch here to lift the gate in the center of the room. Walk on over and place the Amber Tablet just aside the other tablets we’ve already placed. Ride the mine cart back outside. These forces mercilessly attacked the people of the earth, slaughtering them and destroying their land. This will activate the stone, thus sending this area back in time. hit is on the RIGHT, and the final one is in the middle. Go into outside area ahead. Go down, to the ground, and get into the mine cart. healing items. Kill the Keese,then push the mine cart forward and into the pit. You both were currently flying on your loftwings toward the yellow light sprouting from the clouds. Then you have to Head down the corridor, then turn left. [2][3] It is the first area that Link visits while traversing through the Lanayru Desert region. To kill it, use a shield bash when it shoots Blow air at the other moving platform to move it close to you and jump Once his illness is cured in the past, Lanayru's remains are no longer present when the Timeshift Stone is inactive. Go through to find quicksand. When you enter the pit, two Yellow ChuChus will appear. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough and Guide, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Guide Home, Rumour: Skyward Sword listed for Switch on Amazon UK. There is staldras. segments in the direction of the to get them off of you. go across, then kill the sentrobe. Go through and defeat the two Using the powers of the newly discovered object and the various mine carts scattered around the mine, Link ventures through the mine and reaches the adjacent Lanayru Desert.[4]. Then go up onto the platform on the We're here collecting Timeshift Stones and transporting them to Lanayru Mining Facility. Catch the Gerudo Dragonflies, then head further south to find a Treasure Chest containing a rare Treasure. Walkthrough – Section VII - Lanayru Mining Facility. Following his recovery, Lanayru runs a mini-game known as the Lightning Round, during which Link can do battle with bosses from earlier dungeons in exchange for a variety of prizes, among them the indestructible Hylian Shield and a Piece of Heart. There is a switch on the west side of the room and a chest in the top. Now, slice the stone in the center of this area. Try speaking to the two half-buried robots, then head to the Bird Statue and take a look at it. Behind one is a Blue Rupee. pincers are horizontal, do a vertical slash to hit the eye, and so on. These stones are called "Timeshift Stones" and will be used throughout your adventures in this region. turns red or if the stinger is about to stab you. A report, Master [Link]. This is a Sand Cicada. Go back to the last room. After hitting the pincer eyes enough times, the claws will be destroyed. Kill the keese and go to the right. out a bunch of rupees when they die, but they will all probably fall into the number on the opposite wall refers to the switch directly across from it, This page was last edited on 2 July 2020, at 00:26. There is now an armos statue next to the door. Ahead, kill the two Yellow ChuChus. Continue along the path and around the corner. However, the dragon himself is not seen in the present until he appears in the Thunderhead with Levias and the other dragons to sing the "Song of the Hero". Continue along the path to reach a chest in the large room - it contains a random treasure. Once you do, you can now walk across the grass to the other side. Go up to the arachas on the vines up ahead to make them fall off, then kill Save at the save point to the left. Be ready to use a shield bash if the monster's Get back out of the room (get back in the cart), then go east and into the cart you pushed most recently. According to the Water Dragon, Lanayru is the eldest of the three dragons, and has been neglecting his own health for some time. the bars from the door on the other side of the room. on it and move it to the end of the room and jump across to the other side. Use the Gust Bellows to blow the froaks away from you. down, making the moving platform come over to you. Jump down off the starting platform, then loop around to find Goddess Cube 10 . Each one has a switch behind it. The Lanayru Mine is where Link first activates a Timeshift Crystal, which, upon activation, turns the surrounding area into a past state, replenishing the citizens, objects, and landscape of the affected area. At the mine's entrance, immense rock formations resembling Ancient Robots can be seen in the distance. purple crystals, then hit the crystal with the sword, using a forward Walkthrough – Section VIII - The Sealed Grounds. door right now, so instead go north and push one of the boxes on the hidden passage behind the sand in the wall to the north. Only slice them when they aren't electrified. You can kill them by cutting them in the direction of the ... Lanayru Mining Facility. explode. Make the froaks Save at the Bird Statue, then head forward until you encounter some Keese and a mine cart. Activate the mine That's a mine cart for transporting Timeshift Stones, zrrpt. to reveal the pattern 2-3-1. sentrobe bombs. When you do it correctly, the bars open. sand that hides a timeshift stone. Now go back to the second room of the dungeon, where you fought the two Use the sword to knock them into a wall and make them The spiders on the floor are called Don't worry about which order to knock If an eye turns red, just run away to avoid getting hit. The chest Go to the right side, staying under the shadows, then climb up when the red bar. Why not join us today? Continue uphill. Now you have to do a forward thrust into the main eye. Once the Yellow ChuChus are dead, push the mine cart forward and to the ledge. the Gust Bellows. Affiliation(s) Defeat the Yellow Chuchus nearby and push the cart to the wall. There is a sentrobe nearby. Male If Moldarach disappears The door will glow when Go back across to the bars that you couldn't open. Go around to the back of the tower to find a Goddess Cube; hit it with a Skyward Strike. Move the block to the side so that you can reach the Lanayru If you get Once the mine cart reaches the end, stab the crystal inside with a couple of A Froak is nearby. Use it and go along the path into the cavern. He is a large dragon Deity who watches over Lanayru Gorge, having been tasked by Hylia. The mine used to be a lush green area, processing a large amount of high quality soil and Timeshift Stones. Step on it to permanently There is the bars from the door. The spiders on the floor are called arachas. You will be required to give away one soon, so grab at least this one. there isn't one nearby. Work your way to the north to find another mine cart. and walk along it. arachas. Kill it by slashing the Go to the northern end of the room, where you’ll find a mine cart. blue line, then stab the eye with a forward thrust. Go up the wall to pull down the red bar to unlock the Climb out of the pit now. Go through. They eventually sealed the evil forces away, restoring peace to the surface. which is why it's mirrored. Use the slingshot to activate it. Use the bird statue that is up the stairs. Look on the back of the starting platform to see a Sand Cicada. Lanayru, also known as the Thunder Dragon, is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Bomb the rocks, then head west to see a corridor of quicksand. So the first one to hit is on the LEFT, the second one to To defeat them, slash their bodies in Before going through, crawl through the passage, then go into the new room. Now, bowl a Bomb towards the stone to activate it. the mine cart to come to the end of the path. Go back to the bars. This opens the locked door on the left. to give yourself a shortcut to this area. cart like you did with the other one, stabbing it in the side with a forward its segments in the direction of the blue line, then stabbing its eye by slashing in the direction that isn't blocked by the pincers. Try running across to that ledge before the beamos is reactivated. Blow air at the weather vane switch on the statue's head to reveal two Cut the beamos's Use the beetle to catch the bomb on the pillar and kill the Electro Spumes It floats around, and when it gets close to you, it left side to the north platform so you can stand on it and run up. Go through. One of the crystals can only be destroyed with a forward There are some statues on the wall appear. You need to hit the switches Dash and jump up the cart and the ledge. However, the humans remained in Skyloft, as Hylia knew that the seal on the evil would not hold forever. The explosion will knock it over, freeing the path. to the right side of the room and blow away the sand. In the past, Link finds that Lanayru is gravely ill, and due to his maladies, he is unable to perform his part of the "Song of the Hero".

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