To acquire such keys, there are five steps: 1. The heart of Asymmetric Encryption lies in finding two mathematically linked values which can serve as our Public and Private keys. The RSA algorithm involves four steps: key generation, key distribution, encryption, and decryption. 1. 2.RSA scheme is block cipher in which the plaintext and ciphertext are integers between 0 and n-1 for same n. 3.Typical size of n is 1024 bits. 4.Description of Algorithm: For example, 5 is a prime number (any other number besides 1 and 5 will result in a remainder after division) while 10 is not a prime 1. A prime is a number that can only be divided without a remainder by itself and 1. i.e n<2. 1.Most widely accepted and implemented general purpose approach to public key encryption developed by Rivest-Shamir and Adleman (RSA) at MIT university. Select two Prime Numbers: P and Q This really is as easy as it sounds. Calculate the Product: (P*Q) We then simply … numbers are very important to the RSA algorithm. For the purpose of our example, we will use the numbers 7 and 19, and we will refer to them as P and Q. As such, the bulk of the work lies in the generation of such keys. Select two prime numbers to begin the key generation.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.