The documents do not indicate the name of the mother of Salavat. © Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “TV-Novosti”, 2005–2020. The people say that Salawat had ten qualities of a real hero ("Salawat", "Power of Salawat"). The road home may be obscured by snow, But come spring it shall melt – I'm not dead yet, my Bashkirs!" The transport with convicts passed Menzelinsk, Kazan, Nizhni Novgorod, Moscow, reaching Tver on 14 November and then continuing on through Novgorod, Pskov, and Revel and arriving finally in Rogervik on 29 November. Despite attempts by the tsarist government to present the Peasant War of 1773–1775 as “an uprising of villains” and its participants as criminals and robbers, folklore emphasizes the liberating character of the war and portrays its participants and leaders as noble fighters for justice and protectors of the oppressed. CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, "Personality in Bashkir history: Salavat Yulaev." Thus the storytellers apparently wanted to emphasize the poetic giftedness of their hero. Many things in modern-day Bashkortostan are named after Yulayev, including a town, a cave, a hockey team, and the republic's State Prize. The Baltic port Rogervik had been founded by Peter the Great. Yellow copper pen with the image of a lion's head and jewelry made of small stones. Surrounding areas were given to noblemen, monasteries, merchants and Russian peasants. For loyal service and courage, Yulay Aznalin was awarded a silver sign in 1772. Tubinskaya Ulitsa, 3, Ufa, Respublika Bashkortostan, Russia, 450076, Create an itinerary including Salavat Yulaev Monument. They reflect the people's love for their hero, longing for him, willingness to continue his struggle. The image of the living Salavat was preserved in the memory of the people, the Sesens carefully preserved the songs and poems of the poet ” (А. Усманов. When the enemy here came Like sheep it would run away ( legend: Salawat`s Stay at the Aj Riverside) Translated by Akhmatyanova N.N., Ganeev B.T. Aristov, Colonel Kanzafar Usaev, and others. They say that she was an educated woman and had a great influence on her son. The club is named after Salavat Yulaev, a national hero of Bashkortostan. An old Russian song about Salawat was preserved in the Volga region ("Oh, you, goy, good fellow, Young Bashkir Salavatushka!"). Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya was the symbol of the Soviet people’s heroism and the first woman to become Hero of the Soviet Union during World War II. They were in the hands of the commandant of the city S. Myasoedov and General Freyman. In 1967, the largest equestrian monument in Europe was erected to Salawat Yulayev in the city of Ufa. The coincidence of the texts turned out to be complete, folk memory preserved the poetry of Salavat. The historian Abubakir Usmanov wrote: “For official characteristics, we do not see the living Salavat, lyric poet, warrior poet. Salawat's Poems Published in the 19th Century: In the Russian Empire poems by Salavat Yulaev were printed four times[5]. Many things in modern-day Bashkortostan are named after Yulayev, including an avenue in Ufa, the city of Salavat, a local hockey team and the Republic's State Prize. Ignatiev, D.N. But the legends about the historical hero, poet and warrior Salwvat Yulaev survived in different areas (over 200 are recorded). Salavat as a poet is also mentioned in traditions. A warrior, poet and singer Salavat Yulaev embodied all these qualities . Epic narrations about the events and people of a long past are called by Bashkirs riweyet, hikeyet, tarikh. «Лик Салавата». This saber without a scabbard, length 96 cm, width 3 cm, concave. Contact us Salavat Yulay was born in the village of Tekeevo (now Bashkortostan). By agreement with the tsarist government, the Bashkirs retained their lands. Feedback In 1967 a Monument to Salavat Yulaev by the sculptor Tavasiev was erected in Ufa. Ҡobayyr) have been published. 29). Некоторые сведения о биографии Салавата Юлаева. During the Peasant War, first in the rank of lieutenant colonel and then as a brigadier, Salavat Yulaev supervised key events, formed rebellious squadrons, fought with governmental troops, besieged and seized fortresses and settlements and erected new administrative institutions in unfettered regions. From the middle of the 17th century, they began appropriating Bashkir lands. It was revealed to the public in 1967. The local authorities gave credence to him; his fidelity to Russian government could not be doubted. Documents signed by him have been preserved. In it, the author cited the contents of the five poems of Salawat. But they had to perform military service: they guarded the eastern borders of the Russian Empire, participated in the wars waged by Russia. Folktales and legends about the Peasant War are an important source for understanding the history of the Bashkir people and its hero Yulay. The letter of Salavat, written by him in the cell of the Ufa Magistrate on 7 May 1775, refers to one wife and two children. When Paul I ascended the throne, the commandant of the fortress Langel submitted an inquiry about moving the remaining participants of the Pugachev Uprising to Taganrog or to Irkutsk to a cloth factory. But it wasn't until the rise of pro hockey in post-Soviet Russia that Salavat became a recognizable major club. On the blade is a slightly extinct inscription in Arabic, which scientists could not decipher. Researchers compared the literal translations of the verses and songs of Salawat discovered by Russian researchers in the 19th century with the lyrics and songs of Salawat preserved among the Bashkirs. Among the legends there are many stories about the Salawat family, about his relatives ("Salawat`s father", "Mother of Salawat", "Wives of Salawat", "The capture of Salawat", "Marriage of Salawat to a Russian girl", etc.). Having proven himself a talented military leader, at the age of 19 Yulaev headed large areas of the insurgent struggle, distributed Pugachev’s manifestos among the population, supplied Pugachev’s army with money, provisions and equipment and engaged in the mobilization of soldiers. Salavat Yulayev Salavat Yulay was the national hero of the Bashkir people. Lossievsky (in the 19th century). Photo about The famous Salavat yulaev statue of horse and hero. Against the previous submitted register decreased: This month of 26-th date, convicted slave Salawat Yulayev died about which I have the honor of reporting." -Д. I would return home, but alas, I am in chains, my Bashkirs!

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