It is therefore essential that you articulate not only the benefits of the PAW model, but the risks of non-compliance. Network Configuration Operators A PAW built using guidance provided in Phase 2 can be used as a starting point to provide security for these roles. In your clean room environment, you will need to create a golden configuration for each unique hardware/software combination you are deploying as guarded hosts for admin VMs. Each HGS cluster is a guardian for the PAW devices it protects. The instructions are divided into three phases which focus on putting the most critical mitigations in place quickly and then progressively increasing and expanding the usage of PAW for the enterprise. Enable Credential Guard to reduce risk of credential theft and reuse. This structure also includes the group policies and groups required to support the PAW. Right-click Registry, select, The security state and practices of the management capability (including software update practices for the tool, administrative roles and accounts in those roles, operating systems the tool is hosted on or managed from, and any other hardware or software dependencies of that tool), The frequency and quantity of software deployments and updates on your PAWs, Requirements for detailed inventory and configuration information, Organizational standards and other organizational-specific factors, Provides cloud based visibility and control, Requires following "Enable Connectivity to Cloud Services" steps in Phase 2. Create a new GPO for the admin VMs to add PAW users to the Remote Desktop Users group. It makes you avoid common mistakes such as sending a body in a GET request. This architecture can be applied to administration of many types of systems including Active Directory Domains and Forests, Microsoft Azure Active Directory tenants, Office 365 tenants, Process Control Networks (PCN), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), and Point of Sale (PoS) devices. For more information on evaluating administrative tools and connection methods for credential exposure risk visit this page. You can easily share the request/response pair you see in Paw with others in a snap. In order to balance the need for security with the need for productivity, Microsoft recommends using one of these PAW hardware profiles: Organizations may use only one profile or both. HGS is a clustered role, making it easy to scale out for any size deployment. Right-click Registry, select New > Registry Item and configure the following settings: Key Path: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings. Pawprint gives you a shortened URL to paste anywhere (regardless of whether others have Paw). Older versions of operating systems usually contain vulnerabilities that have been fixed in later released versions. Do not use a password that has been used for any other account in the environment. This script will create the new organizational unit (OU) structure in Active Directory, and block GPO inheritance on the new OUs as appropriate. Additional files, such as RDP or VPN certificates. In all scenarios, administrators should be trained to only use PAWs for performing support of remote systems. Due to the highly privileged functions of a PAW, a high level of trust must be implemented for access to the PAW, including non-repudiation of the user session. This is required to allow the admins to connect to the admin VMs and turn them on/off as necessary. In this scenario, a PAW is used for administration that is completely separate from the PC that is used for daily activities like email, document editing, and development work. Ensure to evaluate the risk of credential exposure on the target computers with any tool before adding it to a PAW. Click OK to complete the ProxyServer group policy setting. These instructions assume that you will be using Internet Explorer (or Microsoft Edge) for administration of Office 365, Azure, and other cloud services. In this configuration, daily work that does not require administrative privileges is done in the user OS virtual machine which has a regular corporate Windows 10 image and is not subject to restrictions applied to the PAW host. Scope: These protections enhance the systems built in Phase 1, bolstering the basic protection with advanced features including multi-factor authentication and network access rules. Validate the integrity of the PAW system by reviewing and confirming that all appropriate settings are in place using the steps below: Open Edit Local Users and Groups (lusrmgr.msc), select Groups, and confirm that the only members of the local Administrators group are the local Administrator account and the PAW Maintenance global security group. One example may be that your organization decides to enable work-from-home scenarios for administrators, which would necessitate a shift from desktop PAWs to laptop PAWs - a shift which may necessitate additional security considerations. Select the Delete all member users and Delete all member groups check boxes. While a mobile PAW enables many important scenarios, including work from home, remote access software can potentially be vulnerable to attack and used to compromise a PAW. An administrative virtual machine (Admin VM) is a dedicated operating system for administrative tasks hosted on a standard user desktop. If administrators will be using the PAW remotely for administration, install the remote access software using security guidance from your remote access solution vendor. Note: A virtualization system (and its admins) are considered Tier 0 for a Forest if Domain Controllers or other Tier 0 hosts are in the subscription. If you do deploy an additional web browser, ensure that you follow all clean source principles and secure the browser according to the vendor's security guidance. Multi-factor authentication strengthens account security by requiring the user to provide a physical token in addition to credentials. Microsoft publishes MD5 hashes for all operating systems and applications on MSDN, but not all software vendors provide similar documentation. See the Tier model page for more information. A PAW built with Phase 2 guidance is sufficient for this role. Multi-factor authentication complements authentication policies extremely well, but it does not depend on authentication policies for deployment (and, similarly, authentication policies do not require multi-factor authentication). Note: Any custom created groups with effective Tier 0 access, see Tier 0 equivalency for more details. Microsoft publishes all current Office 365 and Azure URLs in the Office Support Center. Minimize the number of Tier 0 privileged administrators. You can also restrict access from the PAW using a web proxy as well for defense in depth. Restricted remote administration must be enabled for high-value systems. Domain controllers (DC) are usually the most sensitive, high-value IT resources in a domain. - Protect and manage social media accounts using Azure Active Directory (AAD) for sharing, protecting, and tracking access to social media accounts. Click OK to complete the AutoConfigUrl group policy setting. This script will create the new global security groups in the appropriate OUs. The PAC file can also be hosted on a file share, with the syntax of file:// but this requires allowing the file:// protocol. This section will provide detailed instructions which will allow you to build your own PAW using general principles and concepts very similar to those used by Microsoft IT and Microsoft cloud engineering and service management organizations. Scope, Define, and Maintain Regulatory Demands Online in Minutes. - PAWs should be used for at least the Subscription Billing administrator, Global administrator, Exchange administrator, SharePoint administrator, and User management administrator roles. If your HGS server is running Windows Server 2019 or later, you can enable an optional feature to cache the keys for shielded VMs on PAWs so they can be used offline. If the domain is not configured to restrict privileged administrator accounts from logging on to lower-tier hosts, it would be impossible to isolate administrative accounts to specific trust zones ... Windows PAWs must be restricted to only allow groups used to manage high-value IT resources and members of the local Administrators group to log on locally. Also using Edit Local Users and Groups, ensure that the following groups have no members: Doing so will potentially impact operations on your entire Active Directory environment. Also we offer 30% off for students. Please note that the operating system in guest virtual machines will need to be licensed per Microsoft product licensing, also described here. Finally, run the Template Disk Wizard on the VHDX file from the VM to install the BitLocker components and generate the disk signature. The generalized template disk is paired with a shielding data file, which contains the secrets needed to provision a shielded VM. Install Windows 10 using the clean source installation media that you obtained earlier. The step by step instructions in this guidance are based on this hardware profile. While the PAW model includes several technical controls to prevent the exposure of privileged credentials, it is impossible to fully prevent all possible exposure purely using technical controls. Enable RestrictedAdmin mode on your servers and workstations by following the instructions available in this page. The figure above depicts how attackers can follow an established control chain to the target object of interest. Migrate your API calls seamlessly from cURL, Postman or Advanced Rest Client, and be up and running with Paw within minutes. Do not add the PAW Users group to the membership list for the local Administrators group. If you would like to learn about the benefit of shielded VM, you can find more details here. Browse to PAWFirewall.wfw and select Open. Install the latest updates for Windows, drivers, and firmware on the machine as well as any third party management or monitoring agents. The unattend.xml specialization file, which allows Windows to complete installation automatically and includes secrets like the local administrator's password. The device must be able to run Hyper-V and have Secure Boot and a TPM 2.0 enabled to meet the guarded host prerequisites. Separating these sensitive tasks and accounts from the daily use workstations and devices provides very strong protection from phishing attacks, application and OS vulnerabilities, various impersonation attacks, and credential theft attacks such as keystroke logging, Pass-the-Hash, and Pass-The-Ticket. While some advanced security controls like multi-factor authentication can increase the difficulty of an attacker taking over this administrative session from the user workstation, no security feature can fully protect against technical attacks when an attacker has administrative access of the source computer (e.g. Do not add any members to the group. Volume discounts are available, see pricing options. Combination scenarios some personnel may have administrative responsibilities that span multiple scenarios. Six new top-level OUs: Admin; Groups; Tier 1 Servers; Workstations; User Accounts; and Computer Quarantine. Explore Paw Power features, beautiful UI Discover Paw for Teams Sync your API projects across your team Assigning an administrative account to each authorized personnel separate from their standard user account is fundamental to the PAW model, as only certain accounts will be permitted to log onto the PAW itself. The administrative workstations are also a key element of the strongest protection for domain administration tasks, the Enhanced Security Administrative Environment (ESAE) administrative forest reference architecture. The PAW device is running the Windows 10 1709 release, which has a new feature "Guarded host". (Optional) Enable Connectivity to Cloud Services. Replicators. In Computer Configuration\Policies\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignment\Deny log on as a service, select Define these policy settings and add the Tier 0 and Tier 1 groups: Note: Built-in Tier 0 Groups, see Tier 0 equivalency for more details. The PAW approach is an extension of the well-established recommended practice to use separate admin and user accounts for administrative personnel.

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