var nossl = link.prop("href"); Here, 13C and 15N solid state NMR is used as the main and most effective characterization technique on nitrogen-containing hydrothermal carbons obtained from glucose and glycine. The spectroscopic studies reveal that hydrogen atoms can be adsorbed to active sulfur and selenium atoms via intermediate species formed during the photocatalytic process. English: Magdalena (Magda) Titirici is a Professor of Sustainable Energy Materials at Imperial College London. Nevertheless, the phyto-toxic effect and low-porosity of hydrochars limit the possible application.  |  Using a variety of synthetic protocols, functional carbon materials can be synthesised presenting a wide range of morphologies, pore structures and electronic proper... Carbon-based structures are the most versatile materials used in the modern field of renewable energy (i.e., in both generation and storage) and environmental science (e.g., purification/remediation). The resulting materials contain significant amounts of nitrogen and display a high degree of aromatization. Professor Demiris is adapting his research to challenging healthcare scenarios including smart robots for children with disabilities and growing elderly population with activities of daily life. Carbon fibers were obtained using hydrothermal carbonization of rice husk followed by further heat treatment at 1000 °C to increase the conductivity and removal of the silica fraction to increase the porosity. This advance in materials engineering will absolutely be at the heart of society as we seek to generate, store and consume energy differently. In liquid chromatography, 'reversed' phase (RP) HPLC accounts for the vast majority of analyses concerning the separation of biomolecules. This chapter provides a comprehensive array of techniques used for the characterization of hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) materials with the aim of a better understanding of the special characteristics of these materials, which are different from the classical amorphous carbons. Caroline Brogan The production of carbon aerogels based on the conversion of inexpensive and abundant precursors using environmentally friendly processes is a highly attractive subject in materials chemistry today. This study represents a model system for other types of nitrogen-containing hydrothermal carbons, which were shown to have interesting energy-storage properties (Zhao et a... Olivine LiFePO(4) is considered one of the most promising cathode materials for Li-ion batteries. Moreover, the treatment of 25 g/L of glucose and 22 g/L of fructose by heating up to 160 °C led to a possible application of spent sugar beets for the production of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural. This present book chapter offers an overview on the recently developed HTC technology. More importantly, the studies demonstrate that an exponential relationship exists between the number of reactive electrons and the Raman intensity of intermediate species, which can serve as a guideline to directly evaluate the HER performance in photocatalysts by comparing the Raman intensities of the intermediate species. This led to a remarkable enhancement in the photocurrent density. Log in. Main campus address: Edge J, Titirici Met al., 2020, Towards a More Sustainable Lithium‐Ion Battery Future: Recycling LIBs from Electric Vehicles, Batteries & Supercaps, ISSN: 2566-6223, Guo Q, Luo H, Zhang J, She was previously a Professor in Sustainable Materials Chemistry at Queen Mary, University of London for four years, … "My goal is to induce an exciting paradigm shift and a new way of working in engineering biology. Available biomass, preferentially residues, can be divided in two groups: biomass with a high or natural water content ('wet' or 'green' biomass) and biomass with low water content such as wood and straw. Urbina-Blanco CA, Jilani SZ, Speight IR, This includes details on the formation mechanism and the final chemical structure of both carbohydrate and biomass-derived HTCs. The hydrothermal synthesis of nitrogen-doped monolithic carbon aerogels derived from sustainable precursors (i.e. Materials, Comms-strategy-Wider-society, © 2020 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim A deeper understanding of the water-splitting hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) mechanism during photocatalytic processes is crucial for the rational design of efficient photocatalysts. Strategy-multidisciplinary-research,

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