Look at the target and you’ll get an idea of how the gun is sighted.

Used with Permission. It’s possible you need to show the lady the mug shot and not the male ticket agent. The first is the officer’s badge that was lost. Open the trunk and take the field kit. Close the door and one of the officer’s will bring a large lady as a witness. Use powder on mirror and then take print to get a copy of the fingerprint. The Lytton PD concludes that Bains set a trap to ambush Bonds and is using Marie as bait. Look at the envelope and then open the envelope to read the letter. Drive back to the station. Cut white wire and lastly cut the yellow wire to disarm the bomb. Open bin and take the field kit. Bonds is subsequently placed on a mandatory, three-day administrative leave while the Lytton PD Internal Affairs Shooting Review Board investigates his actions. Walk To The Door 7. Take the undercover keys from the back of the room and get in the undercover patrol car. Swim over it and type “look down” and then “take object”. Open door, walk to the entrance to the station and unlock door. "[2], Retro-gaming websites Hardcore Gaming 101 and Adventure Gaming both praised the title, calling it the highlight of the series, with Hardcore Gaming 101 stating that "if there's any one title (of the Police Quest series) that deserves attention, it's this one. Open the cabinet on the wall and take the mask. Walk towards the door and read the note that’s pinned on the door.

If you’ve found your scuba certificate in the back of your wallet already you’ll show it to him and he’ll let you dive. From now on if you find a methane pocket you can wear the mask. Her car was stolen by Bains. Get out of the car, open the trunk of your car, take out the field kit and close the trunk. Go back to your car and use the ready to ask for a warrant to search his room. Their peaceful life is however short-lived: when Bains is returned to Lytton for retrial, he manages to escape from prison, taking one of the guards hostage using a makeshift knife. Keith will follow you out.

Go to the computer and use the computer. Look at the papers to see a list of passwords. The 1988 sequel, developed with Sierra's new SCI engine, focused more on detective and forensics work than the traffic-cop beginning of the original, while keeping the same realistic setting. Do the same with the rest of the air tanks until you find one that has over 2,000 air and keep this one.

Open one of the lockers next to the door and place your gun in the locker. Quickly shoot back and he’ll run off and drive off in the stolen car. Go back to your car, and put your field kit away in the trunk. Walk to the north, press the button and cross the street. After a chat with Wild Willy take the radios from the desk and leave to the left. Walk back to the screen to the right and wait around for Officer Moore to arrive. ColecoVision™ is a Tradmark of Coleco Holdings. Commands are given in a verb/noun combination (e.g. There’s methane gas around the next corner. Turn on computer.

Put your field kit back into your car and get in. It’s the small gold item in the center of the screen. Use the radio to call for Keith and the man will run away. "[7] In 2011, Adventure Gamers named Police Quest II the 24th-best adventure game ever released. Ask about the escape for more information. Sonny Bonds has access to a firearm. There’s a subpoena for you to attend court. For example, high and to the right. Cut yellow wire. Type " Turn Card Over" 5.

Type in ‘adjust sight’ and you’ll be shown a screen where you can make adjustments. alt="web statistics">. Go to the back of the bed, look under bed and take the lipstick. Stand up, leave the station, get in your personal car and drive to Arnie’s. Keith will return and get in the other side. The antagonist Jessie Bains is based on a convict who did escape and was on the loose at the time the game was released. Information on the ClassicReload.com may not be duplicated without permission. You’ll notice his address is in Steelton.

Look at the registration to confirm this is the guards car. Police Quest II: The Vengeance (also known simply as Police Quest II) is an adventure game produced by Jim Walls for Sierra On-Line, and released in 1988. The Next Day at the Lytton Police Station. Depending on the version you’re playing you may need to enter the name of a criminal from a mug shot to play the game. Open the drawer and take the envelope. It’s a love note from your girlfriend Marie. Take off your seatbelt once the plane has levelled off. It's well-paced, fairly exciting, and more interesting than any of the others, and something of an overlooked classic. Close the door. Get keys from the ignition and then open the glovebox. It was released in 1988 by Sierra On-Line and continues the story of police officer Sonny Bonds as he tries to hunt down the fugitive Jessie Bains. Buy a rose and then head into the airport. Show him the mug shot and he should recognize the man, although this didn’t work for me. Continue to the south and then to the west. Walk into one of the booths and wear the ear protectors. Open the stall in the middle and then open the toilet. All other trademarks, logos and brand names shown on this website other than Stated are the sole property of their respective companies and are not owned by ClassicReload.com. Go back to the officer and ask for ammo. Put the field kit back in the trunk of your car and drive to 753 Third Street. Copyright © Police Quest 2: The Vengeance is the second adventure game in the Police Quest series by Jim Walls. Drive to the airport and when you get out of your car open the trunk and take out the field kit. Leave, get in the car and drive to the police station. var today = new Date(); href="http://statcounter.com/" target="_blank"> Lastly take a photograph of the crime scene. Tags: play Police Quest 2: The Vengeance, Police Quest 2: The Vengeance, Police Quest 2: The Vengeance dos, Police Quest 2: The Vengeance online Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Hang around until a man approaches you wanting to mug you. If the air level is around 200 something then put back the air tank. Pressing left or right on the elevation screw or up or down on the windage screw will move the screwdriver to the other screw. Enter the room. Walk to the screen to the left. unit. You’ll read a note with a list of victims. Go back to the car, get in and use the radio to let dispatch know that the suspect has escaped. src="http://c.statcounter.com/9693962/0/d957fd5e/1/" Press the buzzer on the right side of the door and then show your ID to be let in. The other main characters are Bonds' partner Keith, Bonds' girlfriend Marie Wilkans, and Jessie Bains, an escaped convict who Bonds arrested in Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel. Hurrying to Marie's house, Bonds finds signs of a struggle and clear indication that Marie has been abducted by Bains. Leave the room and walk to the right to the target range. No gamepads detected. Close the cabinet and go back to sit down at your desk in the homicide office. The scenarios present in the game are based on situations designer Jim Walls or his friends were in while in the police force. Walk to the right side of the station wagon and open the door. So long as Sonny is properly positioned (facing his target) and his pistol is sighted, he will fire as accurately as the plot demands. Bonds and his partner Keith Robinson gather evidence at the jailhouse and locate the kidnapped jailer's car. Show ID and then show the mug shot. Use the phone and call Colby on 407-555-3323. Take the envelope corner and look at the envelope corner. Speak with Loyd Pratt who’s sitting at the desk on the left. In a few seconds an officer will arrive with the warrant.

Dial 407-555-2677 and say hello. Once you’re done shoot the remaining bullets in the clip and leave the booth. The top screw is for elevation and the side screw is for windage.

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