Originating thousands of years ago in tropical regions, these birds have been prized by everyone from the pharaohs of Egypt, to you, the poultry hobbyist. LOWEST PRICE IN CALGARY! (1-2 Business days) COME IN STORE IN NEW HORIZON MALL OR ORDER ONLINE AT FLEXMOBILE.CA CANADIAN MODELS! Fall Sale!!! Peafowl are shipped by Priority Mail and insured: The box should be opened at the post office upon arrival. Kansas City MO 64167 US. | Privacy Policy I have 4 items up for sale I am taking offers Pending Sale Large peacock Wizard Small peacock Wizard signed by artist Pending Sale Lap Dragon peacock Warrior Dragon peacock. See Shipping Information page for example shipping costs and the range of temperatures that we can ship peafowl. Cackle Hatchery® offers assorted peafowl chicks for sale, all of which are high-quality birds that will meet and exceed your expectations. I'm looking for peacocks of different styles I have blue and I'd like to have all the lines plus I look for them in smallPreference contact with message with information about your birds. Local pickup in central Wisconsin or will ship USPS at buyers expense.Blues $35.00 eachBlue Pied $50.00 eachWhite $55.00 eachSilver Pied $60.00 each. For details call 910-640-7114 Tabor City North Carolina. I have India Blues and IB Black Shoulder Peachicks available to be picked up. I am hoping to get $300 for the set. Peafowl and Guinea Combination. The most common species in the India Blue Peahen, but there are also Green Peahens and hybrids or spaldings. FLEX MOBILE 4037973638 Huawei P30 Pro BRAND NEW CHARGERS Unlocked for all carrier networks including Freedom & International Black/Pearl White/Aurora/Breathing Crystal/Amber Sunrise/Misty Lavender/Mystic Blue 90 DAYS WARRANTY SALE $900.00, BIGGEST INVENTORY! PEACOCKS, PEAHENS & PEACHICKS FOR SALE; Chickens. They have been raised together. Limited eggs will be available April through July. We have young chicks ready now. Wanted peachicks. Pick up in Panorama Hills NW. One year old couple. Yearling Male Peacocks for sale in New Jersey. Outside and healthy. Since they will need to do sixty days of quarantine before moving to our pole building/barn we would ideally need to collect them well before the snow arrives.Please check the approximate distance from 16360-would like to travel no more than 1.5 hours to keep the birds from stressing. FLEX MOBILE 4037973638 Google Pixel BRAND NEW CHARGERS Unlocked for all carrier networks including Freedom & International Quite Black/Very Silver/Really, BIGGEST INVENTORY! FLEX MOBILE 4037973638 Google Pixel BRAND NEW CHARGERS Unlocked for all carrier networks including Freedom & International Quite Black/Very Silver/Really Blue 90 DAYS WARRANTY SALE $200.00 ********************************************** FLEX, BIGGEST INVENTORY IN CALGARY! Peafowl are quite hardy but do need shelter from extreme temperatures and plenty of room to roam. $400.00 I will sell the males by themselves, but not the hens. They are used to people, friendly dogs and cattle around. Includes our choice of at least of two varieties from our India Blue, White, Pied, Black Shoulder, Spalding, other other varities of peafowl. Pick up only (no shipping). Five were hatched on August 22, 2020 and four were hatched on Sept. 2, 2020. Hi- looking to find Sammie a girlfriend... in Northern AZ and can drive but will not ship. Ages of Peafowl: Peachicks ship from 1 day-2 weeks of age; Adults are roughly 3-4 years of age. Also have an adult peahen for $125 that had a clutch this year. White peafowl are a color variety of the India Blue Peacock. FLEX MOBILE 4037973638 Google Pixel 3 XL BRAND NEW CHARGERS Unlocked for all carrier networks including Freedom & International Just Black/Clearly White/Not, BIGGEST INVENTORY! I have 1.25 acre and want to get some babies to tame them in the patio. I'm in the market for peafowl in North Louisiana,East Texas or lower Arkansas area. UNLOCKED Huawei P20 Pro New Charger & 90 Days Warranty!!! Peacocks are actually the name for male Peafowl species related to Pheasants. Helpful Hint: you can do a text search for your city or state by pressing CTRL-F and entering the exact text to search for. 2 males are 2 yrs old. The first ship date for everything in your cart is. Looking to add peachicks to our farm, would like to hatch the eggs as a lesson for our home schooled child, now with the Covid-19 seems everywhere I would have turned to is not doing it or they sold out. This machine, NEW SUN PLEASURE 6 PERSON INFLATABLE UNICORN ISLAND WATER FLOATER 6PUPI $399.99 These fun islands will definitely float your boat, that is when you have friends or family over for some water fun. FLEX MOBILE 4037973638 Google Pixel 2 XL BRAND NEW CHARGERS Unlocked for all carrier networks including Freedom & International Just Black/Black & White 90 DAYS WARRANTY SALE $380.00 ********************************************** FLEX MOBILE, Brand new 48 Egg Digital Incubator is perfect for home use or educational purposes and activities. Search. $40 each, We have baby peacocks for sale. All rights reserved. looking for pied peahens for sale or any really. No links or spammers allowed. LOWEST PRICE IN CALGARY! Java Green Peafowl Pair Pavo muticus Java Green Peafowl are beautiful, and like all peafowl, they discourage bugs and snakes. The temperature at floor level in the brooder needs to be 95-97 degrees for the first two weeks, gradually reducing the temperature by raising the heat lamp. CANADA-WIDE SHIPPING! Explore 10 listings for Peacocks for sale at best prices. Fall Sale!!! Location: Shumway, IL 62461. Get an alert with the newest ads for "peacocks for sale" in Alberta. $100 each. Looking for peafowl or peachicks of any age. 37184(615)-351-6428pottsofpeafowl@yahoo.comColors include: Midnight BS, Purple Pied, Bronze WE (all patterns), Taupe split BS, and White. UNLOCKED Google Pixel 3 With New Charger & 90 Days Warranty!!! FLEX MOBILE 4037973638 Huawei P30 Lite BRAND NEW CHARGERS Unlocked for all carrier networks including Freedom & International Midnight Black/Pearl White/Peacock Blue 90 DAYS WARRANTY SALE $400.00 *********************************** FLEX MOBILE, BIGGEST INVENTORY IN CALGARY! I have a set of 3 beautiful India blue peafowl. We have a huge pen ready for them. Peafowl for sale, Legg's Peafowl, peafowl varieties for sale, for sale​, Brad, Patsy, Ashley, Brandon, Dallas, and Caitlin Legg. LOWEST PRICE! Eureka Red Peacock African Cichlid Babies 3 of them. CANADA-WIDE SHIPPING! We thank our friends below for supporting the Peafowl.org website and allowing us to provide these classified services at no cost to our visitors! If we didn't have to move from our acre and a half, I would not be selling my babies. Plus, they discourage snakes and bugs. Fall Sale!!! Raised and socialized with our family and chickens. Peafowl are no longer available for our Canadian customers. I have 3 peacocks and 2 peafowl, last count 5 babies for sale. Peafowl are native to Asia. Will come when called and eat out of our hands. Blue, Green, or White. Fall Sale!!! Peacocks. Bow's Peafowl Farm has quality peafowl for sale for either your enjoyment or breeding program. Previously showed dogs in conformation for 15 years.. want this to be my family's hobby and love together. Please text (814)659-9589 if interested. Price starting at $50. Week old, healthy, India Blue, peachicks. Shipping available Looking for possibly two peachicks to raise as pets. Occasionally peacocks and peahens during the year. It is free for anyone to post their ad to either buy or sell peafowl. LOWEST PRICE IN CALGARY! UNLOCKED Huawei P10 New Charger & 90 Days Warranty!!! If temps are below 30 or above 85 degrees we will not ship birds or eggs. Other Males $40, females $50. Would you like to correct it? I have two clutches of unsexed black shoulder peachicks for sale. LOWEST PRICE IN CALGARY! The first day you can sprinkle a very finely chopped hard boiled egg over their feed to get them started. Increase the search radius for more results. Peafowl Assortment . UNLOCKED Google Pixel 4 With New Charger & 90 Days Warranty!!! These varieties include IB, IBBS, IB pied, IBBS pied, IB silver pied, white, bronze, bronze black shoulders. That means each pea chick is 70$. 10 minutes east of Archie, MO. 4-6 weeks old, out of NPIP approved flock. Beautiful fish. Out of Stock. We manually approve all submissions prior to posting the ad live on this page, so please be patient over weekend and around holidays. Peafowl pair. Hoping to get young peafowl. Pied. 4 blue peafowl chicks hatched 7/15/2020 for sale to be picked up in western PA. $35 OBO. We are about an hour south of Kansas City. Fall Sale!!! Please text or email for pictures. Very healthy and active peacocks. All birds NPIP and AI tested, closed flock and unrelated breeders.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.