She's been through here as well." You can find them on the path to Riften from Irkngthand by following your quest marker. If you kill the Falmer in the tent and enter the tent to loot, you may become stuck as well. A jeweled pitcher appears after completing 55 jobs. At the ruins, kill the Falmer and continue through the ramp on the left to find a chest. This means you have an unlimited amount of tries and time to open any lock you run across. After deactivating the trap wire, go through the door and continue down the hall. PC×1 (10–50) Mercer Frey is dead and I've recovered the Skeleton Key of Nocturnal from his corpse. There is also a chest with an adept-level lock near the collapsed tower, further ahead. ", Karliah: "He's here and he hasn't seen us yet. Looting Mercer Frey yields not only the Skeleton Key but also the Left Eye of the Falmer and the Right Eye of the Falmer; a total of 10330 value on his body. A UESPWiki – Sua fonte de The Elder Scrolls desde 1995,, Skyrim-Bugs Fixed by the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, Páginas com ligações quebradas para ficheiros. Breton Be ready." Jeweled candlesticks appear after completing 5 jobs. Base ID Ion Suffix Meaning, It was the first lesson Gallus taught us." I'm playing skyrim on ps3 and have gotten through almost the entire blindsighted quest. However, the owner has suddenly decided to take matters into his own hands and shut us out. Karliah: "Give me a reason to try." There is a chest located inside the third Falmer tent on the right. She will run up at you. Essential Oh, yes. It's a winding path to get to the top; you may wish to come during the day so as to see it better. During the quest "Loud and Clear," obtained from Brynjolf when joining the Thieves Guild, if the Dragonborn does not speak to Brynjolf before entering. You can give the left eye to Delvin for gold as part of The Litany of Larceny; the right eye can be kept or sold to a merchant. The game will freeze or lag in the middle of Irkngthand. Ningaloo Accommodation, Speak to Karliah 3. Now let's get moving. The entrance is at the very top of the ruins. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. I can't stop myself." ―Mercer Frey. Although he appears to teleport in the final fight with the Dragonborn, Mercer actually turns invisible for a few seconds while moving to a different spot in the room. He needs to be taught a lesson. There's another chest close to the wall, on the lower floor. Karliah believes Mercer knows that you're following and plans to ambush you down here. Alternatively, you can try swimming and bumping into Karliah repeatedly to knock her into the correct path and out of the water, at which point she will continue normally. 1. You may be unable to loot the Skeleton Key and one of the eyes from Mercer's body. Auburn Basketball Star, He is also the owner of Riftweald Manor in Riften, although he is never actually found in or around this location.

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