Romania has the most beautiful waterfall in the world. Australia has six states. a) Germany b) Poland c) Italy d) USSR, 8) Which sea is to the east of Romania? RELATED ARTICLES MORE FROM AUTHOR. The capital of this region is the city of Iasi. 5. EXAMPLE: Bună dimineaţa. Romania is the ninth largest wine producer in the world. I believe you have a room for me. 4. EXAMPLE: Asia is 17,212,000 square miles. Un joc de inteligenta, care antreneaza mintea copiilor si ne ajuta sa ne aducem aminte de ceea ce am invatat la scoala, sa verificam nivelul cunostintelor dobandite. It is unique because of its stunning beauty and the way the water falls. cursul, 4. zbor Nu am nimic de declarat.

Intrebari unice, din mai multe domenii, propuse de cei care iubesc jocul de trivia online in limba romana si vor sa se intreaca cu alti romani. At the next intersection, take a right.
This Romanian region is known for its interesting and unique monasteries and churches painted with colorful frescos. What are the three colors in the flag of Romania and what means them ?

locuri, 2. There’s one in the east, though ! Este cunoscută îndeosebi sub forma boților de trivia ce rulează pe o mulțime de canale de chat. What sea borders the countries Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania? California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. 0. Which Romanian boy band had a big hit in 2004 with their song "Dragostea din Tei" (known as: "Numa, numa" or "Maya Ee"? What is the biggest river that crosses Romania, the second of the whole Europe and the only on Earth that passes through 10 countries ? peşte, 1. Bot de trivia - program ce conține un set de întrebări pe care le pune aleatoriu la un anumit interval de timp și acordă celor care dau raspunsul corect puncte. Am făcut-o săptămâna trecută.
PART I: Fill in the Blank

Trivia online in limba romana este cel mai bun mod de verifica cunostintele generale. What is the name of the city? Pe mine m-au atras numarul de intrebari si raspunsuri unice si diferite de alte jocuri de trivia online in romana. Iti verifici cunostintele generale acumulate pana in prezent.

a) Mihai I b) Carol I c) Ferdinand I d) Carol II, 10) When was the present constitution of Romania adopted?

Am crezut că era cam unsprezece şi jumătate. Which city was the first capital of Tara Romaneasca? 3. Open-ended questions; Closed-ended questions; You are here: Home / 200 Questions to get to know someone. bilet, 5. These online quizzes are based on the Romanian content in the Transparent Language's Languages of the World program. What is the name of the city? Introductory Price: Rs. Avand intrebari de la fauna, geografia si istoria Romaniei pana la actori romani sau americani face ca jocul nostru sa fie unul dintre cele mai iubite jocuri in romana. What family of languages does Romanian belong to? This city, which used to be called Hermanstadt under the Austro-Hungarian administration, is the city where Samuel von Hahnemann, in 1797, established his first homeopathic laboratory. download. d) Nadia Comaneci 2) Who was the dictator of Romania from 1967 to 1989? Check the numeral that matches the Romanian word.

Find the Food in Romanian. Which Romanian boy band had a big hit in 2004 with their song "Dragostea din Tei" (known as: "Numa, numa" or "Maya Ee")? d) Nadia Comaneci, 2) Who was the dictator of Romania from 1967 to 1989? Bună dimineaţa. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible.Complete quiz index can be found here: Romania Quizzes There are 28 questions on this topic. Select the English translation for each Romanian sentence. b) Carol I, 10) When was the present constitution of Romania adopted? Check the numeral that matches the Romanian word. Who is considered the Protector of Moldavia and Bucovina, being the most popular of all the Saints whose relics are in Romania ? 1. patru 4 40 60. They are: Mizaru (See no evil), Mikazaru (Kikazaru – Hear no evil), and Mazaru (Iwazaru – Speak no evil). To Pot să am un loc la geam? 4. douăzeci 12 20 2. What is the name of the city? 1. Doresc să încasez nişte cecuri de călătorie. Who was Prince of Moldavia between 1457 and 1504 and famous in Europe for his long resistance against the Ottomans ? What is the second largest city (population wise) in Romania? The mass transit network in Bucharest is the fourth largest in Europe. Before World War I it belonged to which country? Fiind un joc de trivia in limba romana am vrut sa propunem cat mai multe intrebari legate de Romania si o serie de intrebari legate de aceasta minunata tara. 1. Unele opinii si pareri despre site-ul de chat trivia online in limba romana: Komodo7. What is the largest religious denomination in Romania?

Name one of them. What is the actual name of the city? Who is romanian gymnast, born in the region of Moldavia, performing the floor exercise at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal and wasfirst in obtaining the perfect score, 10 ?

b) Nicole Ceausescu 3) Which is the currency of Romania? 15 Songs About Loving Someone You Can’t Have. Twitter. He was victorious in 34 of his 36 battles? I have one thing to declare. 60. Play our Romania quiz games now! a) Ion Tiriac b) Cornel Otelea c) Mihai Leu d) Nadia Comaneci, 2) Who was the dictator of Romania from 1967 to 1989? 39,691 PLAYS. De cand am descoperit acest site unde se poate juca trivia online, intru zilnic deoarece cred ca e cel mai bun chat trivia.

What did you say? Ce recomandaţi? 2. Next, you want to go to visit a medieval castle. Bucharest. Ce mai faceţi?

paturi 1859. Jocul trivia online este un joc de cultura generala cu intrebari si raspunsuri din mai multe domenii. Pick the Romanian word that matches the English word. What is the name for the dish that is traditionally made of minced meat and rice, rolled in white cabbage leaves? a) Petru Groza b) Nicole Ceausescu c) Enver Hoxha d) Chivu Stoica, 3) Which is the currency of Romania? What do you recommend?

Select the Romanian translation for the English sentence shown. Good morning. noapte, 3. I wish I could speak Romanian. Unele opinii si pareri despre site-ul de chat trivia online in limba romana: Imi place acest joc de trivia in limba romana deoarece are intrebari si raspusuri diferite de celelalte jocuri de trivia. start over press the Reset button.

2. What is the approximate population of Bucharest (official EU 2015 estimate)? Am o rezervare. Germany has a population of 80,159,662. 3. We were going to call this Anything by Transylvania, but we didn't want to anger the vampires. paşaportul Reporting on what you care about. Top 15 Graduation Songs For Every School Leaving Celebration.

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