Between 12–16 May, the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) organised the 2014 edition of the annual scientific conference "Romanian Space Week" (RSW 2014). A joint venture agreement was concluded with the Institute of Space Science in Bucharest. The Romanian Space Agency is one of the pillars in aero-spatial research activity in Romania. Conrad Haas — builder of the multistage rocket with delta stabilizing, Sibiu, 1529, Traian Vuia — designer and constructor of the first autonomous flying machine in 1906, Elie Carafoli — important contributions to aerodynamics and Space Sciences, President of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) between 1968-1970, ROKEO – Romanian Centered Knowledge Earth Observation, LEOWorks – Image processing/GIS software for educational purposes, ECSTRA – Energy Conversion and Transfer in the Solar Wind – Magnetosphere – Ionosphere System (within ESA’s CLUSTER mission), Planck-LFI_SED – Scientific exploitation of the Planck-LFI data (within the PLANCK mission), CFS – Growth and survival of coloured fungi in space (within ISS SURE), KEEV – Kinetic and Experimental investigation of the Earth’s and Venus’s plasma layers (within the VENUS EXPRESS mission), RoSpaceGRID – Romanian GRID middleware repository for Space Science Applications (wihin ESA-Grid), CoRoT – Romanian participation to the CoRoT mission, ICRF – Improving relative positions of reference stars around ICRF radio-sources (within the GAIA mission), SOHO – Romanian contributions to the Sun-Heliosphere Studies (within the SOHO mission), May 2012 – The first call for proposals under the Romanian Industry Incentive Scheme, May 2013 – The second call for proposals under the Romanian Industry Incentive Scheme, November 2014 – The third call for proposals under the Romanian Industry Incentive Scheme. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The deadline for submitting the applications is 26 October 2020. The microsatellite is a cube with sides of 10 inches and a weight of one kilogram. Romania is known as one of the countries with aerospace tradition, which possess the necessary qualities to support efforts in this direction, over time Romanian researchers contributing to more than 30 scientific and technological space missions. 185/16.04.2013 privind organizarea și funcționarea Ministerului Educației Naționale, cu modificările și completările ulterioare",,,,,,,,,, "Primul satelit românesc, lansat cu succes în spațiu",,,,,,,,,,,,, "PLEIADES: O nouă dimensiune a imageriei satelitare",,,, Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy, Planetary Defence Conference 9-12 May 2011 Bucharest, Timeline of first orbital launches by country, Leadership of national program of CD-I AEROSPACE, Leadership of national program of CD-I SECURITY, CEEX (11 projects coordinated and 7 as a partner), INFOSOC (2 projects coordinated and 1 as a partner), AMTRANS (1 project coordinated and 1 as a partner), PNCDI-I (10 projects coordinated and 8 as a partner), PNCDI-II (10 projects coordinated and 10 as a partner), 6th Framework Program of the European Commission CD-I (5), Food and Agricultural organizational programs (2), Bilateral and multilateral collaborations (10), Participation in consortia, networks, technology platforms, COSPAR (Committee for Space Research International Council of Science) (1994) - Romanian secretariat, European Space Agency (ESA) - representative of Romania (1993 -), United Nations Regional Network for Space Sciences and Technology (1997), ESA: ESA European Cooperating State - 2006 and PECS 2007-2011, Italy: Agreement of scientific co-operation signed with the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) in 2003, NASA: Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Entertainment for the (AMS) on the ISS, Azerbaijan: Co-operation agreement signed in 2003 with the, Bulgaria: Agreement of co-operation in the exploration and peaceful uses of outer space in 1997 signed with the Bulgarian Aerospace Agency, Eastern countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic, Turkey) Contribution to the Regional Network for Research and Education in Space Science and Technology (under the auspices of the United Nations), Hungary: Agreement of space co-operation signed in 1998 with the Hungarian Space Office, Italy: Agreement of co-operation signed in 1998 with the Italian Space Agency, Acting under the Authority of the Romanian Government -, Executive president for the Inter-Ministerial Board on Security Research (2004) and Inter-agency INSPIRE Group of experts, Contract authority and PMU for the national RTD Programs on Space, Aeronautics, Security (1995-2008), National Certification Authority for GRID information infrastructures (2006), Certified security and classification organizational structure wAuthorized to establish research and development Centers oriented on specific objectives of the Romanian RTD Plan, European Space Agency (ESA) – by Laws 40/1993 and 01/2007 (1992 – p), United Nations – Committee on the Peaceful uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) – by mandate from the Foreign Ministry (1994 – p), Consultant for the EU Space Council / European Space Policy, EC – FP7 – SPACE PC, SECURITY RESEARCH PC, TRANSPORTS PC (Aeronautics and Galileo), EC – GNSS Supervisory Authority (GSA), GMES Advisory Council (GAC) (2007), INSPIRE – by mandate from the Ministry of Education and Research (2005 – p), COSPAR – ICSU – National secretariat (1994 - ), NATO – Scientific Committee “Science for Peace and Security” (2004 – p), NATO - RTO – Space ST Advisory Group (SSTAG) (2005 – p).

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