"[12] The Guardian called it "an incredibly creepy horror film" that, in the same way as Ring, "finds chills in the most dingy and mundane of locales; skillful deployment of grisly little moments and disturbing, cryptic imagery produce the requisite mood of dread and gloom. An American remake, also titled Pulse, debuted in 2006 and spawned two sequels. [21], 2001 Japanese horror film by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, "Midnight Eye book review: Mon effroyable histoire du cinéma", "Kiyoshi Kurosawa's 'Kairo' ('Pulse') Getting the Arrow Video Treatment! Expressionist shadows can suggest a number of things: what they do for Abel Ferrara, looming quietly throughout his criminal and spiritual urbanscapes, is not what they did for F. W. Murnau's silent, sometimes ironic (The Last Laugh) art. Step Two: Pick a Number. Bei Kurosawa geht es nüchtern und kalt zu, die Szenerie ähnelt streckenweise jener der „Ring“-Filme, weiß den interessierten Betrachter jedoch mit Wendungen und Zuspitzungen stets aufs neue zu überraschen. Pulse (回路, Kairo) is a 2001 Japanese horror film directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa. This is the plot of Pulse, a cult classic J-horror movie about a ghostly invasion via internet-connected home computers. In one widely-publicized incident in 2000, the corpse of an elderly man was discovered in his apartment three years after he had died, having been consumed in part by flies and maggots. Mobile site. It's very interesting and telling that the movie's near-climax (only because the movie takes a sudden, very unexpected shift following which I'm still struggling to make sense out of) is in an abandoned factory, an analogue space, and one where ghosts exist in.…. It lives visually in a way it cannot live intellectually". Back in 2001, Kiyoshi Kurosawa's 'Pulse' somehow predicted everything wrong with the world today. The website's critical consensus reads, "A sinister spine-tingling techno-thriller whose artistry lies in the power of suggestion rather than a barrage of blood and guts or horror shop special effects. And in a day and age where we fear personal details being leaked by video call apps and where internet trolls lay in wait on social media websites, real-world separation from friends and family is a scary possibility. 2001 So when Pulse’s computer users find their screens filled with unsolicited webcam streams of lonely apartment-dwellers committing suicide, it feels less like some dated science fiction concept than a lockdown Zoom call gone wrong. People interact with computer screens, televisions...but rarely ever phones. And it is this bleak and unsettling premise — mirroring real-life anxieties in Y2K Japan — that provides the real horror that endures to this day. [5] An American remake, also titled Pulse, debuted in 2006 and spawned two sequels. Als seine Freunde auf der Suche nach einer Erklärung seinen Nachlass einer näheren Betrachtung unterziehen, stoßen sie zuerst auf eine mysteriöse Internet-Homepage und später dann, in der Wohnung des Verstorbenen, auch auf ziemlich handfeste Geisteraktivitäten. Das Programm schlägt seine User in Bann, sodass sie nicht merken, dass sie selbst zu dem unheimlichen Internet-Angebot mutieren und aus dem wahren Leben verschwinden. The fact that the internet is the system breaking down here is, as the film itself overtly makes clear, arbitrary. Davon tief beeindruckt, sucht mancher selbst den Freitod. The plot centers on ghosts invading the world of the living via the Internet. Kommentieren. "[10], AllMovie praised the film, writing "The first 30 minutes of Kairo is perhaps some of the most unnerving, frightening sequences to come down the pike in a long time. imagine casting one of the most talented actors alive for a whole minute of screen time lmao, Essential movies for lonely people out there (like me) if you want to feel something in this big big world.…, Chris Vandenberg 1,000 films 5,287 96 Edit. Nur Michi und die Hackerin Harue forschen bis zur finalen, bitteren Erkenntnis. Forget 'em loud BOO-ing jump scares ‘cause these deliberate-cooked horrors/thrillers will burn you up. He goes to Taguchi's apartment and sees a ghostly black stain on the wall where he hanged himself, as well as a paper with "The forbidden room" written on it. More details at Each scare has perfect shots, pacing, and sound design that came together to really freak me out.…. Upon checking his phone, he sees the same image found on Taguchi's disk. Not scary, maybe, but the melancholy of the picture is as powerful a feeling a film has ever imparted upon me. für mit. [7] The film premiered in the Un Certain Regard category at the Cannes Film Festival. Extremely effective when it’s a horror movie using the inherent strangeness and wrongness of surveillance footage to its advantage. It is an unfathomably deep and black abyss which wrenches the soul. Rather, it is a film about the degradation of human systems—especially those regarding not only communication but representation—and the means through which loneliness and alienation may proliferate as a virus in the wake of such breakdown. As an analogy for the dangers of depression and withdrawal, the film remains incredibly powerful. I don’t really get scared by movies— certain ideas and images can get under my skin, and I definitely respond to sheer intensity, but there’s pretty much nothing (outside of animal cruelty) that will make me avert my eyes. We’re still just sitting around looking at each other online and getting lonelier and lonelier. Directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Pulse. I need to watch it again, but certainty one of the seminal films of the 21st Century. Whether I close my eyes or not, Pulse’s slowy suffocating malaise will stay with me much longer than any jump scare. [16] The Seattle Times criticized the film's storyline and length, writing "While it's rattling your nerves, Pulse leaves your brain wanting more",[17] and The Village Voice called the film "at least half an hour too long". think i'm gonna need to come back to this one because it's very good but it didn't quite get under my skin the same way Cure did and as demonstrated by the ending is intending a very different feeling i wasn't expecting of this film. The phenomenon, known as "hikikomori,” refers to acute social withdrawal, and as recently as 2019, the BBC reported that 541,000 people in Japan (roughly 1.57% of the total population) were willingly living in such isolation. And what does it do with this existential dread? Film data from TMDb. [8] Arrow Video has announced a Blu-ray release of the film for December 2016.[9]. Worried, Michi goes to check on her mother and meets Ryosuke Kawashima. The plot centers on ghosts invading the world of the living via the Internet. IMDb With discordant strings adding a Hitchcockian sense of tension, the film builds a deep sense of foreboding as the anguished spirits of the netherworld emerge from the shadows of dark corridors. Is The Blair Witch Project scary? She panics when she realizes Junko has unsealed and entered a red-taped door. "[11] Anita Gates of The New York Times wrote, "There are very few moments in Kiyoshi Kurosawa's fiercely original, thrillingly creepy horror movie that don't evoke a dreamlike dread of the truly unknown. In the other monitor on his desk, they discover a ghostly face staring out into Taguchi's room. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. In 2020, the idea of the internet being used as a conduit for an otherworldly invasion might sound daft. Her co-workers include Sasano Junko, Toshio Yabe and Taguchi, who has been missing for some days working on a computer disk. Got a huge laugh from me when one of the leads installed an internet browser that told him to “have fun” and he very quietly said “okay I will have fun” to himself. But the techno-anxiety themes of Pulse mirror the contemporary fears of today much more effectively than you might think. I think the first thing I said to my friend Alex Enquist as I left the theater was that this was “the most Bordwellian movie ever made.” I don’t think the film has that much to say about our relationship to technology – it’s more of a gimmick to get the plot going (essentially Swimfan but never annoyingly so), but so perfectly constructed, where each shot leads into the next shot. That being said, it is essential to note that this is not a film about the sociological dangers of the internet, or what have you. Ryosuke, an economics student, has recently signed up to a new Internet Service Provider. Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält kino.de ggf. 2001 ‘回路’ Directed ... Kurosawa’s Pulse operates on so many levels it’s tough to keep track of. Source data can be found via ryno731's original reddit post. Communication breakdown and isolation are the main themes of the film. She later steps toward the wall and becomes a black stain. Demnach hat man sowohl formell einen düsteren, angsteinflössenden und stimmungsvollen, als auch inhaltlich - wenn man die gesellschaftliche Metapher erfasst - beeindruckenden Film. [15], Entertainment Weekly was critical of the film, writing "Watching Pulse [...] you could almost die of anticipation", commenting that "nothing in the two snail-paced hours [...] makes close to a shred of sense". It’s soon revealed that the afterlife has become overrun, forcing the dead to return to the world of the living. An accompaniment to the Letterboxd Top 250, which sadly contains very few horror films. The review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a rating of 74% based on 53 reviews, and a rating average of 6.8/10. When Ryosuke bursts in, she is gone. Sehr kryptisch angelegter Horrorstreifen, den man - für die volle Wirkung/Dröhnung - selbst entziffern muss. "Kodokushi", or "lonely death," refers to a trend of people dying alone and remaining undiscovered for long periods of time. It follows an ensemble of everyday citizens who, one by one, begin to receive strange transmissions from their computers. Movies that you (initially) thought were "okay" but hit you so damn hard when they ended . But the true horror of Pulse is the idea that eternal loneliness is our ultimate fate — a fate worse than death in itself. I watched an ancient DVD of this in broad daylight which provided the right level of haunted media creepiness. Das Projekt wird den Namen Pulse tragen und handelt von einer dämonischen Internetseite. ", "Jaime N Christley - BFI - British Film Institute", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Pulse_(2001_film)&oldid=981019125, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with Japanese-language sources (ja), Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 29 September 2020, at 20:18. He unplugs his computer in a panic. I should've been locked up for thinking I didn't like it on my first watch. "[13] Film Threat wrote, "What's worse than a horror film that frightens you sleepless is one that disturbs you to depression.

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