Higher torque versions are possible, although these would require larger diameter launch clutches. Regardless of what happens to the Antonov transmission, other manufactures may follow this route, and look at replacing torque converters with clutches, to gain a small advantage when it comes to CO2 performance. Czech Republic, Telephone Antonov nearly achieved this back in early 2005, when one of its designs was close to being approved by MG-Rover, but the subsequent collapse of MG-Rover put an end to that plan. The TX6 transmission also avoids the high capital investment, cost, complexity and development issues associated with dual clutch automated manual transmissions. Following four years of design, development and prototype build, the programme has now entered the pre-production phase. +420 581 764 086, Trnkova 3040 117e Although he is one of the most famous innovators within automobile construction, Antonov … +420 734 233 998, E-mail Czech Republic, Telephone In particular, Antonov has developed the 6-speed TX6 program, the current version of which has evolved from the unit developed for MG-Rover. 628 00 Brno Líšeň In reality, there is already one example of an automatic transmission with a clutch, in production, but this is found at the very top of the market - in the Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG. In the Antonov TX6, the torque converter has been replaced with a pair of wet clutches (one for forward gears and one for reverse), which are open when the vehicle is stationary, but closed when power needs to be transmitted to the wheels. What is most striking about the design is that it does not use a torque converter - a launch device which is used with almost every other planetary-based automatic. And the significance of this is that a clutch is more efficient in terms of fuel consumption, than a torque converter, which in turns leads to reduced CO2 emissions. Patents Assigned to Antonov Automotive Technologies, MULTIPLE-RATIO INDIVIDUAL-ACTIVATION TRANSMISSION DEVICE, Transmission Device For an Auxiliary or Accessory of a Variable-Speed Engine, an Engine Equipped Therewith and Uses Thereof, Motor vehicle gearbox, in particular with a double clutch, Transmission device for land vehicle, such as a cart, Transmission and method of shifting a transmission, Method for effecting a ratio shift, and transmission device for implementing same, Wet multi-disk coupling device, and an automatic transmission equipped therewith, Transmission device particularly for vehicles, and controlled methods associated therewith, Transmission device, more particularly for a vehicle, and a control method relating thereto, Multi-disc coupling device, an automatic transmission equipped therewith, and a manufacturing method therefor, Transmission with progressive starting device, particularly for vehicles. Antonov now runs his own business and his company 4 Stroke continues to propose innovative engines at different exhibitions in Paris. Although he is one of the most famous innovators within automobile construction, Antonov … It is true that many manufacturers are now using what is called converter ''lock-up'', where the two halves of the torque converter are locked together, under an increasing number of conditions (even sometimes in 1st gear). Other claimed benefits of the TX6 over conventional automatics include: - More flexibility of the ratios themselves (fewer interdependencies); - 3 direct drive gears (4th, 5th and 6th), for better efficiency; The current model has a target weight of 80kg and is rated up to 270N.m, although consideration is being given to a smaller version, rated at up to 150N.m. 752 01 Kojetín In this particular case, it is being used to compete with DCT technology, which Daimler is currently developing, but which is not yet production ready. http://www.newspress.co.uk/DAILY_LINKS/arc_feb_2009/56986ant.htm, http://www.just-auto.com/article.aspx?id=98942, Přerovská 561 For example, the official CO2 values for the new BMW Z4 show that the automatic version of the Z4 23i has 3.5% lower CO2 emissions than the manual version. Antonov, the developer of a novel type of automatic transmission, is edging ever closer to series production of its transmissions. This does improve the efficiency, but it also means that the converter is effectively redundant for most of the time. … Oct 20, 2013 - Rumen Antonov was born in 1944 in Sofia, Bulgaria. More recently, Antonov has been targeting the Chinese market, where many of the vehicle OEMs are desperate for affordable ''non-manual'' transmissions. Antonov, the developer of a novel type of automatic transmission, is edging ever closer to series production of its transmissions. Abstract: The transmission device (1) comprises two power paths (8a, 8b) mounted in parallel, permanently connected to the upper shaft (2) of the engine (3) and the lower shaft (4) to control the … Antonov nearly achieved this back in early 2005, when one of its …

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