@CrowFangurl I know it's a Xbox. @AskPS_UK erm as we have stated twitch dashboard and viewer count is working! With the help of these standard fixes, we hope to solve the issue. I doubt the problem is on nisa. @NovaStJon Evening all, Last night got my XR500 working (internet speeds are showing as slower than my isp router but thats for another thread) and tonight Ive put the PS4 on for the first time since using the xr500 and no paystation network.Ive run the connection test on ps4 and the 'obtain ip" - successful, "internet" - successful, "playstation network" - failed, "Nat" - 2. They knew about the preorder license problems on Sunday. It is essential to have your software updates ready to keep your device functioning for years. Can't downloaded it from the library, psn is asking for $80, and tried to restore licenses and got an error ‍♂️ And I just finished Trails 3 and excited to see how it ends. Facebook NAT type failed. @GoodThings2Life @Didact343 @NISAmerica I should not have to refund and repurchase a game to get the license to work. #ToCS4, @PlayStation is the South African server down? It's not like all their developers have an XBox or Playstation SDK sitting on their dining room table. @Boyka_Fighter @PlayStation But they didn't have to change the way Party are and it harder to send invites now we can't make them private are public if people need to report issue they need a reporting system. @GalaxyRed13 Intuitive approach, forming beliefs from experience. Cheers WHATT??? I have internet, but my console isn’t connecting.... @GhostrunnerGame @PlayStation @Xbox How in the world did you release a demo that has no issues, but a final product that is a mess? @PlayStation are you aware of this issue?? Do you confirm I'll be able to have it on the 10th without problem? @Will_noble_citi There are so many reasons to occurs PlayStation Network Sign-in Failed. I did because so far, I'm still waiting for Playstation to fix the download problem 030. They knew about the preorder license problems on Sunday. So i just got done talking with PSN support and this is what they told me pertaining to the download issue. Have a proper look in the reasons for the PlayStation network sign in failed to figure out the solution of the problem in your own. Twitter This is like the 4th fcking delay. @GhostrunnerGame You guys are showing zero Marketing skills with how you are handling PlayStation 5 launch in India! @ScourgeHH Seems to be an issue on Sony's end, probably due to them reworking the PSN Store recently. Game still doesn't work right now. fix this. @GoodThings2Life @Didact343 @NISAmerica I should not have to refund and repurchase a game to get the license to work. @Mr_Arizona2424 All the adventures. @ThatZachM The official sony website provides users with the necessary information about the servers. It is often a good idea to check the PSN service status before you start looking for any fixes. Plus TV shows everyone’s talking about. We’re sorry for any inconvenience you’ve experienced. Page last updated by @PlayStation @AskPlayStation How do you get a refund on a game purchased using the PlayStation store. I blame them, not Sony. Upon downloading + trying to activate the VR DLC right on the main menu; it's no longer available. @PlayStation IMHO they’re just waiting to reduce costs, both @Sony and @Microsoft, not producing as many units as expected. Xbox refuses to take any risks at all since the Kinect fiasco. How do you rate Playstation Network over the past 3 months? @Babyruth253 @AlexSyvorov If it was on october 16th, it was possibly an aftermath of the PSN 8.00 update. @Cole_TDB Well, it sucks also hopefully Sony won’t just shrug it off due to the PS5 releasing. #Cyberpunk2077 #PlayStation #xbox, @Eddie76417140 The Xbox and the PlayStation are both consoles so they should have received the update at the same time, @PwnySlaystation @neville_vickie @AskPlayStation Huh that is pretty stupid that it’s happening to other games as well. PSN or the Playstation network helps to connect every PlayStation device. Is that your store policy because of @XboxGamePass ?Anyway, if it is so easy to get it, I might shop somewhere else.2/2, @Fitzy2025 It's just party system, @UbisoftSupport @Vote4Science734 I’m having the same issue accept with PlayStation Store. Im@on Xbox but it’s bowing my connected account from PlayStation 4. @djlekind By law, we are required to ask your consent to show the content that is normally displayed here. https://www.playstation.com/en-in/get-help/#!/error-code/. @PlayStation Every time I try to start a party, after my friends join, it says they have some sort of issue with audio verification or something to that effect.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.