This COVID-29 Chat for Biz chatbot offers information and Q&A services for businesses to learn about updates to the situation and measures put in place to assist them, including budgeting for the rest of the year. The "Ask Jamie" virtual assistant was designed in 2014 as an online service to answer questions from the public related to information across 70 government agency websites. With a key focus on smart cities and health care, startups in these sectors can partner with Innosparks to bring their ideas to life. More recently, Peng served as one of the twenty members of Singapore's high-level Economic Review Committee to review the economic plans for the future of Singapore. Launched on 10 February 2020, this has served as the first level of verification of compliance. Read more to know some of the innovations in Singapore's COVID19 response. Some labs offer engineering and design expertise, while others focus on innovating and improving existing manufacturing processes. For example, geography teachers can use their mixed reality tools to offer students a glimpse of how the Jurassic world would have looked like in real life. But even today, there are still cheap knock-offs around -- chances are good that the cheap no-brand flash drive you bought doesn't follow Trek's patent rights. We're hardly without one in our laptop bags these days and they're great for presentations or just setting up an impromptu disco hall, but more importantly, we don't need to carry an extra bag just for the speakers. A special WhatsApp channel available to everyone living in Singapore was created to offer quick and reliable updates on the COVID-19 situation. They have access to research facilities and equipment, co-working spaces, expert knowledge, and a network of partners. For instance, the Air+ Smart Mask--the world’s first smart mask--was one of the first few products developed in Innosparks. The government has innovated and created solutions that not just help track the spread but also inform and support citizens through these uncertain times. Numerous awards later, including winning the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards (Germany) and the Infocomm Singapore Award, the X-mini Capsule Speaker is now in its second generation and is being shamelessly ripped off by OEM manufacturers all over -- it's a sure sign that something's really good is when the OEM pirates start rolling out their third-party versions. Singapore was one of the first to respond to the COVID19 situations. 3D visualization technology is being increasingly used in education. Then along came a little Singapore setup called XMI Pte Ltd who were determined to change all that. More recently, Peng served as one of the twenty members of Singapore's high-level Economic Review Committee to review the economic plans for the future of Singapore. Fifty years ago, technology served a functional role, today it is the central engine powering an ambitious economy. flash drive, aka. Since 1 February 2020, the enhanced chatbot has addressed more than 72,000 queries related to the virus, and helped to reduce overall volume of calls into call centres. Laptop users had to pick between good sound quality and size, and there just wasn't really anything compact that could deliver great bass and volume. In the Dark Ages Of No PC Audio, a small but enterprising start-up company called Creative, led by a then-young Sim Wong Hoo, created and started mass-marketing the original Sound Blaster expansion card in 1989. Trek Technology partnered with 'Big Blue' IBM to sell the first USB flash drives commercially at the end of 2000 -- the original Thumb Drive had a storage capacity of 8 MB, more than five times the capacity of the then-common floppy disks, which is laughable now, but at that time was mind-boggling in its scale. Corporates and startups looking to co-innovate on environmental solutions can tap the Centre’s specialties, namely, water technology, sustainable materials technology, energy efficiency technology, and membrane technology. These daily updates include information on new cases, new measures being implemented both in Singapore and other countries which have an impact on Singapore, and clarification of rumors and misinformation. The chatbot has recorded about 980 sessions, and answered close to 3,000 queries since its launch on 19 February 2020. And there you go, the tech innovations that changed our world. Access to experienced, quality engineers is also a practical issue often faced by startups. You've heard of it, that online dating company which reportedly has more than 20 million members (of which 1.35 million are subscribers), websites serving 37 countries in more than 12 different languages, and made nearly US$350 million in revenue in 2008. Startups and corporates looking to adopt Industry 4.0 in their businesses can co-innovate with ARTC through research and application of new technologies such as additive manufacturing, industrial internet of things (IIoT), robotics and intelligent product verification. Ultimately, Singapore hopes for a virtuous circle whereby a successful culture of innovation results in the proliferation of more technology companies, as … How's that for saving the world quietly? Turning ideas into reality is a path often fraught with challenges, with many entrepreneurs ending up with stalled projects, because they lack funding, guidance, or the right equipment to get started. Singapore has been utilising digital footprints to find out where positive cases have been in the fourteen days prior to their diagnosis. We round up five of the best.Â. Singapore Week of Innovation and TeCHnology (SWITCH), Singapore Week of Innovation and TeCHnology 2020. The Ministry of Health also maintains a site specifically dedicated to tackling misinformation. Technology is progressing at an unprecedented rate and disrupting the way we work and live. The company’s membrane technology team, for instance, makes and tests finely-constructed, noodle-like membranes for their ability to filter water impurities. Their in-house prototyping lab. They work with companies from different industries like tourism, real estate, and manufacturing to address real-world problems with customized immersive technology solutions. At Innosparks, startups can work with engineers with different expertise for the term of the project. Innovation. Participants had a glimpse behind the scenes of these deep tech labs and discovered potential collaborative opportunities to pursue. -- but that's the beauty of technology. The Sound Blaster family of sound cards became the de facto standard for consumer audio on the IBM PC compatible system platform, until a pesky software company called Microsoft came up with Windows 95, which together with improvements in PC design, led to audio functions being integrated with the motherboard (which means you didn't need an extra sound card to have audio, for those who don't speak geek). There has been a rise in the number of innovation labs set up in Singapore, across both fintech and deep tech sectors by corporates, learning institutions, government organizations, and more. EWTCOI has led about S$20 million worth of projects since its inception. Lo and behold, suddenly gamers had sound coming from their machines rather than the tinny pops and pings generated by the computer. It's not really that big in this corner of the world and wasn't built or designed here, but what you may not know is that a Singapore 'technopreneur' by the name of Peng Tsin Ong played an instrumental role in creating the massively popular dating site in 1993. These labs may be an extension of the organization or a newly formed entity, and they are usually run independently. Manufacturing makes up 20 to 25 percent of Singapore’s yearly gross domestic product. The varied experience these professionals bring allows for greater flexibility and stability. How can companies keep up with the ever-changing needs of the market and remain globally competitive? This website, which is a collaborative effort from a number of Government ministries, has helped Singaporean households find the designated location, day and time to collect masks allocated by the Government. Discover more innovation partnership opportunities to springboard your business into Asia, by joining us at the Singapore Week of Innovation and TeCHnology 2020, December 7-11. But stop to think and you'll realize that Singapore is also a breeding ground for some outstanding IT inventions and tech gadgets. The Ministry of Health teamed up with GovTech to create this site with more than 846 clinics are participating. Share with us here. This allows for rapid iteration and a tight feedback loop, and it helps to bring the products to market much quicker. The AI device not only cuts down on wait time, but also provices a safer alternative for frontline staff who now can stay at a safe distance from the steady flow of people entering and exiting buildings. To address this, Innosparks houses multi-disciplinary hardware and software capabilities in a single platform, from design and concept to build and launch. Set up in 2007, the Environmental & Water Technology Centre of Innovation (EWTCOI) is a joint initiative between Enterprise Singapore and Ngee Ann Polytechnic. We don't think we covered the list exhaustively -- there's still Hyflux's water filtration technology and Razer, the company that produces some of the best gaming mice around (did you know it was started and co-founded by a Singaporean?) As such, deep tech capabilities and innovation are crucial for staying ahead of the curve. Startups usually face the challenge of turning prototypes into commercially viable products. While the fever scanning machine wasn't particularly sexy-looking or earth-shaking, it was a great example of local ingenuity rising to the challenge and turning death-dealing technology into potential life-saving devices. It was conceptualized, tested, and commercialized in just 18 months. These individuals are required to confirm their location within one hour using their phone's GPS location service by clicking on a unique link in the text message. Startups looking to be plugged in to the tech ecosystem can join the Verizon Innovation Community managed by JustCo to collaborate, learn, and network with the closely-knit community in the city center. As physical test beds for startups, such labs can bridge the “Death Valley curve,” defined in the startup world as the period between the beginning of operations and revenue generation. A technology reporter and wannabe entrepreneur in a previous life, Larry is now City Editor for CNNGo Singapore, where he sacrifices his nights, caffeine intake and waistline to the demands of the job. Of course, not all of us can remember everywhere we've been in the last 2 weeks, so the use of digital footprints helps fill in missing information on infected patients’ activities, travel routes and contacts. Technology is progressing at an unprecedented rate and disrupting the way we work and live. To date, more than 635,000 unique subscribers have signed up to receive daily updates.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.