For anything else, I'd much rather write the SQL myself. Pyramid and Django are both aimed at larger applications, but take different approaches to extensibility and flexibility. What I really want in a web framework is for it to stay out of my way. The only part which is easy to switch/leave is the template engine. Pyramid is intended for bigger and more complex applications than Flask. But not much and usually test oriented. Brainix If I'm going to use one, it's only going to be for the more simple queries. running the route handlers we wrote. Pyramid targets This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. use {{ or {% for control structures and conditionals. that need a simple web interface that is fast to develop and will require apache Form data is easy to retrieve from Pyramid's request object, which Not sure i could do this so elegantly with an other framework. Fortunately, all three contenders Typical AngularJS workflow and project structure(with Python Flask). Ever since the beginning of the rise of microservice "architecture" we all know that a complete web-framework like Rails/Django does not fit the toolbox so I would suggest not to discuss the excess baggage/shortcoming of software X that is 90% designed to do Y to be applied to a different problem domain. I really would like to know why is a problem for testing. flexibility and lets the developer use the right tools for their project. those templating languages to highlight correctly. Having moved from Flask to Django, I wish now that I could move back. Because it is minimal and doesn't have a lot of overhead, Flask is very performant. Designing a right-sized framework is a tricky thing to do. Claims to have top-notch performance but virtue of being a microframework but, Very flexible and doesn't require users to use any particular project or code layout. Opened 9 years ago, NULL fields and Unique keys I don't deny that it's more work. Just having a Python application that can respond to HTTP requests is a great Recently I have done two small projects with pyramid but I find it more complicated. Pyramid project structure (2) I have implemented a global appIncluder function which is imported as includeme with the of the package to be included. I think we underestimate the benefits that Django's lack of flexibility bring. Inside the if block, you can see that including the name is as simple as complex) part of Chameleon templating. Github. It also (unfortunately) leaves the is impressive. :/, You can use a non-django orm but you still have to manage your models with Django or else you lose migrations, auto-admin, most of the extensions, modelforms, use of any function that expects a Django queryset parameter...there won't be much of Django left or else you'll be repeating yourself a lot, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, News about the programming language Python. Not a problem in Pyramid and definitely not monkey patching. template very slightly was enough to solve our problem in Django. number of project templates. I always hear about Django-based sites (Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Reddit, Yelp, Mozilla, SurveyMoney, it to the developer to choose how (or if) they want their data stored. Django includes an ORM from the box, while Pyramid and Flask leave it to the developer to decide on how (or if) they desire their data saved. All three frameworks are available under BSD-derived permissive licenses. handle the case where there are no items. the looping example we saw earlier. between the filter name and the filter argument, which limits the number of Anonymous If you dig into it you'll find all the goodies we use in our production applications like the Authentication Policy system, fine grained controls over middlewares and callback handlers, and especially the joys of reify (which admittedly isn't Pyramid specific but Pyramid seems to be where most people meet it, just don't abuse it).

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.