In the middle is a flat brownish circle. When you’re done, you will see a vision of four people entering the chamber. On the street corner you will see a boy with a shoe shining kit. During the ‘Fever Dreams’ case, you will make your way into a tomb. Using your detective mode () will highlight everything that needs to be interacted with in the room. From the start point, walk to the left and turn right. When he wakes up the trophy will pop. During the game there is a rather odd option to skip huge portions of the actual interaction. Simply complete the event to earn this trophy. Walk to the end of the street and turn right. Holmes will ask for this and will also be given a letter from Mr. Angel. You will learn that she is a religious woman and is Jeremiah’s mother. Overview: Refer to the rudimentary image below for the correct path. When you start playing as Watson, you will need to complete a series of quick time events in order to resuscitate a man using CPR. When walking up to Albeit's house during the 'A Study in Green' case, you will hear Albeit screaming and you will use an axe through a series of quick time events to open the door. Just make sure that you complete the section, with the accompanying mini games without skipping. Lockpick the door (using lockpick #3), open it and cross the foundry to the office door where you will see that it is locked. You have earned your platinum! When you enter the circular chamber, interact with the idol on the pedestal in front of you, the closed gate on the other side of the pedestal and the Mayan calendar on the floor next to where you entered. All trophies except for  Lawn Bowls Champion are unmissable when naturally progressing through the story. Therefore, the trophy pops during the end credits. In the final case 'Fever Dreams' you will be trapped in a tomb and need to use a metal star on the wall to solve a puzzle and escape. Warning: This trophy guide might contain some spoilers, but the outcomes of the cases are never revealed. If you think you’ve made the correct decision, press to ‘Accept Decision’ and the achievement will unlock. Story related, but can be missed if skipped. Puzzle 3: Rolling Boulder Conclusion: There are no achievements that carry over from case to case as Crimes & Punishments did. You will need to sneak through a cemetary, past a couple of bandits in order to trace Wilde. It will reveal wires connected to the cover. This stage might not be necessary for you because this trophy can be earned during stage 1. Use your imagination () to imagine the following series of events: Now you can start this event by pressing  and after the guard has become distracted you can go through the door and the trophy is yours. You will earn this trophy after you finish the 'Fever Dreams' case, which does not require any deductions or moral decisions. This achievement starts at [00:35] in the case walkthrough video in “Disaster Strikes.”. To earn this trophy, you will need to defend Wilde by rushing down the stairs and interacting with the following objects in this order: Holmes once again requires street urchin Wiggins' help during the 'Infamy' case. Then one man stands up, walks over to the bar, flashes a pass and is gained access to a door behind the bar. You will see a balcony above the door that you need to get to. Walk up the steps to the temple. Puzzle 7: Center of the Temple During 'A Study in Green', Holmes and Watson will break into Bernard Marley's foundry during the night. As Holmes, make your way up the stairs, avoiding the tumbling statue head. At this screen the trophy will pop. Speak to the two policemen questioning a witness to begin. If you take too much time, you will be crushed. During the 'A Study in Green' case, Holmes will try and reconstruct what happened in the temple during the expedition in Guatemala. You can use each dot multiple times but you cannot go over a line after you have drawn it. Your casebook hints that it may not have come from too far down the street from the accident. Story related, cannot be missed. Immediately following your meeting with Mary Sutherland in the ‘Infamy’ case, sitting in your room, you will be startled by a loud noise and Toby’s barking in the main room of your apartment. The picture below shows the elements and the order in which the events took place. You deduce that Mr. Byron is Mr. Albeit. The solution is shown found in the picture below. Unlock all 24 other achievements in the game and this one will unlock as the end credits begin to roll. After you’ve selected your moral choice, a final cutscene will play showing you how your choice will play out. When the man awakens, the achievement will unlock. She does not but has a letter from her father. During the 'Chain Reaction' case, Holmes and Watson will try and help save the victims of a traffic accident. After you conclude your search, return to Baker Street to retrieve Toby. You will earn this trophy when you reach Albeit at the top of the stairs. Shortly after solving Mary Sutherland's case in 'Infamy,' you will be awakened to the sound of Toby barking at a bomb thrown through the window. The detailed, well-illustrated walkthrough will guide you, step by step, through the game's various challenges and enable you to emerge unscathed from any trouble. Towards the end of the ‘Infamy’ case, you witness Orson Wilde being shoved into a cab at gunpoint. Thanks to Marky Mark for the video: This is story related and cannot be missed. During the 'Infamy' case you will be visited by Miss Mary Sutherland. This will open the globe revealing a miniature reproduction of a jungle scene with temple structures. The case will be available from the Main Menu. Your journey takes you to the gates of St. Patrick’s Abbey. *MISSABLE* This achievement starts at [44:40] in the case walkthrough video in “The Golem Awakened.”. There are 25 achievements to unlock in this game: Then there’s one achievement for completing the game (“The Drawn Curtain”) and one for obtaining all 24 other achievements (“Life of a Consulting Detective”). Holmes will disguise himself as a pastor and he and Wiggins will fake an exorcism to gain Jeremiah's religious mother's trust in order to gain access to Jeremiah's room. After removing the cylinder you can take out the bomb. Thanks to Marky Mark for the video: This is story related and cannot be missed. Is Miss De’Bouvier who she says she is and why has she taken such an interest in Kate…? You read that the pawn shop is on Lambeth Street which must be near Mr. Thorne’s home. This is the fourth Sherlock Holmes game made available on … Puzzle 5: Poison Statues Press again to place the map piece on the missing section of the map (Guatemala). If you feel like you might lose the game while still playing, you can use  to back out of the game and retry by talking to Sir Charles Yellingham again. Again, use your detective mode to avoid the lookouts while making your way to the far end of the abbey. Follow the man through the streets. Once you successfully fend off the tavern regulars and escape, the trophy will pop. Go back to the table, pick up the metal star and return to the wall. If you think you’ve made the correct decision, press to ‘Accept Decision’ and the achievement will unlock. Walk up the stairs and the game will focus on a man carrying a briefcase walking through a door. You deduce that you need Toby, your dog, to help find the rifle. Then enter the abbey itself through a side passage (as the front door is locked). - Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter (KR) Walkthrough & Trophy Guide There is currently no walkthrough for Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter (KR) . Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter is a third-person puzzle-solving point and click adventure game developed by Frogwares. Once he has been neutralised, you'll be able to go up the stairs to see Albeit. Gameplay difficulty can be changed at any time during the game and does not affect any trophies. With its help you will be able to solve all the puzzles, and complete all the minigames. Walk down the street where the crashed technical cab is. Soon after, he stops to talk to a cabbie, so you need to take a shortcut through an alley on the left and come out ahead of the man. At one point during the dialogue, she will reveal that Mr. Angel is missing and has submitted a missing persons notice in the newspaper. There are three rounds to play and if you win, you will be awarded with this trophy. Have Watson controlling the levers down below whilst Holmes climbs the rafters above. Use your imagination mode () and walk around the room to determine the order of events for the distraction: After you’ve assigned a number to each event, press to watch how the sequence would unfold. This case doesn't have any deduction or moral decisions to be made as it's the last case of the game. Step 2: Clear up any missed trophies Upon entering the room, you need to use Watson to push Holmes out of the way of an arrow. To be safe I would recommend to never press to skip parts as this may cause you to miss trophies and will require you to play through entire cases again. However, there is an underlying story throughout that involves Holmes’ daughter, Kate, and your new neighbor, Alice De’Bouvier. While you are up there, there is a mini-game where you have to keep your balance walking across a plank by keeping the and in two circles (if you fall, you will resume just before the plank). * There you will discover the briefcase the harelip fellow (Mr. Jeremiah Thorne) was carrying along with a photograph. This one follows almost directly on from Crime and Punishments with the exact same interpretation 221b Baker Street present in the game. Using the image below, assign each element with a number to determine the order of events. Press on this area to place the pyramid model on it. Not much replay value, but enjoyable nonetheless. When the yellow arrow above his head turns into an exclamation point, seek cover so he doesn’t see you (there is a meter at the top of the screen that fills up with red the longer he sees you). During the investigation in the 'Prey' mission you will need to use Toby's nose to sniff out a secret hideout. Walk into the corner and turn right again. Go back to Baker Street and change into your pastor outfit. All you need to do to pass this is run along the bridge and avoid the broken wood planks. Watson: move the cart to the other end of the tracks. At the end of the ‘A Study in Green’ case, you return to the Club once you have retrieved the pyramid model from Albeit’s house and a map piece of the giant globe (the one you saw in the clubhouse) from Marley’s secret room. With the help of Wiggins, you'll fake an exorcism in the house. It will reveal a crack that can be opened with the key you found on the table in the middle of the room. When you have control of Holmes again, the achievement will unlock. This one follows almost directly on from Crime and Punishments with the exact same interpretation 221b Baker Street present in the game. Using the image below, cut the wires in the correct sequence to diffuse the bomb. When you are instructed to return to Baker Street, walk towards where you entered the tomb and the door will close, trapping you. While there are deductions during this case to piece together clues you’ve discovered, there is no final moral choice, so this will unlock as the end credits begin to roll. If you hit a good ball you want to be able to remember how you did it in order to recreate it.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.