Mandel and Mehlman agreed, in part because of the lollipop gag and also having the character Newman involved, the storyline for Kramer is trying to avoid a birthday wish from FDR that he "drop dead". Kramer and FDR soon find themselves out-wishing each other by wishing on a shooting star, throwing coins in the fountain, pulling out eyelashes, and even pulling a wishbone. David Sims of The A.V. She also provided the phrase George claims he owns: "You can stuff your sorries in a sack, mister." Jerry and Nina suffer an awkward pause in their conversation, causing them to have sex on Jerry's counter. Given the late arrival of the invitation, Elaine assumes that this is an "unvitation" and that Sue Ellen does not actually want her to come. Sue Ellen will be marrying Pinter Ranawat, whose name seems familiar to Elaine. It wasn't only audacity that set the show apart... Only Roseanne Barr, whose own sitcom was broadcast during the same period, publicly took against the highfalutin rival show: 'They think they're doing Samuel Beckett instead of a sitcom. Given the late arrival of the invite, Elaine assumes that this is an "unvitation" and that Sue Ellen doesn't actually want her to come. In the end, Kramer and FDR settle their scores with a snowball. Sue Ellen will be marrying Pinter Ranawat, whose name seems familiar to Elaine. This "forward" version has never aired on television. Mike McShane apparently makes his final brief appearance as FDR in "The Wizard", talking to George as a hot dog vendor while Mr. and Mrs. Ross come out of the store. With Jason Alexander, Michael Richards, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jerry Seinfeld. Elaine receives a last minute invitation to Sue Ellen Mischke's wedding in India. Jerry mistaking Kramer's name as "Kessler" is a reference to "The Seinfeld Chronicles" where Kramer's character was originally named Kessler. He invites Kramer over for pizza and tells him, "What's mine is yours. On a later visit, FDR reveals that his wish was for Kramer to drop dead. George asks Jerr… Club was "torn" in his review: "The Betrayal—which is played backward (down to cute meta jokes like having the Castle Rock logo be the first thing on screen)—is very much about its gimmick, and it wrings a lot of fun jokes from it, like Kramer's gigantic lollipop going from eaten to full, or Jerry saying 'bless you' to Elaine and a cut to 'three seconds earlier,' when she sneezes. ", "The Betrayal" alludes overtly to Harold Pinter's play (and film) Betrayal. The best meta joke of all comes right near the end, when we flash to two years prior and see a guest appearance by Susan, who implants the irritating catchphrase 'You can stuff your sorries in a sack, mister!' She appears during a brief flashback to "two years earlier", prior to her death when she and George were engaged. Elaine meets Pinter's parents, Usha and Zubin Ranawat, who try to convince her not to go to India for the wedding; they are not going themselves and dislike India. Elaine goes to India to spite Sue Ellen. This episode presents a backwards narrative, beginning with the Castle Rock Entertainment logo in reverse (but has the music in forward) and goes from the final scene to the first scene. Because of this, he runs out of the restaurant fearing it will happen again. This was the eighth episode for the final season, it aired on November 20, 1997. Jerry, George, and Elaine return from their disastrous trip to India that they do not want to talk to Kramer about. Behind the clever gimmick of The Betrayal is a particularly nasty story about fairly nasty characters, so perhaps its greatest triumph is the clever way it reveals the true nature of the show's characters. [1] The episode develops motifs relating to the theme of betrayal, exposing various betrayals in the plot. Elaine receives a last-minute invitation to Sue Ellen Mischke's wedding in India. George promptly takes the ticket for Nina, and Elaine and Jerry immediately become awkward, afraid that their secret will come out. Directed by Andy Ackerman. It is revealed that, two years ago, Elaine indeed dated Pinter (whom Elaine knew as "Peter") and Jerry tells George and Susan that Nina might be the one. Sue Ellen calls her wedding off when she finds out, and when George forces Nina to choose between him and Jerry, she declares she is not interested in either man, and only came for a free trip to India. "[4], Ryan Gilbey of The Guardian wrote , "By its final season, it was referencing Pinter in The Betrayal, which was structured entirely in reverse. '"[5], "SEINFELD - Season 9, Episode 8 - "The Betrayal, Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing – Comedy Series,, Television episodes written by David Mandel, Short description is different from Wikidata, Television episode articles with short description for single episodes, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2011, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Jerry and George are walking down the street and they run into Nina (Justine Miceli), an old girlfriend of Jerry's with whom he never slept. This was the eighth episode for the ninth and final season. Elaine and the gang head to India to attend a wedding; Jerry betrays George by having sex with his prospective girlfriend; Kramer grapples with a malignant wish. Kramer tries to get Newman to use his birthday wish to protect Kramer from dropping dead, but he instead wishes for a date with a supermodel, which in fact comes true. The episode also gives us a clue as to why Kramer always helps himself to anything in Jerry's apartment. The debt to Pinter's play appears in the episode's title, "The Betrayal", in the use of reverse chronology, which mimics a prominent feature of Pinter's play, and in the choice for the first name of the groom, Pinter Ranawat, whose wedding Jerry and his friends travel to India to attend. Jerry temporarily escapes talking with George by going with Kramer to Newman's. It aired on November 20, 1997. Noticing Elaine's odd behavior, George goes with her to Monk's and gets her drunk on Peach Schnapps. Another fun example is when, after Jerry tells Elaine, 'God bless you,' the show cuts to Elaine sneezing. The episode is colloquially referred to as a backwards episode due to its use of reverse chronology, starting with the final scene and playing in order backwards. While at Jerry's to talk about the incident, Elaine discovers that he and Nina have just slept together. [citation needed] The original story had Kramer going to India, but Peter Mehlman suggested - based on his own experience - that he attends a birthday party in which a person makes a wish. She then takes the pillow from the man next to her, who turns out to be "Vegetable Lasagna" (last seen in ", This page was last edited on 25 October 2020, at 00:54. On the plane, after George announces that "Jerry Seinfeld's a funny guy", Elaine tells Nina that she put the fact that Jerry and Nina slept together "in the vault." "The Betrayal" alludes overtly to Harold Pinter's play (and film) Betrayal. Both Jerry and George get Elaine drunk to get information from her. At the end of the episode, a flashback, taking place in 1984, shows Jerry moving into his apartment and his first meeting with Kramer (whom Jerry calls Kessler, the name on the buzzer), who welcomes him to the building. "[3], Paul Arras wrote, "The real fun of the episode are the jokes that show the effect before the cause, such as when George complains about a stomach ache and then the episode cuts backwards to him ordering clams casino at the coffee shop.

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