36.0k members in the Shadowverse community. The Fortune’s Hand expansion is live! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. An officer/commander token deck finally Rotation playable? 24 votes, 18 comments. General. i feel you should choose one or the other. I've been seeing that version of burial rite shadow a lot. VESHA NEW BOYFRIEND | Shadowverse Gameplay | Fortune's Hand - Duration: 10:27. This deck is really fun to play and its remind me outside Luna why I love this craft. Uh, you got a portal banner for the sword deck. The latest Shadowverse expansion has arrived, and the Rotation format is already being tested. no Boneanza necromancer and spirit curator? On a related note, I feel the same way about Rally Sword, as a Sword main. Mit Fortune's Hand erwartet Euch die sechzehnte Spielerweiterung von Shadowverse. I finally found another my favourite play style. Hear the dragon's roar! Die Edition wird in zwei Schüben veröffentlicht: Premiere ist Ende Juni mit 97 Karten (sowie Anführerskin-Karten), gefolgt von einem zweiten Schub im August 2020. Bonenanza is pretty slow and overall not really necessary. Posted by. ... Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It's a trip down nostalgia lane for me. Hell, you can even play 2 Hades on turn 8. One huge advantage is that this allows you to do a lot of things while also developing Hades - eg turn 7 use 5PP, play Skelly, recover 7PP, play Hades. even generates wards too. This expansion features a set of tarot themed cards with powerful effects representing some of the major arcana. dont think its worth the drawback of drawing her as just a vanilla 1/3 ward for 2. i must be missing something here cuz i see tons of decks using her and never using her ability. Haven't played in a while and while scrolling I swear I've read "Accelerate Lygma Forest", More posts from the Shadowverse community. seems decent but would like to see people's opinions on cutting him. Archetypes old and new are competing for the top spots of the upcoming Tempo Storm Shadowverse Meta Snapshot, and Dolan has captured the most noteworthy lists in his Fortune's Hand day 1 deck compilation. Log in sign up. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Join us as we take a look at how the competitive player base responded to these shifts, leading to three of the most powerful Tier 1 decks in the Rotation format! The end of August marked the release of the Fortune’s Hand mini-expansion, and the balanced meta we once knew last month is a thing of the past. Hear the dragon's roar! Evo is in a weird spot cause its match up vs rally is iffy at best and an absolute struggle if you went 1st (very ironic). Live now! Not much room for him and he's really slow without Machinus/Limonia to carry him. Along with the release of the new expansion, Steel Rebellion got rotated out. Your first two question answer each other you play Skelleton because with Gremory he is a 5/5 Rush Bane that recover 8 play points, some other list do run more necromancy with either friend forever or the 5 cost legend. Community-ran. So the official name for the new keyword is Rally. After my favourite play style which is Midrange Shadow and Nep Shadow was gone. Absolute blast. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. why legendary skeleton in the same deck as hades? Close. More posts from the Shadowverse community. Alle Karten in Deiner und der gegnerischen Auslage werden ausgelöscht.Alle Karten in Deinem Blatt und Deinem Deck werden ausgelöscht.Jeweils 1 Exemplar der 10 Karten, die der Gegner in diesem Duell als Erstes ausgespielt hat, wird Deinem Deck hinzugefügt (exklusive Roflad, der Gehängte und Verdrehte Wahrheit). Die Edition wird in zwei Schüben veröffentlicht: Premiere ist Ende Juni mit 97 Karten (sowie Anführerskin-Karten), gefolgt von einem zweiten Schub im August 2020. She's paired with Legendary Skeleton for essentially a mini D-Shift combo; some lists also run Friends Forever which effectively costs 1PP post Gremory. Might see play in variants that also run HWOR and Fatal Order. Press J to jump to the feed. theres quite literally no necromancy in the deck, so her ability is totally irrelevant. i did say he was underwhelming during reveal but i didn't' think he would be excluded completely. Yeah, extremely restrictive and the payoff isn't that good because it's reduced max HP, not direct damage. I don't care even if its fall flat in later week like Natura Shadow but this deck is seriously fun to play. 24. why gremory? Definitely don't play him with Necromancy before Grem is online unless you're going for a desperate push, that kills your progression towards 30 shadows.Aside from that, Gremory is often invoked at the same time as Wind God so that's a stronger tempo swing, and both Grem and Skelly can be used as fodder for Demonic Procession, so they're not really dead cards (well, Skeleton is, but you know what I mean). A community-ran subreddit for the digital card game developed by Cygames. A community-ran subreddit for the digital card game developed by Cygames. Also an interesting distinction and a bit of a tip-off is that followers with a Fanfare rally effect won't count towards rally. Tempo/Storm. Hear the dragon's roar! skeleton eating 8 necro isn't something you want if you're trying to work toward 30 shadows. Mit Fortune's Hand erwartet Euch die sechzehnte Spielerweiterung von Shadowverse. Mit den neuen Karten wird die Auslösebedingung "Schulterschluss" eingeführt. If you consider Evo Sword midrange I think it's solid. Kartenfähigkeiten und Statuswerte betreffende Änderungen vorbehalten. Behind The Card Recommended for you. Legendary Skeleton is also decent before 8 shadows and not a terrible Reanimate target, can be really annoying for some decks to deal with, including the mirror. 24 [Tempo/Storm] Fortune's Hand Day 1 Deck Compilation. Might require teaching in aoe. just for a "free" 1/3 ward? but i dont understand some card choices, so an explanation would be appreciated. User account menu. I really love Buried Rite deck right now both He Who Once Rock and Hades version. Keep an eye on this one since apparently it will be the only source for official translations. I'll be making the card reveal chart shortly which will be the source for unofficial translations. Du gewinnst das Duell automatisch, wenn die in Deinem Deck verbleibenden Karten ausgehen.Alle verbündeten Karten, die während des Duells zerstört wurden, gehen verloren.Nach Ende des nächsten gegnerischen Zuges: Jeweils 1 Exemplar jeder Karte im gegnerischen Blatt wird Deinem Blatt hinzugefügt (exklusive Roflad, der Gehängte und Verdrehte Wahrheit). Cookies help us deliver our Services. 37.3k members in the Shadowverse community. Netdeckers rejoice! Gremory is a natural fit in PtP because you draw a lot while also generating shadows. Shadowverse Meta Snapshot: The "let me go first" edition. we are also parting a budget deck edition, but some might actually have to go into unlimited :p. Shame to see Sword represented by that and not by Evo, but I think Evo is a legit deck right now. So it's not just going to be Invocation cards that care about this for sure. Blood definitely has a lot of potential though. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Also competes with Wilbert for the slot. Now if we could only get a Monika retrain... Agree for me shadow is the funniest class to play. personally i am running miyako, thoth and ginsetsu. Hear the dragon's roar! The official subreddit for the digital card game by Cygames. Welcome to the 14th edition of the Tempo Storm Shadowverse Meta Snapshot! seems like a no brainer inclusion but i haven't seen lists include him. Also, Vice death grip not worth in elana? I think they really need to make keywords for card destroy pool like graveyard or something. rip luzen not even used in wrath blood.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.