Evidence for the existence of bazaars or souks dates to around 3,000 BCE. He goes everywhere alone, to fetch water and to buy bread at the bazaar. Finally, the area comprising a souk might be roofed over. During the 18th and 19th centuries, Europeans conquered and excavated parts of North Africa and the Levant. New and wealthy cities such as Isfahan, Golconda, Samarkand, Cairo, Baghdad and Timbuktu were founded along trade routes and bazaars. The definition is a funny and gross one; this is what people living in Edinburgh shouted out their windows as a warning before dumping their slop buckets out of their windows. [14], The Greek historian, Herodotus, noted that in Egypt, roles were reversed compared with other cultures and Egyptian women frequented the market and carried on trade, while the men remain at home weaving cloth. The State is not one but many, like a bazaar at which you can buy anything. [12] By the 4th century (CE), a network of bazaars had sprung up alongside ancient caravan trade routes. Bizarre Definition: conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual. [7] The term, bazaar, spread from Persia into Arabia and ultimately throughout the Middle East.[8]. The term bazaar is sometimes also used to refer to the "network of merchants, bankers and craftsmen" who work in that area. "[41] At the same time, the Orient was seen as exotic, mysterious, a place of fables and beauty. The Bazaar of Tabriz, for example, stretches along 1.5 kilometres of street and is the longest vaulted bazaar in the world. A bazaar or souk, is a permanently enclosed marketplace or street where goods and services are exchanged or sold. Shopping at a souk or market place is part of daily life throughout much of the Middle East. In Czechia, the word "bazar" means second-hand shop. Another word for bazaar. In general a souk is synonymous with a bazaar or marketplace, and the term souk is used in Arabic-speaking countries. [49], Although these works were purportedly non-fiction, they were notoriously unreliable. Informal Departing from proportion or moderation, especially: a. Any souk may serve a social function as being a place for people to meet in, in addition to its commercial function. A temporary, seasonal souk is held at a set time that might be yearly, monthly or weekly. Other spellings of this word involving the letter "Q" (sooq, souq, so'oq...) were likely developed using English and thus refer to Western Asian/Arab traditional markets, as British colonialism was present there during the 19th and 20th centuries. [citation needed] Pourjafara et al., point to historical records documenting the concept of a bazaar as early as 3000 BC. [15] He also described The Babylonian Marriage Market. [45], Notable artists in the Orientalist genre include: Jean-Léon Gérôme Delacroix (1824–1904), Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps (1803–1860), Frederic Leighton (1830-1896), Eugène Alexis Girardet 1853-1907 and William Holman Hunt (1827–1910) who all found inspiration in Oriental street scenes, trading and commerce. Gharipour, M., "The Culture and Politics of Commerce," in, Mehdipour, H.R.N, "Persian Bazaar and Its Impact on Evolution of Historic Urban Cores: The Case of Isfahan,", Nejad, R. M., “Social bazaar and commercial bazaar: comparative study of spatial role of Iranian bazaar in the historical cities in different socio-economical context,”, Karimi, M., Moradi, E. and Mehr, R., "Bazaar, As a Symbol of Culture and the Architecture of Commercial Spaces in Iranian-Islamic Civilization,". Bazaar definition is - a market (as in the Middle East) consisting of rows of shops or stalls selling miscellaneous goods. Islamic architecture also became favorite subject matter. "Autobazar" is a shop which purchases and sells pre-owned cars. [48] Byron's Oriental Tales, is another example of the Romantic Orientalism genre. ‘his behaviour became more and more bizarre’ ‘This is a bizarre situation, especially in comparison with the rules of the sea.’ ‘Being pictured as he was might be a bizarre situation but it's par for the course.’ For example, Suq Hijr in Bahrain was noted for its dates while Suq 'Adan was known for its spices and perfumes. [22], City bazaars occupied a series of alleys along the length of the city, typically stretching from one city gate to a different gate on the other side of the city. His parents were wealthy tea and spice merchants who were able to fund his travels and interest in painting. Along the major trade routes, bazaars were associated with the caravanserai. [35] Political, economic and social changes have left only the small seasonal souks outside villages and small towns, primarily selling livestock and agricultural products. The capital of Bali province, in Indonesia, is Denpasar, which means "north market.". The Muhtasib was responsible for supervising business practices and collecting taxes for a given souk while the Arif are the overseers for a specific trade. If he goes to Stamboul, he most likely visits the bazaar early in the morning. [25], Nejad has made a detailed study of early bazaars in Iran and identifies two distinct types, based on their place within the economy, namely:[26], In the 1840s, Charles White described the Yessir Bazary of Constantinople in the following terms:[27].

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