The following year Łukasiewicz opened his first oil well near Krosno and in 1856 he built the world’s first oil refinery near Jasło. Hahah. Quoting: Can’t we all be friends? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Scottish James Loagie Baird invented his Television based on Paul Nipkow’s work. Forces maintain peace.

The two elements she discovered were Polonium (which she named after Poland) and radium.

He should be on there for sure. In any war movie worth its salt the guy on the right is toast. Edit: above you have an example of comment made by polish idiot, maybe that’s why, What a talented nation. I loved the references to Blue Harvest. Please delete those dirty comments! World War II Ace Pilot was Polish…check your history. Apart from the fact that bulletproof vests are just cool you should bear in mind that the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was wearing a silk bulletproof vest when he was shot in Sarajevo in 1914. Rozwadowski was the REAL military genius responsible for the Miracle on the Vistula. That saved Scots too. He was charismatic, compassionate, warm, sensitive, kind, generous, charming, captivating, congenial, and sympathetic. Like Liked by 1 person., “but also remember it was made out of Poland.
1903 physics Scientists at the National Aviation University and the Aerospace Institute have introduced a development called the liquid scalpel. Unfortunately not all of them know how to benefit from it, fancying they have something interesting to say nonetheless. In his youth he participated in the Center’s social activities and the traditions of the Broadway Fillmore Polonia neighborhood. The Poles are an inventive bunch. Because most of the British Population is kind of retarded with a large range. The difficulty with whale oil is that you have to persuade the whale to part with it, a process that involves a lot of tedious sailing about in the middle of the ocean, nasty sharp harpoons, and people who insist on being called Ishmael. The inventor of the helicopter is the Kyiv aircraft designer, who emigrated to the USA, Igor Sikorsky. Greetings from London.

and -nemo- what do you mean by ‘no noble laureates’? Maybe Bronislaw Malinowski, one of the most influential anthropologists of 20th century. They’re cute and everybody loves them – apart from krill. 1977 physiology or medicine, Leon Hurwicz A unique system of marking letters was created in Kharkiv in 1932. I think you should include at least one more– possibly Lech Walesa who led Solidarity which directly contributed to the downfall of Soviet communism in Europe. Why? mate you can think that about Pilsudski, but it stands here.. Five Poles who have changed the world not five Poles who thought they have done it. He became a national icon, around which the Poles (then still controlled by the Soviet Union) rallied and were empowered with the will to fight for their identity and independence. Unfortunately, the device that costs around $20 thousand is not affordable for most of Ukrainian clinics. The Briitsh were completely useless on land. I don’t know. On November 11, 2000, the Polish Community Center of Buffalo was renamed in honor of Lt. Col. Matt Urban. Kazimierz Żegleń was born near Tarnopol (now Ternopil in western Ukraine) in 1869. Saw it on my own eyes last weekend! but theres an even an old saying that take a Pole out of Poland and he will become a success. and some kind of tank caterpilars was invented by a Pole – the one used in M4A Shermans, […] “Six cool inventions you didn’t know were Polish” – at Polandian: bulletproof vest, mine detector, walkie-talkie and a few more.

When Paderewski toured the U.S. he lectured and wrote about democracy. His mother was Russian. But Obama did something now. Johnus: Nothing you should feel bad about. You have to watch the end to know what I mean :), Another interesting one: He betrayed Poland! Taranenko made a patent for his invention, and now he continues to improve the capsule and tries to introduce it into mass production. Like Poles invented the Hybrid bus with the Polish company Solaris Bus & Like Paul Nipkow who was a Polish Kashubian of German citzenship invented Television. I’m on Polandian website every day. Thank you, Jacek! Actually we do have a few, maybe in comparison to other countries not that many, but yeah. Can somebody please delete those stupid comments… I’m not used to read this kind of thing here… Terrible!!!! He worked first in Odessa, and later in Paris. There are estimated to be around 110 million unexploded land mines currently lurking a couple of inches beneath the soil around the world. Definitely Mikołaj Kopernik changed the history of the world! Ten centuries later most domestic lighting was provided by candles and whale-oil lamps. Born in Torun, Poland in 1473, Copernicus was the first person to provide a detailed explanation of why the solar system is heliocentric (meaning the planets revolve around the sun). Henryk Magnuski (1909-1978) was born in Warsaw and found himself in New York at the outbreak of World War II in 1939. Mines are a pain, often in many parts of the body at the same time. Copernicus’s discovery was pretty amazing, considering that the telescope hadn’t been invented yet. Without Walkie-Talkies nobody could have possibly thought of Star Trek communicators, and without Star Trek communicators nobody could have possibly thought of mobile phones, and without mobile phones ERA would have to deliver its nine million daily SMS ads by hand. Racial blood types and appearance equal superiority.
But,I notice alot of people are retarded in the British Isles. If you don’t already, I can’t explain why you should. Lately was a lot in media about inventor of the Bulletproof vest. The entire map could have changed, impacting not only Europe, but the rest of the world. Over the next couple years they rampaged through Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic states, eventually invading Poland, which was brought to its knees. Pilsudski whooped Soviets ass in 1920 and that stopped Soviets for almost another two decades from “spreading the word” Like Like. Here’s my list of five Poles who changed the world. WWII is the worst topic to converse about Poland and any country in general because the whole first half of the war was when everyone was at its worst. Who invented it and why? This one is a bit of a stretch, but what the hell. Getting rid of mines involves finding them first. Why should I care? Google search Polish Inventions and you will see. I mean Jimi Hendrix was born in the U.S & Moved to England? Ha ha! Poland has always been there to support USA since the Revolutionary War, Starting with, General Casimir Pulaski, “Founder of the American Cavalry.”, General Thaddeus Kosciuszko “Founder of West Point.”. As the Pope, he touched the lives of millions across the globe. Look them up. Patti (and others who mentioned other notable Poles): Yes. Post your favorite Polish Hero here. Józef Kosacki (1909–1990) was an officer in the Polish Army during World War II. Ukrainian Ivan Puluiyev constructed a tube, which later became a prototype of modern X-ray machines 14 years before the German Wilhelm Röntgen. Łukasiewicz changed all that, much to the relief of a lot of whales. But the people make the country, not the map or the borders. Another Chicago Pole was a vital part of the team that brought the world the first handheld two-way radio communication device, originally known as the Handie-Talkie but now as the Walkie-Talkie. Reply.

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