You can find Scully on Twitter. Mental illness is not cool or fun. The portrayal of psychosis, I have been told by a friend who has this mental illness, is incredibly inaccurate and a dangerous portrayal. It is assumed he will shoot up the school. The show completely ignores the American Foundation of Suicide’s guidelines: Hannah blames her suicide on other people: NO ONE CAN LOVE AWAY YOUR DEPRESSION/SUICIDAL IDEATION: School shootings don’t happen because of fucking suicide: If you need a show to tell you not to be an asshole to someone. This is so unfair to Justin. 13 Reasons Why (TV Series 2019) Alejandro (1 episode, 2019) Phoenix, Oregon (2019) Mario Triple Frontier (2019) Gabriel Martin Lorea (as Rey Gallegos) Glass Jaw (2018) Eddy Abundez S.W.A.T. Hannah leaves her suicide “note” in the form of cassette tapes. I sat down and listened to it all at once!” “You mean, you haven’t even gotten to [the tape of] Jessica’s party yet?? I dunno. Information × The key issues that I see are bullying (or really, a hostile and unsupportive school environment) and… one that I’ve heard almost zero mention of: rape culture and the development thereof. Basically, don’t use me and my experiences as a scapegoat to sell your manic pixie dream girl aesthetic. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Appearances Making his debut on the episode "Stolen Huffy" in the series' fifth season, Rey plays the role of a member of the Byz Lats. Sons of Anarchy is a FANDOM TV Community. Tyler buys guns after hearing the tapes. It’s NOT cute, or quirky, or something this simple. Ignore this glossy, sensationalized shit: it’s essentially Hollywood. Rey Gallegos Appearances First seen "Stolen Huffy" Last seen "Red Rose" Appearances 13 episodes (see below) Information Character Fiasco Rey Gallegos is an American actor who played the role of Fiasco on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. It matters because this could be someone’s first introduction to mental illness in media, or mental illness at all. Honestly, reading this post was so cathartic because I have been thinking this for YEARS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. الماس مووی It’s months of suicidal ideation, months of deep, crippling depression. Feeling this lit today! You’ve shown that you’ve risen way far above. Préférences cookies | It fucking sucks and this show and shows like it are the main reasons there’s such a stigma surrounding it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. But why does it matter? What so-and-so has gone through? :p I think that I wanted to avoid talking about myself and my own struggles/history, and so deliberately took this route instead. First seen CGU | CW: Suicide, suicidal ideation, depression, gun violence. دانلود فصل اول سریال 13 reasons why + زیرنویس فارسی در الماس مووی. Rey Gallegos (born Reynaldo Gallegos) is an actor who is known for the Fox TV show Gang Related (2014), American Sniper (2014) and the American television series Ice (2016). Especially with my crazy hair right now. Check out Clay -- er, Dylan -- shredding on guitar and singing his heart out. It’s succeeding but going to the hospital because someone found you. I’ve gotta stop. Also, by focusing on Clay’s psychosis, we are taking away from the main story-line; Hannah’s suicide. ( Log Out /  Suicide is a personal decision. Prolly should. Retrouvez tout le casting de la saison 3 de la série 13 Reasons Why: les acteurs, les réalisateurs et les scénaristes AlloCiné Ex. I was really turned off by the show (note: haven’t read the book) right off the bat. ?” “You HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE TAPES. It matters because this is a very popular show. See this article's, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Biographies with insufficient biographical information, BLP articles lacking sources from December 2016, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 June 2020, at 23:44. I really don’t appreciate the storyline of 13 Reasons Why. It’s making three attempts but chickening out at the last minute. – Stay on the Page, Review: “Tigers, Not Daughters” by Samantha Mabry, Review: How to Build a Heart by Maria Padian, “Advocacy Over Awareness” by Taylor Tracy, “A New Kind of Writer’s Block” by Rey Noble, Q&A with Nicole Melleby, Author of “Hurricane Season” and “In the Role of Brie Hutchens…”. '13 Reasons Why' Star Dylan Minnette Rocks Out with His Band, Wallows '13 Reasons Why' Star I'm Also a Rock Star!!!. A treasure-hunt style map? Don’t date someone for pity, or to make yourself seem righteous for dating someone no one else will. When depressed, you barely have the energy to get out of bed, let alone make yourself look presentable or even “nice.”. So sure, 13 Reasons Why sucks. Rey Gallegos is an American actor who played the role of Fiasco on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Factors may play into that choice but, no one/nothing kills victims of suicide besides themselves and their mental illness. Making tapes? Qui sommes-nous | But, here it is. – I don’t really see this show/series as dealing with mental illness at all, really. Hannah blames Justin for not interfering with Jess’s rape. It’s inaccurate and hurtful and just… ugh. This is a very unhealthy coping mechanism and should not be seen as an alternative. Hannah’s angst? Lack of appropriate trigger warnings before episodes. You don’t suddenly decide one day you’re gonna kill yourself. 13 Reasons Why actor Dylan Minnette is set to perform with his band Wallows at Australia's Splendour in the Grass music festival this year. Clay struggles from psychosis and hallucinates after hearing the tapes. Violence Erupts Over Fatal Police Shooting, Snaps At Radio Host After Cowboys Question. Making his debut on the episode "Stolen Huffy" in the series' fifth season, Rey plays the role of a member of the Byz Lats. This post is a powerful list, pointing out some less oft discussed aspects of the show, and raises questions about issues and dynamics to consider when representing mental illness in media. Reason #2: He loves me for me. Publicité | Or maybe you've seen him rock before ... he's actually been playing for years! Change ). Appearances sucks. Preface: I have been professionally diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, chronic depression, suicidal ideation, and attention deficit disorder.

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