as tools to keep children quiet or to act as technological babysitters, thereby obviating the ne.. At one time methamphetamine was prescribed for use as a diet pill, but it is no longer used therapeutically. Mmm mmm, motherfuckah. showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 23 definitions). nut butter: [noun] semen. Just spread between the buns. 5. Tags: Slang Meaning of methamphetamine. Simple as that. PSP, HIPAA Feedback, The World's most comprehensive professionally edited abbreviations and acronyms database, Peanuts Emoji Meaning. Mike: yeh let me just get the peanut butter. See peanut, butter, butt, lubricant, gay, sex, god dam peanut butter always making noise. TOP 10 CLASSIC RHYMING SLANG. However, chronic users of methamphetamine typically develop delusions of bugs crawling under their skin, leading the user to scratch the skin repeatedly and cause characteristic lesions. Luton Boy: Wassup man, we L-Town people holding it down Did you find the slang meaning/definition of methamphetamine? The pod of the peanut, shown in its rounded, grooved, light-brown shell. F*ck you, Watson means: A comeback to the "No shit, Sherlock" response. Peanut butter is a consumer staple that does not experience wild fluctuations in demand, even during recessions, IBS notes. Examples: NFL, Ratings for Peanut Butter This slang has been rated: Classic 35 times. a name used to refer to a slutty girl.... you know peanut butter ... spreads easy. The effects and dangers of methamphetamine use are characteristic of other stimulants. The Drastic Consequences of Unsustainable Development. Marlow got pounded by a gang on the way home from school. I don't know how popular the was, but my friends and I used it all the time. Mad good with chocolate. I had a few jobs during college working for chicken feed, but it was the only work I could get that fit in with my schedule. Another complication is the formation of local dilations of small arteries, resembling a naturally occurring illness called periarteritis nodosa, which can lead to kidney failure or brain hemorrhages. SODOMI. A type of lubricant used for cowboy gay sex. pound means: Drink a lot. The slang definition of methamphetamine. Spread the word Peanut looking to inspire a seminar audience, where he reaffirms the nutritional benefits of peanuts and urges them to "believe in its power." Free Social Classifieds, All Rights Reserved. NASA, Methamphetamine may be taken in a variety of ways: by mouth, injection, snorting, or smoking. Mmm mmm, motherfuckah. While discussing this issue recently someone described it as “peanut buttering” the product. More slang meanings / definitions of methamphetamine or words, sentences containing methamphetamine? Oh my god, theres Michelle, PEANUT BUTTER! I sprayed her with my nut butter . The difference between "ice" and "crack" is that the methamphetamine high lasts for hours rather than the shorter cocaine high. These two complications are rarely seen with other stimulants. Postal codes: USA: 81657, Canada: T5A 0A7, Your abbreviation search returned 23 meanings, showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 23 definitions), Note: We have 68 other definitions for PBG in our Acronym Attic, Search for PBG in Online Dictionary Encyclopedia, The Acronym Finder is Most societies frown at friendship with the opposite sex. a creamy delight sold in grocery stores commonly used in sandwiches and yummy chocolate candies. After the person next to you has laid their card/s down, you say peanut butter to indicate that you lied and got away with it. Although it was feared that "ice" might replace "crack," this has not yet happened. word filter on 4chan. Suzy's brother has a connection in the stadium, so we got them for chicken feed! I put some peanut butter on my oreo cookies. Get a deeper understanding of your customers. Acronym Finder, All Rights Reserved. Modern 17 times. Methamphetamine is easily synthesized, making its illicit manufacture for sale on the street relatively simple. Copyrights © 2020 Voticle. Jason: hey mike, come join me in bed. According to the records of history, human is the only specie known to have changed not morphologically but in the way of living because we continuously look for means to better our conditions of life here on earth. L-City is the main nickname for London. Note: We have 68 other definitions for PBG in our Acronym Attic. I edited it because I didn't know what sort of language you didn't want on the site. Like "crack" cocaine, crystals of the drug, called "ice", can be smoked, with an immediate effect similar to direct intravenous injection. The use of TVs, DVDs, video games, etc. "global warming" This is not the first call to a national dialogue. A type of lubricant used for cowboy gay sex. ,random Local Business & Social Connections on Mockney 33 times. See peanut, butter, butt, lubricant, gay, sex. "if you pushin candy color with buttah on cuttas" you ballin, houston style. I managed to get tickets! methamphetamine means: Also known as speed, this drug is a stimulant that is the amphetamine of choice for street use. A delicious substance made out of ground peanuts. Mike: yeh let me just get the peanut butter. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); Words, slangs, sentences and phrases similar to methamphetamine, tina means: Methamphetamine; crystal methamphetamine; methamphetamine used with Viagra, bathtub crank means: Poor quality methamphetamine; methamphetamine produced in bathtubs, croak means: Cocaine mixed with methamphetamine; methamphetamine, jet fuel means: PCP; methamphetamine; methamphetamine combined with PCP (phencyclidine). Prior to the popularity of cocaine, methamphetamine was the most commonly used stimulant. Comments and queries. See more words with the same meaning: semen . London Boy: You keep a.. 1. new search; suggest new … 1. for chicken feed For a very paltry or minuscule amount of money; for nearly no money or the absolute minimum amount. SIX PACK means: Six pack is slang for a flat, muscular stomach. "Ice" originated in Hawaii in 1987 but has since spread east across parts of the mainland United States. Word(s) in meaning: chat  Like to add another slang meaning or definition of methamphetamine? I put some peanut butter on my oreo cookies. It all started with technical... Paul Biya’s call for a national dialogue seems to be another ruse to do nothing. Rate Peanut Butter Classic Modern Mockney. Elbonics should be considered when building new movie theatre.. 1. peanut buttering n.— «Peanut buttering (v)—The tendency to evenly distribute resources across the full range of a product rather than focusing on a few core Value Propositions. My mum bought Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. The actions of two people maneuvering for one armrest in a movie theater. stove top means: Crystal methamphetamine; methamphetamine, shabu means: Combination of powder cocaine and methamphetamine; crack cocaine; methamphetamine; methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), ice means: Cocaine; crack cocaine; smokable methamphetamine; methamphetamine; methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA); phencyclidine (PCP), mexican crack means: Methamphetamine with the appearance of crack; methamphetamine. bless means: A term used when saying goodbye, feeling good about a friend, and or a term used to part company with someone considered family. © 1988-2020, Like to add another slang meaning or definition of methamphetamine? May be used for peanut butter as well as other edible nuts (e.g., almonds) or metaphorical ones, including slang for “crazy” and “testicle.” Paul Biya’s Call for a National Dialogue Is Just Another Ruse To Do Nothing. Most frequently used when playing the card game Bull Sh*t (bs- other wise said bad spaghetti). Track emotional ceaction on your web page for free. Apple depicts a pair. A few months ago, the Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute to the dictatorial regime had toured the troubled... #1 Local and Social Classifieds. A friend is someone whom you have acquaintance with and really like but usually not family related and he or she can be of the same sex or the opposite sex. "I'm heading out now folks...bless!". 6. niggers. PEANUT BUTTER slang means: methamphetamine. Please, add a definition of methamphetamine if you did not find one from a search of methamphetamine. PEANUT BUTTER slang means: methamphetamine More slang meanings / definitions of methamphetamine or words, sentences containing methamphetamine?

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