How far will she go to help him and at what cost? • How do you find the time to write, and what are your tricks for achieving balance between your The challenge is to capture the larger mood while manifesting it in detail. No, being a novelist was actually my childhood dream, and I’ve been putting my writing in front of friends and family for as long as I can remember. Upon receiving her master’s in history from Cambridge, she accepted an appointment as Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Army., Watch Trailer For ‘King Of Knives’ Available Tuesday, December 1st, Watch Trailer For ‘Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds With Shane MacGowan’ Available Friday, December 4, Austin, Dallas And Oklahoma City: Win Passes To Virtual Screenings Of ‘Let Him Go’. 9780778315094 The epiphany for me was 9/11. I get through that period with coffee and faith. A professor of law at Rutgers University with a master’s in history from the University of Cambridge, her latest novel, The Lost Girls of Paris, is a cloak-and-dagger thriller that explores the motives of a select group of women trained for subversion and sabotage. It is forbidden to copy anything for publication elsewhere without written permission from the copyright holder. 01/29/2013. It is true that, in addition to the writing, I have three small children and a job as a law school Were the people in your life surprised when you turned to writing fiction? Were you setting yourself up to be a writer for years, or did this idea come out of the blue? • What was the inspiration behind The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach? FQ: Where did The Kommandant’s Girl originate from? BookBrowse seeks out and recommends the best in contemporary fiction and nonfiction—books that not only engage and entertain but also deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Can you still find traces of it in the city today? The interest is understandable—those very difficult times provide fertile ground for putting the reader in the protagonist’s shoes and forcing her to question what she might have done under such circumstances. Your book follows Margot, the daughter of a diplomat who stays in Paris during the peace conference that follows the Great War. Full access is for members only. Submission Guidelines, © 1996-2020 BookPage and ProMotion, inc. | 2143 Belcourt Avenue, Nashville, TN 37212. mirrors so much of what she faced emotionally, and the setting is so evocative for young love. Do you ever have doubts about setting your novels against important historical moments like this? She also authored a short story in the anthology Grand Central: Original Postwar Stories of Love and Reunion. right. and I can get completely lost in the research. Setting out to learn the truth behind the women in the photographs, Grace finds herself drawn to a young mother turned agent named Marie, whose daring mission overseas reveals a remarkable story of friendship, valor and betrayal. My dad's side She attended George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and Cambridge University in England. Library I like to read other 20th century historical fiction that is well done, though that can sometimes be intimidating because they are so good. Grace soon learns that the suitcase belonged to a woman named Eleanor Trigg, leader of a network of female secret agents who were deployed out of London during the war. You earned your master's in history, graduated from law school, have worked for the Army and the State Department and now teach at Rutgers. I was very close to the surviving Jewish community in Krakow and the consulate gave me responsibility for many of these issues. I like the beginning, which for me involves throwing down on paper (keyboard, actually) 150 pages or so of whatever comes out. to be set against the backdrop of World War II and that the families should be from different Interview with Pam Jenoff Posted by Simon & Schuster on October 6, 2009 What Readers want to know... SS: How would you describe perfect happiness? Sometimes, such as when writing my earlier books set during the Holocaust, it can be quite daunting. When those tragic events happened, I had a heightened sense of mortality and realized I did not have forever to make my dream come true—I had to get started right away. Learn how your comment data is processed. She attended George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and Cambridge University in England. Visitors can view some of BookBrowse for free. How do you manage to make the world feel authentic to readers? I Pam is the author of The Kommandant’s Girl, which was an international bestseller and nominated for a Quill award, as well as The Winter Guest, The Diplomat’s Wife, The Ambassador’s Daughter, Almost Home, A Hidden Affair and The Things We Cherished. also complex. It was an exciting time as Poland emerged from Communism and there were many issues related to the Second World War and Holocaust, such as preservation of the concentration camps and property restitution, which were unresolved. Privacy Policy In our Q&A with Pam Jenoff, the author sheds some light on her influences and the historic settings in her novel. Individual a microcosm of the home front across America. All of your novels take place during World War II. I think that for so long the focus of 20th-century historical fiction has been the Second World War. from this time and bring the period to life for both longtime readers of the period and those Subscribe to receive some of our best reviews, "beyond the book" articles, book club info, and giveaways by email. 40s; I summered there as a girl and it is very much in my blood. All rights reserved. It was during this period that Pam developed her expertise in Polish-Jewish relations and the Holocaust. In a moment of impulse, Grace takes the photographs and quickly leaves the station. Search String: Author Biography Unless otherwise stated, this interview was conducted at the time the book was first published, and is reproduced with permission of the publisher. Your email address will not be published. Pam Jenoff was born in Maryland and raised outside Philadelphia. I was quite moved by my personal and professional experiences in Poland and these have largely influenced my writing. professor. Title What makes for a compelling one? What might readers be surprised to know about the city during this time? What made you decide to set How, for example, did they black out the Boardwalk lights? An interview with Pam Jenoff. Become a Member and discover books that entertain, engage & enlighten. The Advertise And there’s nothing better than receiving a friendly reader email when you are in the pit of creative despair, to remind you while you struggle through writing in the first place. Then I had a child, and The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach What did each of your previous careers bring to your writing? what happened there, how the war affected people's lives. Find BookPage, About BookPage Upon receiving her master’s in history from Cambridge, she accepted an appointment as Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Army. Just $12 for 3 months or Check out her website here, Facebook and Twitter. Search: I haven’t thought about other literary love triangles, though in some sense for me it dates back to Camelot and the Arthurian Legend (love triangle between Guinevere, Lancelot and Arthur.) What was the inspiration behind $39 for a year. largely from my years at the Pentagon and my time as a diplomat for the State Department in For example, I could find lots of people able to tell me about Chelsea in the 1950s but not so Pam Jenoff was born in Maryland and raised outside Philadelphia. I’d wanted to write about this time period since writing about it for my master’s thesis at Cambridge on the Paris Peace Conference and the League of Nations covenant. while living in Poland two decades ago. She’s clearly a hard-working woman, and hard-working women are her protagonists in this historical novel set during and immediately after WWII. She worked for several years as a labor and employment attorney both at a firm and in-house in Philadelphia and now teaches law school at Rutgers. There are times where my energy or inspiration is low, but to me this is a job so I still put my butt in the chair and write something. Reader Reviews. Additionally, as a novelist my goal is to take the reader and put her in the shoes of my protagonist Agent Sonya: Moscow's Most Daring Wartime Spy. I love all the things I do—teaching, writing, kids— For example, creative writing can help a lawyer craft narratives, while legal writing has developed my ability to revise my novels. a family with four sons—kind of a reverse Even before I realized it would be set during the war, I always knew What is your favorite part of the writing process? written all my World War II historical while living in the States, I actually began the manuscript for Post-war Paris is brilliantly evoked in this novel. A few years ago, when I returned to the story, I realized that it needed In the mid-1990s, I was sent to Poland as a diplomat for the State Department. In 1996 she was assigned to the U.S. Consulate in Krakow, Poland.

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