We usually use the phrase “preaching to the converted” over here. And I’m trying to not say “soul,” unless I’m specifically talking about the mistaken idea that consciousness is animated by a supernatural force. For one thing, the door doesn’t give you applause and stroke your ego when you kick it. 2) Advocating to the claimants / plaintiffs Hehe, I REALLY like “tossing catnip to the cats.” It gets the point across and also provokes a hilarious mental image. A choir is simply a large coordinated group of singing people. Because I tend to use it in that sense. I think this is already in use, but, Playing to the orchestra. The preacher who is preaching to the choir is doing a bad job. = Remembered In Fondness Maybe, if you can do more than one thing at a time, we can too! It does imply “go sell it to someone who needs some”, which is a significant part of the original. I think “kicking at an open door” comes closest to the spirit… sorry, essence… of the original meaning, it’s just a pity it’s missing the humanitarian part. My inner classics geek immediately came up with “hectoring the helots” but that’s definitely way obscure. For one thing, there’s a certain glee in using religious swearing like “Jesus Christ!” because it’s so visceral in a way that something deliberately chosen can’t be, and also because when I was a god-believing youngster, “using the lord’s name in vain” was taboo in the house. Seems, to me, best if folks entertain at least some curiosity about what we REALLY mean. Perhaps, as a shout out to Tom Lehrer, ‘Joining the Folk Song Army‘? Perhaps “Confirming the Converted” or “Galvanizing the (Peanut) Gallery” could work for variety? Haven’t read most of the comments, but I’ll suggest/support “shouting in an echo chamber.”, The content of this post has been deleted. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. What kind of evidence is necessary to convince you, skeptic? Defending Sirius Black at Immeritus http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/indian-summer.html. That says nothing about their religiousness, and everything about them being willing to stand there and sing…. How about “lecturing your support group”? Are we no longer allowed to say zounds? 1) R.I.F. Speaking to my friends? The current society in America seems to equate ‘preaching’ and ‘choir’ to be church-based, and to most observers, it is. I don’t like the way that religion permeates the language. Why yes, I like my humor dark. Interesting — I’ve been trying to get historically ethnic/gender slurs out of my vocabulary. The imagery immediately conveys what is meant. Selling brushes to the Fuller man? It is time to push our movement forward and get out of our comfort zones. tv related. “Lecturing to the Faculty” falls oddly on UK ears (it can also be a genuinely useful part of an academic’s job, so loses the connotation of pointlessness). X to the Y is a good structure in that it presents the idea of communicating to a specific group whose relation to the group is already defined. And every atheist gets to decide for themselves whether they even care about this. I think it’s the one. When using a secular version we should make sure to stress the negative context. That language doesn’t perpetuate memes? One problem I’ve had with trying to purge religious phrases from my speech is that I end up sounding like Ned Flanders, and people take me for someone extra devout who is worried about blasphemy. Should we talk differently to people who more or less agree with us than we do to those who don’t? Unfortunately, “There but for a series of random events outside of my control go I” just doesn’t have the same ring to it…. abstract = "The paper reports on research in progress. ‘Teaching fish to swim’ is quite refreshing. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and haven’t come up with anything. It just evokes sleep, not an afterlife. “Don’t tell me, tell someone who needs to hear it!” “Coals to Newcastle” doesn’t (to my ears) connote that. (There is a great article/ blog from 2006 by Guy Kawasaki titled, “The Art of Evangelism” which talks about this secular type of evangelism). It’s always irritated me when scientists refer to non-professionals as laypeople. ‘You’ve got to do more than preach to the choir now. Try telling the shit you peddle to women when you make jokes about being bitchy today, or must be on the period, or call her ‘honey’ or ‘dear’, try telling them about the fucking incessant reminders every 30 minutes that they are not worthy of respect, all the while scared shitless of spousal abuse and getting raped. “Leading fish to water” was my first thought, but then I was thinking about something meaningful to this group and came up with “deconverting atheists”, which is similar to a previous idea using Hitchens. Our thinking has evolved and our knowledge is based on facts and understanding of how things really work. A little quick looking finds that this is a pretty new phrase, as it only shows up in 1973. (Or perhaps “playing to a home crowd” or “playing in front of a home crowd”, to make the metaphor more explicit.). I don’t want to endorse that concept. The preacher is trying to persuade/control/direct the group to do something/know something. I’d like an alternative to “God bless America”. As all the usages you’ve mentioned here are in fact secular to one degree or another dependant upon whom you ask and when, and all are simply more effective, evocative (of more than simple religious notions) and elegant than any of the proposed alternatives I’d say your work here is done. Advertising to the sales team. I feel like “preaching to the choir” covers a spectrum from “I already agree with you, you don’t need to go on” to “she’s trying to convince people, but only people who already agree seem interested” to “she’s deliberately inflating an impression of consensus by soliciting greater agreement from people who already agree”. God Bless you = Hail Satan, And at the end of every presidential speech.”God Bless you, and God Bless the United States of America” It is a slap in the face to Atheists 10-25% of the population. “Look, I’m already buying from you. In my country we never used that phrase anyway, so we already have a handy one: “Speaking to the converted”. Is there anyone here who knows these languages and can confirm or deny this idiom? You could say “reinforcing the bubble” or “shouting in the echo chamber” to suggest this connotation.

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