. Do you want to subscribe to the Guitar Tab Archive? . . All Along The Watchtower Tab by Jimi Hendrix; Amazing Grace; Another Brick In The Wall (Solo) Awake by Godsmack; B (84) “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” by Led Zeppelin “Babylon” by David Gray “Back In The USSR” by The Beatles “Bad Day” by Fuel “Bad Moon Rising” by Creedence Clearwater Revival “Bad To The Bone” by George Thorogood “Badge” by Cream “Banana Pancakes” Ao acessar o site, você concorda com a nossa Política de Privacidade. Do you like these tablatures and want to support us? Recommended by The Wall Street Journal. One accurate version. P.M . [Intro] Em Em D D D Em C C D G G Am Em Em D D D Em White man came across the sea C C D G G Am He brought us pain and misery Em Em D D D Em He killed our tribes, he killed our creed C C D G G The PDF loads in a new browser window (rotate small displays to horizontal). We have an official Run To The Hills tab made by UG professional guitarists. Songs. Songs. Tuning: E A D G B E. Author psychoshredder [a] 110. Tonebridge. Played with Phaser: rate ~ one quarter note. . One accurate version. . Prowler tab . One accurate version. Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills Tab. 10,918 views, added to favorites 8 times. . We have an official Run To The Hills tab made by UG professional guitarists. We have an official Run To The Hills tab made by UG professional guitarists. . - Google Play, Aplicaciones Check out the tab » Backing track. Run To The Hills by Iron Maiden text guitar tab. Run To The Hills Tab by Iron Maiden with free online tab player. . Run To The Hills tab by Iron Maiden. Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills Tab. . Recommended by The Wall Street Journal. One accurate version. Submit Tab. . . - Microsoft Store, Condiciones de uso y política de privacidad. . 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Bruce Dickinson - Voice Oohs. |---------------------------------------12------12-----12--12-----|, |--15b(17)--r15---15b(17)-r15-b(17)~------------------------------|, |-------------------------------------------12------14------------|, |-----------------------------------------------------------------|, |----------12---------------------------------------------|, |--15b(17)----12--15p12h15p12------12---------------------|, |------------------------------14------14b(16)--14b(16)~--|, |---------------------------------------------------------|, |--------------------------------------------------------|, |--14b(16)--14--12--14--12--12-----------------------12--|, |------------------------------14~~~-----------12h14-----|, |----------------------------------15--15-----12h14--12--|, |-----------------------12--14--12---------14------------|, |--14--12---------12h14----------------------------------|, |----------14p12-----------------------------------------|, |--------------------------------------------10h12p10----|, |--12h15p12h15p12------12h15--15-s\-2-s/-12--------------|, |------------------14------------------------------------|, |--10h12p10h12-----12p10h12p10--10h12p10-----10h12--12b(15)~~--|, |---------------12------------------------12-------------------|, |--------------------------------------------------------------|, |--12b(15)-s\-1-s/-7---------12h15p12h15p12h15p12--12h15p12--|, |------------------------------------------------------------|, |-----------------------------------------------------------|, |--15p12h15p12h15p12h15-------------------------------------|, |------------------------12h14p12h14p12h14p12h14p12---------|, |----------------------------------------------------12h14--|, |----------------------------------------------|, |--------------15--------------------------15--|, |--12h14p12----14b(16)--HOLD-BEND---r(14)--14--|, |--12-Tbar\-(9)-/-(12)-\-(9)-/-(12)-\-(9)-/-(12)-\-(5)-/-(12)-\---|, |---------------------------15--17-Tbar-\-(16)-/-(17)-\-(16)-/----|, |--(9)-/-(12)-\-(7)-/-(12)----------------------------------------|, |--(17)-\-(16)-/-(17)---------------------------------|, |-----------------------15-shake with Tbar as before--|, |-----------------------------------------------------|, |-----------------------------------------------|, |--17-Tbar shake---------------------------PH---|, |------------------------14-Tbar shake-----16~--|, |----0----12--15b(18)--r(16)-r15--15--Tbar-\---(12)--\--(10)-s\---|, |--0----12--------------------------------------------------------|.

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