Bass guitar functionality was added to the North American version of the game via downloadable content on August 14, 2012. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products. All CDLC arrangements must have DDC for Rocksmith 2014 Remastered Play Count to function properly. For more information, see our Privacy Statement. Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Remastered, available now, will include six bonus songs: Available now at major retailers including: — National Study by Research Strategy Group Inc.*, SUPPORT: | FAQ | Return Information. Rocksmithsupports a DLCstore where users may purchase new songs, in-game pedals, … This project is not affiliated with Ubisoft® and/or the Rocksmith™ team. Find out the latest news, and ask questions to further your journey! • Added friendly named ogg files to unpacked project and artifact folders. iirc some customs I’ve been happy with are Maximum The Hormone, Every Time I Die, and Protest The Hero (except for the ones on Volition - poor sync). The CDLC author's or existing DDC is never overwritten. Uploading of software files, music, or other copyrighted content without express consent of the copyright holder is strictly forbidden. Audiosmith for Rocksmith ® 2014 - New Audio Tool for CDLC. even super low tunings that are meant for a 7-strings will be charted for 6 by either ignoring the least used extra string or adjusting a tab for a 6-string. You signed in with another tab or window. Version (Stable Unsupported Legacy Build). Rocksmith Remastered - The Fastest Way to Learn Guitar™ since this release. Sorry that didn't help. NEW FEATURE - Listen to audio files before and after transcoding. Selection is based on the actual ‘wem file id’ data from the bnk file. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, • Improved and simplified the RS1 to RS2014 conversion process (convert those old RS1 CDLC to compatible Rocksmith 2014 Remastered CDLC with two clicks). This means BT4G is the entirely legal system. For PC users, the tool is currently available from Steam on this page. We'll have more to reveal in the coming months -- sign up now to receive news & updates! Start the game and you will be asked if you have played Rocksmith… I have an old PC. Start the game and you will be asked if you have played Rocksmith, select 'Yes' (as below).2. Want to play the songs you love? Custom songs are fully functional on all platforms (PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3) for Rocksmith™ and Rocksmith™ 2014 Remastered. Once at the Main Menu select 'Shop'.3. Now that we've concluded our DLC releases for Rocksmith Remastered, we're shifting our focus to something new! they're used to log you in. Also check this out All Rights Reserved. • Added automatic RS2014 to RS1 CDLC Converter. *Research Strategy Group Inc. – March 2013 – US nationwide in-home placement study, UBISOFT PRIVACY POLICY | UBISOFT TERMS OF USE | INTEREST BASED ADVERTISING | DO NOT SELL MY PERSONAL INFORMATION, Mild Fantasy Violence,Mild Lyrics,Music Downloads,Not Rated by the ESRB, Community Guest: Doug & Dan - Developer Twitch Stream Today, Community Guest: Akshay- Developer Twitch Stream Today, Community Guest: Audrey and Kate - Developer Twitch Stream Today. If desired, existing DDC may be removed or overwritten using the main DDC tab menu feature. Rocksmith supports a DLC store where users may purchase new songs, in-game pedals, and in-game amplifiers. After logging in to CustomsForge, you'll be able to access Ignition, a handy search tool for Rocksmith CDLC that allows you to browse songs by artist, album, tuning, and more. There was an error processing your request. Plug any real guitar or bass into your console or PC, have fun & really learn to play! 1_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Faith No More_A Small Victory_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Faith No More_Anne's Song_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Faith No More_Malpractice_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Faith No More_The Real thing_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Falling In Reverse_Fashionably Late_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Falling in Reverse_I'm not a Vampire_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Fatboy Slim_Weapon Of Choice_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Fear Factory_Demanufacture_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Five Finger Death Punch_Bulletproof_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Five Finger Death Punch_Meet The Monster_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Flight of the Conchords_The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Foo Fighters_All My Life_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Foreigner_I Want to Know What Love Is_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Foreigner_Waiting for a Girl Like You_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Franz Ferdinand_Come On Home_1_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Franz Ferdinand_This Fire_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Franz Ferdinand_You're The Reason I'm Leaving_1_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Funeral For A Friend_Vultures_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Funeral For A Friend_Waterfront Danceclub_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Game Of Thrones_The Rains of Castamere_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Garbage_Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Gary Moore & Phil Lynott_Out In The Fields_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Gary Moore_Parisienne walkways_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Gary Moore_The Prophet_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Gary Moore_Walking By Myself_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Gentle Giant_Think Of Me With Kindness_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Ghinzu_21st Century Crooners_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Gojira_L'enfant Sauvage_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Gojira_The Gift of Guilt_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Gojira_The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Gorillaz_Clint Eastwood_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Gorillaz_Feel Good Inc._NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Gorillaz_On Melancholy Hill_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Graveyard_Thin Line_1.0.aludog_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Green Day_Are We The Waiting_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Green Day_Good Riddance_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Green Day_Stay The Night_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Green Day_Working Class Hero_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Guns N' Roses_November Rain_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Guns n' Roses_Sweet Child O Mine_2_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Halestorm_It's Not You_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Hammerfall_Any Means Necessary_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Hammerfall_Hearts On Fire_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Hammerfall_Templars Of Steel_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Hans Zimmer_He's a Pirate_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Hayatebune_Pirates of the Caribbean meets Rock_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Heaven Shall Burn_Hunters Will Be Hunted_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR_Ichirin no Hana_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Hot Action Cop_Fever For The Flava_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Houkago Tea Time_Don't say lazy_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Houkago Tea Time_Fuwa Fuwa Time_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Huey Lewis & The News_The Power of love_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Idlewild_Actually It's Darkness_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/In Flames_Cloud Connected_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/In Flames_Reflect The Storm_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/In Flames_Reroute to Remain_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Insomnium_Drawn to Black_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Insomnium_The New Beginning_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Insomnium_Through The Shadows_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Iron Maiden_Afraid To Shoot Strangers_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Iron Maiden_Be Quick or Be Dead_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Iron Maiden_Flight of Icarus_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Iron Maiden_The Evil That Men Do_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Jack Johnson_Better Together_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Jack Johnson_Sitting, Waiting, Wishing_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Jack White & Alicia Keys_Another Way To Die_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Jamie Christopherson_A Stranger I Remain (Maniac Agenda Mix)_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Jamiroquai_Too Young To Die_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Jane's Addiction_Three Days_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Jean-Jacques Goldman_Encore Un Matin_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Jeff Williams_This Will Be The Day_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Jimi Hendrix_Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Jimi Hendrix_The Star Spangled Banner (Live)_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Joe Satriani_Down, Down, Down_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Joe Satriani_I Believe_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Joe Satriani_Love Thing_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Joe Satriani_Mountain Song_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Joe Satriani_Starry Night _NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Joey Ramone_What a wonderful world_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/John 5_Welcome to the jungle_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/John Loeffler_Pokemon TV Theme_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Jonathan Davis - Queen Of The Damned - Slept So Long_p_.psarc, CDLC/Jonathan Davis_Slept So Long_1_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Journey_Don't Stop Believin'_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Joy Division_New Dawn Fades_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Judas Priest_Night Crawler_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Judas Priest_Rock Hard Ride Free-Judas Priest_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Judas Priest_The Ripper_1.2.aludog_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/King Diamond_Black Horsemen_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/King Diamond_Peace of Mind [Instrumental]_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/King Diamond_The Trial (Chambre Ardente)_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/King Diamond_Welcome Home_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Kool & the Gang_Celebration_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Kyuss_50 Million Year Trip_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Lacuna Coil_Falling Again_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Lady Antebellum_Need you Now_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Led Zeppelin II_Whole Lotta Love_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Led Zeppelin_Achilles Last Stand_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Led Zeppelin_Babe I'm Gonna Leave You_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Led Zeppelin_Dazed And Confused_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Led Zeppelin_Good Times Bad Times_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Led Zeppelin_Houses Of The Holy_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Led Zeppelin_Rock And Roll_5.2_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Led Zeppelin_Since I've Been Loving You_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Led Zeppelin_You Shook Me_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Led Zeppelin_Your Time is Gonna Come_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Legend of Zelda_Lost Woods_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Leonard Cohen_The Butcher_1.0.aludog_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Letters To Cleo_I Want You To Want Me_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Limp Bizkit_Build A Bridge_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Limp Bizkit_Take A Look Around_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit_p (1).psarc, CDLC/Linkin Park_A Place for My Head_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Linkin Park_Burning In The Skies_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Linkin Park_From The Inside_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Linkin Park_Hit The Floor_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Linkin Park_Iridescent_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Linkin Park_P5hng Me Away_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Linkin Park_Points of Authority_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Linkin Park_Pushing Me Away_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Linkin Park_Somewhere I Belong_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Linkin Park_The Messenger_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Linkin Park_Valentine's Day_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Lordi_Would You Love A Monsterman_1_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Lostprophets_Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Lou Reed_Walk on the Wild Side_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Louis Armstrong_What A Wonderful World_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Lustra_Scotty Doesn't Know_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Marilyn Manson_A Place In The Dirt_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Marilyn Manson_Angel with the scabbed wings_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Marilyn Manson_Antichrist Superstar_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Marilyn Manson_Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-geddon_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Marilyn Manson_Born Again_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Marilyn Manson_Born Villain_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Marilyn Manson_Children of Cain_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Marilyn Manson_I Put A Spell On You_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Marilyn Manson_In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Marilyn Manson_Lamb Of God_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Marilyn Manson_Long Hard Road out of Hell_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Marilyn Manson_Pretty As A Swastika_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Marilyn Manson_Putting Holes In Happiness_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Marilyn Manson_Rock is Dead_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Marilyn Manson_Running To The Edge Of The World_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Marilyn Manson_Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Marilyn Manson_The Death Song_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Marilyn Manson_The Dope Show_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Marilyn Manson_The Nobodies_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Marilyn Manson_This is the new shit_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Mark Knopfler_Prairie Wedding_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Mark Knopfler_Sailing to Philadelphia_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Mark Snow_The X-Files Theme_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/MC Hammer_U Can't Touch This_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Me First And The Gimme Gimmes_Phantom Of The Opera_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Megadeth_Addicted to Chaos_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Mercyful Fate_Room of Golden Air_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Metallica_(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Metallica_Disposable Heroes_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Metallica_Ecstasy of Gold_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Metallica_Fight Fire With Fire_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Metallica_Holier than thou_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Metallica_Just a Bullet Away_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Metallica_Master of Puppets_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Metallica_My friend of Misery_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Metallica_Nothing Else Matters_1_p.psarc, CDLC/Metallica_Of wolf and man_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Metallica_Rebel Of Babylon_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Metallica_That Was Just Your Life_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Metallica_The Four Horsemen_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Metallica_The Struggle Within_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Metallica_The Thing That Should Not Be_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Metallica_Through the never_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Metallica_Trapped Under Ice_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Metallica_Welcome Home (Sanitarium)_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Metallica_When a Blind Man Cries_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Metallica_Whiskey in the Jar_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Michael Jackson_They Don't Care About Us_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Michiru Yamane_Dracula's Castle_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Midnight Oil_Beds Are Burning_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Mike Oldfield_Let There Be Light_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Mindless Self Indulgence_Shut Me Up_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Mindless Self Indulgence_What do they know_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Minibosses_Super Mario Bros 2_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Misfits_Where Eagles Dare_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Molotov_Amateur (Rock Me Amadeus)_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Monty Python_Every Sperm Is Sacred_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Motionless In White_Abigail_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Motley Crue_Smokin' In The Boys Room_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Mudvayne_World So Cold_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Murderdolls_White Wedding_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Muse_Butterflies and Hurricanes_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/My Chemical Romance_I Dont Love You_1_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/My Morning Jacket_One Big Holiday_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Nana Kitade _Kesenai Tsumi_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Nanase Aikawa_Koigokoro_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Nancy Sinatra_These Boots Are Made For Walkin'_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Natalie Imbruglia_Torn_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Necrophagist_Fermented Offal Discharge_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Neil Young_The Needle And The Damage Done_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Nerf Herder_Buffy the Vampire Slayer Theme_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Neutral Milk Hotel_In the Aeroplane Over the Sea_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds_Stagger Lee_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Nightwish_Come Cover Me_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Nightwish_Dark Chest Of Wonders_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Nightwish_Dead to the World_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Nightwish_Ghost Love Score_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Nightwish_I Want My Tears Back_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Nightwish_Master Passion Greed_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Nightwish_Passion And The Opera_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Nightwish_Wish I Had An Angel_NA_DD_p.psarc, CDLC/Nine Inch Nails - The Day the World Went Away_p.psarc.psarc, CDLC/Nine Inch Nails_Discipline_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Nine Inch Nails_HYPERPOWER!_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Nine Inch Nails_Into the Void_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Nine Inch Nails_Just Like You Imagined_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Nine Inch Nails_March of the Pigs_NA_p.psarc, CDLC/Nine Inch Nails_Mr.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.