Romanian Desserts Recipes 584,680 Recipes. What’s not to love? It means"worker in a manor house". Category page. Gica Popescu, possessor of a great football talent and one of the most common Romanian surnames. Papanași is a boiled or fried donut, stuffed with soft white cheese or cottage cheese and topped with sour cream and a fruit compote. Yes No No Preference. Albu : Romanian surname. Wiki Activity; Random page; Videos; Images; in: Recipes by Course. Gabor : Romanian. Romanian surnames Radu and Stoica. Stoica : Romanian surname. superfine granulated sugar 1 1/2 cups of milk 2 tsp butter,melted,for batter 1 tbsp. 584,680 suggested recipes. Pin it for later. It means"son of Constantin.". Your taste buds will thank you! There are some traditional Romanian desserts that you can try everywhere in the country. If you’re wondering what do they eat in Romania after dinner, or the main course, this is it. (2000-2017). Derived from the ancient Greek name"Loucas", meaning"man from Lucania"formerly a region of Italy. (2014). It means"son of a person with black hair". A local version is “clatita brasoveana” (crepes from Brasov), filled with sweet cheese and raisins and cooked in the oven. Try one of the most famous pies or pastries in Romania: the cheese pie Dobrogeana. © 2020 Uncover Romania. 1. Examples, Amariei meaning"of Mary", Aelenei"of Elena". I killed : Romanian surname whose origin is associated with the name Mateo. Many Romanians in France changed this end of their surnames to -esco, because the way in which it is pronounced in French is better approximated to the Romanian pronunciation of -scu. Ciocolată făcută în casă din lapte praf, unt, zahăr, apă cacao. Living room : Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Romanian. Radu : Romanian surname. One of the best known Romanian desserts are papanasii(usually they are 2). It means"Son of Olaru", Cosmescu : Romanian surname. Ioveanu : Romanian surname. Iliescu : Romanian. It’s that time of the year when people all around the country are baking this delicious dessert which is traditionally served during Christmas or Easter – it’s called cozonac, and it’s one of the most delicious brioche-like sweet breads that you’ll ever taste! Romanian Food: Papanasi. In Romania, we have lots and lots of desserts made with a dough that’s similar (or maybe identical) to brioche – extra fluffy, with dry or fresh yeast in its composition.... Semolina pudding is a traditional Romanian dessert that’s extremely easy to make and very popular in our country. Ciocolată de casă cu lapte praf. (1980-2017). Of"alb"which in Romanian means"white". More baking, of course! But its smell is the smell of Christmas in many Romanian houses. A delicious summer dessert, the apricot jam is one of the least sweet jams, but definitely one of the best summer desserts. The mixture is given the shape of a doughnut, passed through bread crumbs and fried. We make it at home very often, since it’s a light dessert, comforting and with only 4 tablespoons of sugar per 1 liter of milk. They are not very healthy, but they are delicious. Invented in the oldest cake shop in Bucharest (Casa Capsa), this Romanian chocolate cake takes its name from the French Marshal Joseph Jacques Cesaire Joffre. It means"son of Ilie". These Romanian donuts can be boiled(the healthy option) or fried(the yummy option), but they are always made of cream cheese, flour, and eggs. Learn to cook authentic Romanian food recipes easy to prepare Romanian Food Recipes. Romania has been occupied throughout history by the Greeks, Romans, Turks and Austro-Hungarian Empire. Derived from Romanian"alb"which means"white". There are many versions of this surname in the Middle Ages associated with the saint and martyr St. Stephen. cornstarch, condensed milk, ladyfingers, eggs, almonds, milk and 2 more . People in Transylvania are eating other things than the ones in Bucovina and are even using different spices when they cook. Lupei : Romanian. Chocolate salami is a no-bake dessert, a combination of cookies and chocolate. Roşu : Romanian. "Gros"means thick and"grosul", the thickness. Possibly of the Rumanian Gabor, which is a working class of gypsies. Since the plum jam I recently made turned out so good, I really wanted to do something different with it, rather than... During summer, I’m really not into making complicated cakes that take a long time to prepare and bake. From Romanian vãduvã meaning"widow". Variant of Ionescu. Derived from the name Adam. Andrei : Surname Romanian, Russian, French. Are present in other languages derived from Latin. One of the best known Romanian desserts are papanasii(usually they are 2). They are pretty difficult to make and if you don’t like them when you first try them, try ordering them some place else: if they get them right, they are a delight for your senses! Tag / traditional Romanian desserts. Antonescu : Romanian. Fast Dessert Marmita. It means"son of Grigore". If... I’ve seen that this year I simply got a thing for plum desserts. It means"son of Dimitru". Derived from the Slavic word pop. Olarescu : Romanian surname. Photo. You can eat it as a dessert or as a snack with hot milk. Nameslist Editors. Derived from the name Dumitro. Vasile : Romanian. sliced almonds, eggs, dulce de … Vasilescu : Romanian. Follow my blog with Bloglovin It means"Child of Flower". Radu was the name of a thirteenth-century ruler of Wallachia. Romanian cuisine has influences from the people around and when you visit the country you will see that even the main regions of Romania have different dishes because their history is different. Donuts have a long and complicated history. It’s that time of the year when people all around the country are baking this delicious dessert which is traditionally served during Christmas or Easter – it’s called cozonac, and it’s one of the most delicious brioche-like sweet breads that you’ll ever taste! A handful of ingredients and minimal preparation. The donuts may be either stuffed or not. Unlike French crepes they do not get dry and they can be kept in the refrigerator and reheated. Prepared all over Romania, Plăcintă cu mere, or sweet apple pie is made using an old recipe, and for many Romanians is the dessert of their childhood. Below, I will present a list of 28 foods that are considered traditional or at least specific to various regions in Romania. But before you decide, it is important to taste: The Romanian sweet bread called cozonac is a Christmas or Easter cake. Explore. Acoperiti cu smantana dulce si cu dulceata preferata, vor deveni preferatii tuturor! You need to enter a valid Mailchimp API key. Traditional Romanian fried doughnuts – papanasi (papanash) - made with cottage cheese and topped with smetana and jam.

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