Both the Princess' sealing powers and Master Sword wielded by the chosen Hero are required to seal Calamity Ganon whom is implied to be the reincarnation of Demise's hatred and curse of the Demon Tribe placed on Zelda and Link's descendants mentioned in Skyward Sword which is implied to be the origin of the King of Evil Ganondorf/Ganon and would explain the dark power Ganondorf possess even without the Triforce of Power. In a preview of Skyward Sword, Audrey Drake of IGN found her to be a "fun change of pace" compared to Navi and Midna, two other companion characters in The Legend of Zelda series. He shall be burdened with the task of abolishing the shadow of apocalypse from the land. After helping Gondo fix Scrapper, Fi is able to persuade the Ancient Robot to assist Link by carrying various items from the surface up to The Sky. Fi appears in the spinoff game Hyrule Warriors as a playable character. You must take up this sword. This page was last edited on 23 August 2020, at 22:55. (Zelda's statements imply Zelda's mother was not an incarnation of Zelda as she told Zelda she inherited the latent power from her grandmother implying her mother married into the Royal Family with Zelda's father and grandmother being descended from Hylia's mortal incarnation, though the late Queen was to assist in Zelda's training before her death and was apparently knowledgeable of the power possessed by bloodline female members of the Royal Family). She found her emotionless manner of speech "endearing. Additionally the Goddess Sword appears as a separate weapon acquired via the amiibo rune though it is depicted as a separate weapon and its appearance is simply a reference to Goddess White Sword from Skyward Sword. It can sense important people and items and help Link to locate them, acting as a sort of compass. In Super Smash Bros. Thus from within the Master Sword, Fi presumably continues to oppose the evil created by Demise's defeat by choosing a hero like her original master to wield her sword form and at times even guiding the incarnations of Zelda and Link to fulfil their destiny, through speaking to them or in Link's case through testing him to ensure he is ready. This tablet will illuminate a path through the clouds to the land below. Fi's name could possibly be a reference to the commonly-used abbreviation for fidelis, Latin for "faithful" or "loyal". Her name could also be a reference to "Fe", the chemical symbol for the element iron, since the Goddess Sword is made of metal. Scrapper, who refers to her as "Mistress Fi", aids Link on several other occasions, but claims to be doing so only to please Fi. The Great Deku Tree is not surprised to hear this though this could be attributed to the Great Deku Tree being a sentient tree deity and is implied to be knowledgeable of its true origins as he notes it is a holy weapon created by divinity referencing Hylia's role in creating the Goddess Sword, Fi, and the quest that lead the Hero of the Sky to forge it into the legendary Master Sword. Our partnership is at an end, and even as we speak, I feel my consciousness fading away. I must aid you in fulfilling the great destiny that is your burden to carry. Link (Master/Wielder)LD-301S Scrapper (Ally)LD-301N Skipper (Ally)Knights of Skyloft (allies/caretakers)Three Dragons (allies)Levias (Ally)Spoiler: Impa/Old Woman (Ally)Spoiler: Groose (ally). [11][12][13] Fi gives Link the Emerald Tablet and tells him that he must go beneath the Cloud Barrier in order to find Zelda and fulfill his destiny,[14] with the Tablet activating a Column of Light illuminating the path through the Cloud Barrier. He felt she was less annoying than previous companion characters and that her dialogue helped fill the void left by Link being a silent protagonist. [9][7] She then enshrined the Sword inside the Statue of the Goddess before raising it into The Sky as part of Skyloft. Fi guides him to the Statue of the Goddess, further explaining his fate as the chosen hero and encouraging him to draw the Goddess Sword from its pedestal so that Fi can formally acknowledge him as her Master. At one point, Fi uses her "powers of persuasion" to convince the reluctant Scrapper, an Ancient Robot, to aid Link in retrieving a missing propeller needed to restore functionality to one of Skyloft's windmills. Replenish some of your life at the earliest opportunity. Fi's Gratitude - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - YouTube "Fe" also means fairy in Norwegian, and is similar to the Old English word for fairies "fae". [5] Game Informer staff criticized Fi for harming the pace of Skyward Sword and criticized her for not letting players figure things out for themselves. In Breath of the Wild, the Master Sword is known primarily as "The Sword that seals the Darkness", potentially referencing Fi's role in sealing Demise's lingering consciousness. Fi is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series. In Memory 18, Zelda indeed confirms to the Great Deku Tree that she heard the sword speak to her when she brings it to Korok Forest to entrust it to the Deku Tree whom asks her what she will do next. Fi returns as a playable character and plays much the same role she did in Hyrule Warriors, although she plays a slightly more active role in some scenarios due to the ability to switch between playable characters mid-battle. She does not wield a weapon in battle, as she is the Goddess Sword itself. She may be able to communicate clearly with Zelda and her various incarnations, as it is implied by Zelda herself that her grandmother could hear spirits due to the latent power inherited from Hylia. The strength of her dowsing ability is increased when the Goddess Sword is bathed in Nayru's Flame. Thus Fi is heavily implied to play a role in Breath of the Wild as the sentient spirit of the Master Sword. "Fi" could also be short for the Latin word "Fideles", meaning faithful, a reference to Fi's loyal nature. The Spirit Maiden also blessed it using her power as Hylia's reincarnation whom Fi was shown to respect greatly due to being the Spirit Maiden being her creator's reincarnation. The Chinese character 輝, which in Cantonese retains the pronunciation /faɪ/ (fahy), means brightness, possibly referencing the metallic luster of the Goddess Sword. I will signal the robot with a telepathic transmission. Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow. Her arsenal incorporates the three sacred flames used to empower the Goddess Sword and, when transformed into the Goddess Sword form, her strikes are similar to how Link uses the sword to access the trial gates and seal the Imprisoned. Gender Recognizing that this Link is not from her time period, she still chooses to ally herself with him, calling Link "Master." [6] David Roberts of GamesRadar+ referred to her as the "perpetual annoyance" of Skyward Sword, while fellow GamesRadar+ contributor Anthony John Agnello noted the ability to skip Fi's tutorials would have been seen as a drastic improvement for the game. Goddess SwordGoddess LongswordGoddess White SwordSpoiler: Master Sword You will play a role in a great destiny. There's a couple of things you can do!From writing, to research, to images, find your preferred way to contribute with our eleventh theme: Couples! [39][13] Despite her initial lack of emotion, she develops a subtle friendship with Link, learning to cherish the moments they spent together and thanking him before she enters an eternal sleep into the Master Sword.[17][18]. With the spirit of the blade at his side, he shall soar over the clouds and plummet below... ...And united with the spirit maiden, shall bring forth a piercing light that resurrects the land.

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