He also saw that she was fond of Solo and that she felt like he was the father she never had, though Ren said that he would only leave her disappointed—what Rey did not know was that Ren's true name was Ben Solo, and that he was the son of Solo and General Organa. Solo, who pointed out that the map was not complete, explained the story of why Skywalker had disappeared in the first place. She refused to see him as her teacher, especially after Skywalker had assumed that role. Rey acquired several Force abilities, such as mind trick, as a side effect of her connection with Ren. Kylo, all but adopting a Maury voice, tells Rey that, in fact, she’s the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine. Her father was a bioengineered Strand-Cast cloned from the genetic template of Darth Sidious, the Sith Lord who ruled the Galactic Empire as Emperor Palpatine. After some miscommunication, Rey reached out into the Force with her senses and felt drawn to a cavern immersed in dark side energy. When Kylo realized where Rey was, Rey grabbed the dagger and Chewbacca's things before running towards the hangar.[8]. He saw that she was lonely but also afraid to leave Jakku, and that she saw an island on an ocean in her dreams. This bleak reality, in which she nonetheless remained ever-hopeful, saw Rey develop a tenacity and instinct for survival. [51] Although after she had trained for a year, her prowess had greatly improved enough to challenge Ren in a fair fight, fighting him to a stalemate in their first duel. Thereafter, Rey embraced these events and the abilities she was just beginning to learn when she sought out the exiled Skywalker, rekindling a spark of hope for a galaxy on the road to war. The Rule of Two was a pale imitation of the power that the Sith coveted. Ren dropped his lightsaber, sensing her mother's death through the Force while Rey, exulting at the prospect of victory, caught the Supreme Leader's weapon and pierced his abdomen, running him through with the stolen blade. Despite her growing powers, she was unable to fight Snoke's mind probe,[12] though she previously resisted his apprentice Ren's. [12] She instinctively aimed her blaster at him and fired, only to blow a hole through her stone hut. With the casting of Ridley, Kennedy said that they had found someone who had a physicality and self-confidence that Rey needed, as well as an optimism about how anything was possible—a trait mirroring Ridley's own rise from unknown actress to Star Wars hero. Surrounded by Zendiat's gang, Rey pulled out the head of the J9 droid, which had been the very droid that had gotten Plutt captured in the first place. In 0 BBY, during the Galactic Civil War and more than a decade before Rey's birth, her voice was heard by Padawan Ezra Bridger during his brief visit to the World Between Worlds—a place that existed beyond time and space. The ship took off as the ground crumbled beneath it, and the Falcon and the Resistance fighters retreated from Starkiller Base as the planet imploded and became a star from all of the thermal energy the weapon had collected. Freed from the Supreme Leader's control and her saber back in hand, Rey suddenly found herself in a temporary truce with Ren as they engaged and killed all the guards in the throne room.[12]. Eye color When Snoke directly pried her for Skywalker's location, Rey boldly refused and tried to summon her lightsaber; Instead, Snoke merely redirected the weapon, hitting her in the back of the head. Instead she got an electric shock. Despite her lack of proper training, Rey proved a natural in lightsaber combat, albeit neither as seasoned nor as versatile as Kylo Ren, as even after he was severely injured and unbalanced due to regretting Han's death, Rey struggled to parry Ren's attacks until she tapped upon the Force to defeat him, with Luke noting that Ren's skills with a lightsaber far surpassed hers. After all that they’ve been through, we know they’re cool. their deep connection and could give them the power to overthrow Palpatine and rule the galaxy together. [57], Concept art of "Kira" in a spaceport, by Andrée Wallin, As the story was developed, Kira had two male companions: Sam, who became Finn, and a character then-known only as John Doe. When they landed inside the ship, they met an alien known Ara-Nea, who was overseer of Necropolis, Ara-Nea asked if they had come to pick up the bones of the fallen or simply put, junk. She then headed out into the night to find Plutt. Ren also revealed that he and Rey were a dyad in the force, two Force-sensitive beings that were paired to become one in the Force, and together they could defeat Palpatine and take the Throne of the Sith for themselves. Yet Rey continued to defy him, confusing the Supreme Leader. [41], Rey ran after the Quarren, and with Tico's help, captured him. The two locked sabers and Ren told her he could train her in the ways of the Force. Upon hearing those words, Rey awoke, finding her shuttle drifting among the ruins of the First Order fleet. Her faith in the Force was so complete that she had no doubt in what she saw when she touched Ren. Ren used the Force to render Rey unconscious and carried her to his command shuttle, which he used to escape as Resistance X-wing fighters—which had arrived to find BB-8—fended off the TIE fighters.[7]. As thanks she received a few corn-clusters. Exasperated by her time with Skywalker, the bond only compounded her dilemma and she became weary of her forced interactions with Ren. Rey let out a horrified scream upon witnessing this, but could only watch as the famed smuggled fell to his death in the chasm below. It stood at 3.73 meters in length and carried no weapons, but its hauling capability, and the net used as a cargo bag on the side of the craft, allowed her to ferry items she salvaged from the Starship Graveyard to her AT-AT and Niima Outpost. 54 kilograms[6] Rey was both terrified and infuriated to see the dark warlord, but decided to keep this new development between them from Skywalker, fearing that she would lose the Jedi Master's trust if he mistook her and Ren's newfound connection as a betrayal. During her fight with Palpatine's Sith Royal Guards, Rey was able to redirect some of the blaster bolts fired at her at another guard, killing them instantly, and knocked down and tossed him off the cliff with telekinesis. Chewbacca, enraged over the loss of his friend, opened fire on Ren, managing to hit him in the leg, and set off the charges, damaging the oscillator and giving the Resistance the opening it needed to destroy the base.[7]. Gender She shared with him a kiss of gratitude, acknowledging their connection for the first time, as they were both overwhelmed with joy, celebrating that they had truly found each other at last. Rather, Rey was the best scavenger Plutt had and he wanted to continue utilizing her as a source of acquisitions. He asked about the droid once again and Rey responded only with its technical specifications. Though it was small, its enlarged power core and reinforced frame meant that it was a sturdy weapon that delivered a powerful blast onto any enemies. Kennedy hopes that a female Jedi like Rey, played here by Daisy Ridley, can be an inspiration for young girls. Céline Dion Will Be Near, Far, and Wherever Needed in Her Rom-Dram Debut. The map to Skywalker led Rey to the forgotten world of Ahch-To, where the Jedi Order was founded thousands of years before her arrival. The primeval rainforests formed a natural obstacle course to challenge Rey's physical and mental skills. The need to survive against such beings, and the ability to traverse downed star cruisers and other war technology, necessitated that she remain in peak physical condition. Her fear and anger gave way to curiosity as she thought about the possibility of being in each other's minds again, notwithstanding Ren's presence which Rey regarded as something to be endured instead of welcomed. She asked him what happened to Solo and Finn, though Ren did not know—which he suggested was a sign of relief for her, as he had not heard if they perished. To Rey, it was the Force's will that Ren continued to live, though for what purpose she did not know. Rey honed her skills as a scavenger in the junkfields of Jakku, a planet on which every day was a struggle to survive against harsh sunlight, searing hot deserts, and cutthroat scavengers and thieves who would steal from anyone. "[53] J.J. Abrams, who was chosen as the film's director, quickly gravitated towards the idea of a female lead, and to the notion that the character, living thirty years after Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, would not know who Luke Skywalker was or even regard him as a myth. However, a Quarren sabotaged their ship. From this job, she would watch starships arrive and depart every day, giving her dreams of leaving her backwater world[53]—a trait that made its way into the final film. The things that certain people love, other people hated. [7] On their way to Rey's home that evening, Rey and BB-8 were attacked by a nightwatcher worm, which was hungry and wanted to eat BB-8. It was through Kylo Ren that Rey discovered her origins as the Dark Lord's granddaughter, and upon confronting Sidious in person, she was nearly swayed to the dark side of the Force. This let her know what each part was, what it could do, whether it worked, and, most importantly, whether it would carry any value in Niima Outpost.[15]. [16] She also had a certain talent for drawing, which she put to good use in her journal. As it had become dark outside, Rey opted to spend the night in the ship. This time, however, they were drawing on each other for strength, becoming even more powerful as one instead of two. However, her faith was undercut by a sense of self-doubt, which grew alongside her Jedi abilities, as dark voices and images sprang unbidden into her mind. To Rey's surprise, Finn told Kanata that they could not win the fight against the First Order. She felt safe knowing that, in spite of their connection across space and time, Ren was not actually on Ahch-To and therefore unable to touch her. [36] Afterwards, Rey used C-3PO to translate some of the writing in the sacred Jedi texts. Rey explained that she had a power inside of her that she did not understand and was frightened of; she also sought a mentor to help her discover her place in the galaxy. Though she had heard stories of the Force and the Jedi during her formative years on Jakku, Rey found it easier to believe that they were fanciful myths rather than something real to hope for. Within ten minutes, Teng was ripped to shreds and Rey watched helplessly as she was unable to do anything to stop the creatures. I know it's not for everybody. She developed skills as a warrior,[16] with the ability to expertly wield a quarterstaff against those who would threaten her. [16], After Rey left Jakku and arrived on Takodana, she was given an NN-14 blaster pistol from Han Solo. [6] She had brown hair, hazel eyes, and light skin[4] that adapted to the extreme ultraviolet radiation emanated by the sun that shone down on the desert world of Jakku. [31], For years, Rey's imagination took her mind to other worlds, including those with lush green forests[16] and beauty that she could never even dream of. The First Order forces escaped, leaving the Resistance to come up with a new way to free the Zixon, assisted by the spy Glenna Kip. In the meantime she freed Plutt but he pushed her away and grabbed the droid's head. As Rey made her way to Kylo Ren's quarters, she encountered the mask that once belonged to the Sith Lord Darth Vader. [12] The truth that she was Palpatine's granddaughter, however, had an even greater effect on her. Whether you like it or not, The Rise of Skywalker quickly rewrites that plot point. Rey by mistake then set off a chain reaction and the ship started to blow up. She then heard a rumble, which led her to activate the lightsaber and go further. [31], Rey found Ren to be an infuriating individual, and was especially annoyed by his genuine curiosity about her. Rey responded by placing a bet of twenty portions since she was risking her speeder. [67], For the film's soundtrack, composer John Williams wrote "Rey's Theme" and used it as the primary character motif of the film.

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