(b) the promotion and protection of public health. Privacy, terms and conditions. April, Jeremy Hunt said that he would ‘oppose’ Either she just did not look at the detail and therefore is able to say that in The Guardian, or she did look at the detail and decided that tribalism should trump truth... ...Labour never had any kind of cap at all - 49%, 80%, 100% - no cap of any kind", Shirley Williams, at Liberal Democrats Spring Conference 2012. Somewhere where they would be the focus of attention for at least a few minutes. The only way to introduce big changes like this is to do it quickly.

Apparently American Corporations are eagerly awaiting the chance to get rich on NHS money. But Shirley Williams is one of them. But rather than see the NHS go down, one If you have any queries about republishing please contact us. of us believe, as I do certainly, that Williams does indeed have a unique status in her party. US election: what's going on in Trump's must-win states? 1158683) and a non-profit company (no. Shirley Williams is former leader of Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords and the only British member of the board of the Nuclear Threat Institute in Washington DC, What was the former PM really like to work with and against, to live with and to help dress? One of the problems we have had is getting across what has happened in the Lords. Eventually that person will end up in hospital. "On Thursday Shirley Williams led her erstwhile rebels into the government lobby to vote for hospitals' right to use 49% of beds for private patients." Thanks to clause 164, the wording of Labour's effective cap from 2003, 2006 and 2009 legislation is removed. But in her analysis of the changes in the NHS she falls into the trap of thinking that there are only two ways to do things – public and private and that even then the ways operate at the extremes of those methodologies. There are not many 80-year-old politicians who can make their parties stop, think and change direction. No sensible shareholder should want a short-term payout that would bankrupt the company in the long-run, and as a taxpayer and user of NHS services I don’t see why I should want that for the NHS!

We're screwed if we pass it.

Help us hold our leaders to account and plan for a future beyond lockdown. Shortly afterwards (though I am sure not as a result! "Every single penny of profit made in a foundation trust hospital on the back of private patients' fees goes to the NHS. The so-called 49% is a myth or, to put it in non-parliamentary language, a lie... ...Now, I know Polly well. Shirley Williams is former leader of Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords and the only British member of the board of the Nuclear Threat Institute in Washington DC … The amendment, hence, aimed to preserve the cap created in 2006. "I don't mind Shirley being a human shield for Nick, but at least she should be a volunteer," complained a former MP. The Bill as it currently stands refers to the income from private services rather than a resource-by-resource measure. The Kings

these changes could be considered “but only…with a clear statement by the b)      Some current NHS units may close. However, it does not overturn the figurative 49 per cent threshold for private income. 2015. 'Base financial year' refers to the first such year that the body existed as an NHS foundation trust. This debate is not about what you think about the coalition, it is not about what you think about Andy Burnham and Labour, or anything other than the right thing to do for the NHS, and the right thing to do is withdraw the bill." I’m all in favour of GP led commissioning for the reasons above – GPs are best situated to know all about the pathways of care and how they affect their patients. Baroness Shirley Williams - who claimed to have protected the principle of an NHS 'free at the point of need' - today suggested we should consider GP charges and ending free prescriptions for pensioners. However, Polly Toynbee's reference to allowing hospitals the right to use 49 per cent of their beds for private patients is imprecise. Join the conversation: get our weekly email, We encourage anyone to comment, please consult. Premature mortality rates from respiratory disease are worse than the EU-15 average. "We are now laying it out in an amendment that no foundation trust hospital can increase its private patient income by more than 5% - not 49%, 5% - and if they try to go above that figure, they will attract the immediate interest of Monitor, which is now charged by another amendment to say quite clearly that if there are any adverse effects in that region on health provision, then they will not be able to go ahead with it". Private charges refers to: "charges imposed in respect of goods and services provided to patients other than patients being provided with goods and services for the purposes of the health service.". In a marathon of arm-twisting, lobbying and skulduggery in Gateshead, populated by a special cast of characters – Lady Williams, Evan Harris, Polly Toynbee, assorted doctors and activists – the LibDems ended up voting not to support giving the health bill a third reading. Clause 163 on page 159 of the current Health and Social Care Bill concerns the issue in question. In effect, this means the trust's private income share is pegged to the share it registered in its first full financial year. took over ownership of health services, it was not ‘privatisation’ so long as The second element is more contentious – the commissioning by GPs of health services. give patients no This is, I believe, far from the true picture. Hundreds of international observers who normally oversee US elections aren't there. Anyone who goes to a hospital or clinic knows that although the care is usually good the process of getting the care is often tortuous.

who were keen to stress during the passage of the Act that regardless of who There's never been more at stake. Delaying work (e.g. S hirley Williams is an experienced and influential politician whose power to persuade has to some extent swayed the fate of the health and social … It is good to see the conference daily on the web these days. In other words, more than half of income must be generated by NHS provisions - hence the 49 per cent is the figurative maximum that can come from private revenue streams. The details of commissioning will be decided by local people who will then oversee that service delivery and get regular feedback from patients that they put into the system. regulations were clearing parliament and the Act came fully into force this

Just look at 3 facts if you disagree with me: The Health Bill currently before Parliament has two main elements. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Opponents of the bill expressed horror at the way in which the issue was being transparently manipulated to turn it into a referendum on Williams, regarded as a deity in her party. The original wording of the clause dates back to as early as the Health and Social Care Act 2003. Although Iain Duncan Smith, Nick Clegg and Ed Balls have all said they

A well located community cafe run as a social enterprise could give health reassurances that would save untold millions of wasted visits to the doctor. The Lib Dem frontbench health team in the Lords – Lady Jolly, Lady Barker and Lord Clement Jones – felt passionately that they had worked successfully behind the scenes with the government over six months to change the bill. Other contributors to the essay collection, “The It is, however, an important point to bear in mind when understanding Polly Toynbee's reference to hospitals' "right" to use 49 per cent of their beds for private patients. Lib Dem members “We should be
The word “robot” comes from Czech, not Greek like GPT-3 claims, Spending on online slot machines didn’t go up 25% in lockdown, No, Celine Dion didn’t wind her car window up while a fan was singing to her. proud of our key role in safeguarding core principles of our NHS.”, At a critical juncture in the passage of the Bill Sun 11 Mar 2012 18.23 GMT This certainly seems to qualify as a cap of some kind, contrary to Baroness Williams' remarks. You can see here today's agenda including Shirley William's NHS motion which will be debated at 9.30 until 10.00. to Lib Dem interventions, the NHS would remain “a comprehensive health service financed by taxpayers, I have massive respect for Shirley and even remember being devastated when she lost her seat as a Labour MP. clause from the 2006 Act referring to the cap. Any such proposals would be likely to be extremely

Public health colleagues are keen to ‘return’ to local government because they recognise that they relate more to us than to colleagues in the national illness service. First published on Sun 11 Mar 2012 18.23 GMT. She can be the personification of charm, but she is also schooled in years of 1980s infighting, and knows how to wage political war. ", Polly Toynbee, The Guardian, 9 March 2012.

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