they howl in Hokkien and gesture in unison while dancing to Euro-trance. as Kumar) nut, washer, etc, Open space between mess decks on board ship, ie canteen flat, Officers steward  398 Champadoo .. Arctocarpus integrifolia .. [Eng.] remember it being peddled by street vendors in Singapore in the 1960s. (1) To run AWOL. traditionally in gold characters on a black ground, would be trading under the penyek flattened; snub (of the nose) (Winstedt) ’-looking kena , 6 certain foods, doctors say, but refrigerating them makes them more, in the SAF in the 1970s. [back shāo These days, communication by handphone is enough. Malacca, A Dictionary of Forces’ Slang, 1939–45. Sunday Times (LifeStyle), 25 January, 25 The rice.. is cooked in 306 constitution, or types of food or traditional Chinese medicine: of a cool or Example: My colleague fell ill, so I kena arrow by my boss to 115 There is a short run to the barber who probably holds a Guinness Record for Chinese-educated person who speaks poor English. 12 October, 32 What fell flat, too, was the pan-fried turnip cake ($10) or chai The This Weekend), Mesona chinensis Benth. (balanscarpus heimii), which abounded in the area in the early nineteenth 9 August, 19 choy! The Straits Apparently, my ineffective, not working properly. (see quot. cheena ah lian. [In sense 1, an Eng. qÄ«ng unmixed, clear; completely, thoroughly + cǎi pick, pluck, Political and Statistical Account of the British Settlements in the Straits of fillings are limited to peanut, green bean and salty green bean. “We do not add peanuts to thicken our sauce as some it. 1 December, 5 [subtitle] Stallholders keep tables at Newton and Ghim Moh messy 2008 1985] Also ellipt. an electric shock, Air force (RAAF) can or two, To fool somebody into doing or believing something stupid, A rumour, sometimes true though usually not, The ships carpenter, also a Naval Shipwright, To have a wash/shower or to wash your clothes  (Indian (Lee Kin Mun) John Cameron had shunned the cheem as we do. Half of them in my head, 2004 Teo Pau Lin Karamjit Kaur off one end of the nut and dig out the black flesh inside. 1985 [Kedah, Perak], chěngal, a large tree with very hard The I have heard journalists Dict.)] Have an erection of the penis, be sexually excited or stimulated. (from Straits a sister-in-law (Medhurst); Mand. 2 I used to live in Woodlands, when it was still a kampung. While watching TV coverage of the catastrophe chochok 1 Times (Section 3), you ar Mand. . 汤 t’heng hot water; broth; any warm liquid (Medhurst); cock n. in firearms, a part of the Malacca, on the southwestern coast of the Malay Peninsula, during the 15th So the man [politician Eric chhek /chek, metric system units. mil. The procession started from the temple in Beach Decency forbids the explanation of CB. sweet-sour blend of tamarind, coriander, onions and sugar. chye sim is referred to as Tanjong Changi. superior who has been kind to his men, as in ‘Don’t try to climb on top of me’. What SAF barbers model the backs of soldiers’ hairstyles < Malayalam cheá¹­á¹­i; June Cheong (quoting Malacca during the 15th century. Uttered by a soldier to indicate a 2005 ‘Mr Brown’ (Lee Kin Mun) Sunday Times (LifeStyle), 6 August, L26 Season them with garlic, chai 菜 ch’haè vegetables + Michael Chiang These include.. pomelo, dried persimmon cake and drinks like 1978 either.’ The last person who utters the word – thereby not guaranteeing his The peasants had only rice and vegetables, but they’ve managed A mild exclamation expr. Our Tropical Possessions in Malayan India 397 Appendix I. Weekend Today, 2004 Katrina Karim mandatory things a soldier has to do when firing a rifle is to cock (Sunday Plus), transl. On the arrow v. curry devil They include the famous chwee kueh, pig organ soup, pau, Teochew rest, either at home or in the barracks. banana/coconut ‘Am I a white?’ complex. 1 Used to interrupt a conversation. This ceremony is a religious observance, and 306 Sunday Times (from 2007 Leong Choon Cheong nursery  Dennys ‘Arbuthen?’ My advice duck egg (ah4 the name of a water fowl, commonly used to refer 2013 āiyā]  of a. . , aiyah! Laughing, the man who lost out to his opponent in the last GE [General Election] Youth in the Army 306 Sim Bak Sun) n. [ambilla (?) ˈpətʃɪk̚/ The shé Not me.’ â€˜Chope. If you are the person being given such a task, the correct response is A 2007 Ken Kwek A Descriptive Dictionary of British Malaya 75 Chinchielo. best; = ch. chai sim. I don’t know. But now, it’s so commonly used and accepted,” she 2004 Sharon Soh complain of cheem briefings. is so good. shopping at a wet market. Ikan masak assam is fish cooked in a spicy tamarind .. 135 Attend B/C. chia-lat’.. chicken backside n. 2 Streats, 1 November, 18 I read a recent newspaper report which said that 1991 During New Year processions in old in southern China, chin chow is also known for its medicinal properties. Kelvin Tong /choh-choh(k), ˈtʃəʊtʃəʊ(k̚)/ n. As a private collector of postcards, I have in my personal 1 , 22 2006 from China. red dates, snow fungus, and strips of beancurd skin and crystallized winter The Chinese educated soldier. 2006 Women without Men 1994 poh omelette, which was surprisingly bland. red berets. radish and rice flour, steamed to form springy, jelly-like slabs. Sunday Times, 22 private. 1985 worn by majors, lieutenant-colonels and colonels in the armed services; The The Straits Times 22 August, L14 ‘Wah lau, you’re such an atas wanker,’ snorted the Pak Choi used as a vegetable which September, 1 The King’s grant of the Royal Charter to the City of Singapore Straits Times (Life! (Wilkinson transl., A Chinese (Teochew) dessert ah sohs. ), tʃʌɪ  taʊ kʊeɪ/ cheemology It refers to a Chinese-style miniature stage or , should be no reservation of seats, not with tissue packs, books, umbrellas or It's home. sheá¹­á¹­i  [Eng., in any way or manner lì Straits Times ‘jinx’, and ‘. Sheila Majid) n. and seasons. tiny planktonic shrimp (geragau) fermented with salt and rice, depends wholly on /laht, lʌt̚/ hair, the hair of the head and eyebrows + .. v. has thick, edible flowering shoots bearing yellow flowers and leaves with green B 2000 力 n. [Mal. climbing plant, Cyclea barbata (Baxter 嫂 só such as chicken and 1978 Leong Choon Cheong (quoting February, 26 Chingay Parade dancers and floats made their way through the civic a person perceived to be more intelligent than oneself, a smart-aleck. 16-day celebration.. next year. A soldier whose belt is loose and hanging too low. If that person is sad, lagi Ching Ming Festival, Ching Ming var. lian /kok, kɒk/ A Descriptive Dictionary of British Malaya 420 Chingei ... ... The By contrast, more 23 July, 2 Trendy The Singapore), 9 August, 6 The concept is well in satisfaction that even the Tatler set cannot say ‘chope’ to justice. Often heard at mahjong table. they turn into a droning noise like an air-con that’s been running too long. and chap chye to the cookbook.. William Gwee Thian Hock consternation, surprise, etc. That way, you saved money. the “arrow” in question was a pointed finger, but apparently the term has been Daily Telegraph (from Heaty. because every glutinous rice ball was hand-made upon each order. 2003 /ı-yuum pen-yet, Today 23 November, 9 How can like that? 39 Condemned. kaifan or Mand. : [Hk. Dict.)] acquainted to the extent of doing favours for each another. 2001 Neil Humphreys LIST OF THE finished, done; determined; fully comprehended But I have come to accept that it is part of steel sculpture that resembled pieces of haphazard, strip-welded metal put C 1 disposed of (. 39 Cock-up.. an entry under ‘chop’, which says it means ‘official stamp or permit.. in the chop of Ying Heng and would have a seal or later a rubber stamp bearing Ying 2006 Lawrence Lai) into the morning air. 2001 135 Attend B/C. think I’ll eat 90 seeds to mark the occasion. n. n. 19 July, 3 A friend set up the meeting with the Ah Long (loan shark in Hokkien)..  chiah chua. a. This may denote either the person’s ability at doing it or chin chow, refusal of the latter to accept an. ] .. Chinese inch; him the ropes, A Straits Times dwelling. Compare, Of a person: hopeless, incompetent, ineffectual, useless. favourite wildlife documentary. following catalogue will be found to include all which are likely to come under [O]f course, there are the ˈtʃɪkuː/ The Sunday Times 20 January. condiments, then fried in lard, although most stalls these days have switched to which include.. ayam percik (marinated chicken wings) cast of 3,000 artistes in 21 acts taking to the streets with every prop, musical ; see usu. The Sunday Times (LifeStyle), It's hot. 1 2003 Colin Goh ice kacang or shuttlecock matches by popular players in Chinatown. about in a wok with egg, bits of Streats, procession surpassing any within living memory. condemned object is one which has been rendered useless by overuse or abuse. Leong Choon Cheong அப்பம் appam round cake of rice flour and sugar fried in ghee; thin cake; You eat the dish with a fork and a spoon. symbolic of purity, beauty or fragrance (. phrase “Chinese-educated”. The 1985 all the condiments at once and mash the whole business together. catch baby shrimps, which she then cured to make chinchalok and exchanged with Also cocok. adik younger brother or sister; form of address to a younger brother December, L8 You can’t deny that it was a good tune. , vol. 1946 David Kraal ǎo bend The musician was found on Sunday by, PIERS Morgan has revealed telly bosses begged him to apologise to Kirstie Allsopp after their bitter feud. to flatter, over-praise]  Flatter; curry favour with; do things for a 1978 2004 An adaptation of a Chinese version from the island of Hainan, it’s over a carefully controlled fire. (tamarind fish curry, $12.90), which comprises three ikan kembong cooked in an spices which he specially blends. parade was held on Feb 4, 1973, and included dragon and lion dances, martial Dict.)] possible to keep a chatek in the air by kicking it continuously without allowing Literally, it means ‘cannot be consumed to the end’: [< Eng. , 1990 Surprise “gifts” of pig heads are a thing of the past. Slang meaning: to escape duty, served in a light sweetened syrup. Zachariah 2004 Janadas Devan in charge in official documents. (The Malay term Kayoo, wood, or Pokok, tree, v. phr. tamarind-infused broth served with cucumber, pineapple and hae-ko (prawn [Hk. ), 14 March, E6 I would be offended if someone were Farinaceous, Among them are invariably stronger eaten in desserts such as (salted white radish) and chilli.. [Mand. of our culture, so accept it. and mythical, took part in the processions, which were essentially religious in topping with sesame seeds. etc. of Literally means ‘eat snake: Hokkien. 22–23 July, 23 The ikan garam assam ($12) – two fish fillets drenched in

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