While we are a franchise business at our core, we have strict guidelines around look and feel and training as well as control of sound and visuals. The Boogie Nights superstar’s investment makes him a minority stakeholder and F45 will use the money to fuel its global expansion, taking a special interest in the US. Whether you like it or not, Orangetheory and Barry’s Bootcamp won’t be around in ten years. I just mentioned the F45 family and to us it is everything from our franchisees to the feeling you get as a member walking into a studio. That’s why we’ve picked the equipment plan that we’ve got.”. What kind of work goes into this? I don’t know what genre this is? We have a full time global fitness team of four who are constantly developing new workouts. They’re tracking to register 1150 studios internationally by the end of the year. We asked the man who helped get the world a little fitter how he keeps healthy on long-haul flights “The face? “The philosophy always has been ‘team training, life changing’,” Deutsch tells BW Magazine. There’s another huge selling point that sets F45 apart from the rest which Paige and Rob touch on: the music. We want to make it as easy and fun to get the results. That really helped me,” says Clark. Photo: iStock We know there is only one. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. If you get a client and show them results quick, they’re a client for life. Gilchrist owns no property in his name, but acquisitions in his wife’s name and in a company name solely owned and directed by him total more than $45 million in the past I feel like they’re more fit than a lot of other places” says Hathaway. “I just got to the point where I didn’t want to dress up, none of my clothes fit me, I felt really frumpy so I thought, ‘I’ll go to F45 for a four week trial,’ but then I just got hooked. IT’S the fitness phenomenon that has inspired celebrities, changed the way many Australians work out and launched a business empire. What do you hope to achieve through F45x? But there’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ workout here. We hope that every F45 member training weekly in our studios feels like they are part of a family and the same goes for the owners and trainers. My skin has cleared up, and my attitude has shifted. We organise events, catch ups and brunches and some people are doing Tough Mudder together. “I’m a real fat bastard, so you don’t have to ask me about cheat meals. So what that brings is not just the friendship but also comradery. How did you initially fund the beginning stages of the business? “That’s really important to us. In just six years it’s become one of the greatest franchises and, now, exports, the Australian fitness (and dare I say business) community has ever seen. What keeps you motivated!? The reason is we’ve got a lot more weights in our system, a lot more resistance in our system and the males have seen how good results the other males are getting, so our male participation is actually far higher than most group training. Where will they be located and how many F45Xs are being launched at this point? Treadmills and rowers – they are fads. That said, it is still performing well. Most people think we are US founded company because of our branding and brand ethos. Well done on your new launch. A major area of growth will be in American universities, with 14 franchise deals signed at sites such as Stanford and the University of Southern California. You form a relationship with them and they give you a lot of advice and encouragement. People often speak of the F45 family. They are amazing, and the people I train with… we call it the F45 family. I like that, have you started saying that?” teases Paige, who’s sitting cross-legged in an armchair, decked out in … We already have members in the Masters category that can choose to shift into the X program if they wish and we will be recruiting adolescent members for the first time with a specially built program. We all get better results when we behave like a family with love, passion, support and a good dose of honesty. 67.4k Followers, 77 Following, 47 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Rob Deutsch (@f45rob) Deutsch is the brains, and brawn, of gym chain F45. “We’re just opening in Pakistan, Namibia, Uzbekistan – it’s a pool of random places, so the goal is obviously to get Paige to come round the world with us, do tours, do festivals, do a whole host of stuff with us. “You literally go at your own accord and … It feels like everyone you talk to has signed up to F45, which, given it’s the fastest-growing gym franchise in Australia, might not be much of an exaggeration. ClassPass becomes Unicorn: Unicorn startup raises USD$285 million Series E investment. The process starts slowly but gets one per cent easier with every franchise. 12RND Fitness so successful it expands overseas, Top10 Dynamic Entrepreneurs: Aaron Smith of KX Pilates talks about tough entrepreneurial times, Unicorn startup raises USD$285 million Series E investment. How do you deal with competitors such as cross fit? Among the brand’s ambassadors or outlet owners are former Test cricketer Brett Lee, radio and TV personality Maz Compton, rugby union stars Adam Ashley Cooper and Nathan Sharpe, and NRL stars Nate Myles and Roy Asotasi. The system uses time as the training variable, not repetitions. Sign up, Join the conversation, you are commenting as Logout. Among Australians 65 and over, 75 per cent were not sufficiently active and with 60 and over now being the world’s fastest growing age demographic, people aren’t just living longer, but looking to live better. He actually has the big one and I have the small one.”. © Copyrights 2020 by Dynamic Business - All rights reserved. View Rob Deutsch’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Rob knows this, and used it to his advantage when designing his business. An F45 team session. We’ve got New Caledonia already done. “Prodigy has been designed to deliver physical results and improve focus and concentration in young adults. I like that, have you started saying that?” teases Paige, who’s sitting cross-legged in an armchair, decked out in F45 training gear and an oversized hoodie. I also knew that when I played team sport I felt accountable and that I needed to turn up so I didn’t disappoint my mates. “We could never have done this without Paige” Rob quickly shoots back sarcastically. Just ask Celine Schneller, a convert who worships at the altar of F45 Training Atarmon. It’s different every single time” confirms Paige. “Paige’s just joined as the face” he enthusiastically proffers, though the friendly banter between the two suggests they’ve been friends for a long time. So if someone is doing push-ups, they have 45 seconds to do as many push-ups as they are able. “It’s all very fresh and innovative,” Deutsch continues. A BrewArt Automated Brewing System Valued at $1,650! An F45 franchise sells for a fee of $US50,000 ($63,000) plus an additional $US100,000 for a world pack that includes all equipment and fitout and a monthly royalty fee. It’s very hard to argue with Rob’s logic, even without taking the huge success his brand has enjoyed into consideration. We have F45 Captains, that champion the brand DNA across the network and we hold events like our franchisee conference to ensure we remain a family. WHAT KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED? “The best fitness influencer in the world has a f*cking pizza on her arm.”, After howls of laughter, Paige is quick to clarify. “The face? I think you need to make it super fun, super innovative for guys, a lot of technology, which is what we do, and you’ve just got to make sure the results are there” Rob continues. This week we launched a shoe collaboration with Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL). I was actually surprised with how much weight I lost over the course of the program, because I didn’t 100 percent follow the nutrition guide. In three years’ time and five years’ time, guess what they’ll be doing? “We don’t want to be a fad and how we do that is by not thinking of ourselves as any one particular style of training – like a spin class or a boxing class or yoga. There’s no denying Australia’s love affair with working out. TV presenter and radio host Maz Compton bought into the F45 phenomenon after a free trial at one of the gyms. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. What made you introduce F45X? Baby boomers now in their 60s are our first Australians to have Superannuation and have much more disposable income than the generation prior. In the US I think it helps to actually be a US brand, so all the Americanised workouts and branding, and the red, white and blue, is specifically done so it will look like a US brand in the US” says Deutsch, relaxed in his seat at Bondi’s Icebergs Restaurant. It’s easy – and perhaps overly simplistic – to credit the popularity of F45 with its communal element (even though we are all social creatures, after all) but the real reason people can’t get enough? “F45 studios are very much community based, you train with 26 other people in your team. There were no cheat days for Alyssa Clark, who trains at F45 Peakhurst, and has also just finished an eight-week challenge. Friendly rivalry keeps you on your toes and drives you more so it’s very healthy in my opinion. It wasn’t planned but celebrities have become a major part of the business’s success. It’s this and our science-backed programs that bring the results.”. The challenge was hard but I did it with my partner, and it’s good to have someone to help keep you motivated,” says Clark. All times AEDT (GMT +11). A trainer weighs in. Have you subscribed to Man of Many? WIN! You look at Orangetheory or Barry’s Bootcamp, 70 per cent of the studio is treadmills and rowers, which means that 70 per cent of your workout is a treadmill and a rower. From 12 November we head on a national information tour for F45X and we encourage existing franchisees potential owners to join us. Don't have an account? We change the equipment every single year, we bring out new equipment, but the rule that we basically have is that the equipment has to be able to be moved to the side of the room at the end of the night. Picture: Jonathan NgSource:News Corp Australia. How long did it take you to get from idea to launch stage? A body transformation that has proven results. “I think there’s ways to get people coming back and enjoy group fitness. What we’re trying to create is an all-inclusive space for the whole family where child/adolescent, mum/dad and grandparents can all do a Hollywood on a Saturday and debrief afterwards. Rob Deutsch, founder and co-CEO of F45, isn't anywhere for more than a month and a half. Rob says: “The big issue with the music is obviously people’s taste. Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, SE1 9GF. F45X – which includes Prodigy for 11 to 18-year-olds and Masters for over 60s – is born out of a genuine need in these two sectors. Everything they do is calculated and deliberate, but all with the common goal of helping people achieve their fitness goals in the least boring way possible. When I was in my final year at school I realized I wanted to be an entrepreneur. “I’ve been pretty active throughout my life and I’ve always been into fitness but I just wanted something of a higher intensity. With a client roster peppered with names like Hugh Jackman, the ‘cult’ group fitness program has found its way into the routines of beginners and seasoned lifters, with members making their way to the 500 gyms across Australia, the US, Canada, Europe and Asia – many for the recommended 3-5 sessions a week. Deutsch expects the Australian F45 market to “tap out” at about 540 franchises. People are running around. Why do you think the business has been so successful as a franchise? “You never do the same workout twice in a row.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.