In 98 AG, the Oocca watched the Gerudo invasion of the Kingdom of Hyrule, and elected to not intervene, confident the Triforce was secured in the Temple of Time. So skyloft loses resources and slowly breaks apart, which is why its all torn up in Twilight princess. Ooccoo, born Siroc, is an Oocca who served as Demoko's lieutenant and later as de facto leader of the Oocca. Interesting. Though I tend to think that the people of Skyloft emigrated to the surface, and because their loft wings can't fly there (well Link's couldn't; it always dropped you off at the portal thing whenever you had to descend to the surface), the ooccoo are an evolved and mutated result of the loft wings. Now in Demoko's service, Siroc and her surviving people slowly transformed into the avian Oocca and shed their mortal bodies. Ooccoo, the City in the Sky shopkeeper, and Ooccoo Jr.). The reemergence of the Gohma and escape of Sulkaris in 126 AG swiftly gained the attention of the Oocca, who dispatched surface agents to Hyrule to monitor the war. OoccooOoccoo Jr. According to him, the Ooc… Another theory states that the Oocca were originally a highly evolved race that created many of the "divi… If this is true, the Oocca may have influenced the Zoras, as a second Clawshot is located in the Lakebed Temple. Argorok contributed to the damage in the already ruined city, breaking bridges where many pillars had already collapsed beforehand. Distinctions The Oocca watched the Moblin invasion of the Kingdom of Hyrule in 1 BG, concluding that the Triforce was inadequately protected in the hands of the Hylians. It is also possible that the Oocca created Hylians in the image of the Golden Goddesses in order to honor them. The Oocca are a race from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In 127 AG, while commanding one of the Mustering Bases in Hyrule Field, Ooccoo and her garrison were attacked by a surprise alliance of Hylians, Gorons, Zora, and Gohma and overwhelmed. Ooccoo can be found in every dungeon prior to the Palace of Twilight, and after Link finds her, she can be used until Link defeats the boss of th… The Oocca have their own written language, known as Sky Writing and some Oocca are able to speak and write in Hylian (i.e. After Sulkaris was slain by Rhoaban, Siroc played a vital part in maintaining the Confederation, secretly entering an affair with the Akkalan King and siring a child with him in 2999 BG. The Oocca could therefore have "created" the Hylian race by giving it identity. In SS we see Skyloft which many have already predicted… While Liyer and Demoko distracted Sulkaris and her swarms, Ooccoo accompanied Link to the heart, using her body to dislodge it so he could destroy it. This theory is supported by the fact that the Dominion Rod, an Oocca artifact, was stored inside the Temple of Time, which was always considered to be a sacred place to the Goddesses. Oocca This could mean that the Oocca did not create the Hylian race, but instead were so highly advanced that the Hylians thought of them as gods, basing their mythology and culture off of Oocca leavings. It has not been officially verified by Nintendo and its factual accuracy is disputed. Homeland This is my theory about the ooccoo and skyloft/city in the sky... First the goddess' made skyloft to protect the people from evil, then skyward sword happens, after that most people from skyloft descend to the "surface" because its now "safe". After Sulkaris was seemingly destroyed by a strike from the Heart, the Oocca established a ring of Mustering Bases around Death Mountain, to prevent Sulkaris from escaping should she reform. It is also speculated that the Oocca were once more humanoid in nature, as tools and technology created by their ancestors are designed to be wielded by beings of humanoid stature, or at the very least beings larger than the Oocca's current forms. In 2998 BG, the Darknut Legion to the far west declared a Crusade against the Wind Tribe, beginning a long march east to their homeland. This is theory is supported by the shop, which has human height counters and shelves but still has a perch for a bird. Also notable is the fact that they have no arms or appendages with which they could use or manipulate tools, but apparently they can manage writing, as shown by Ooccoo's letter to Link. Meanwhile, Demoko sacrificed himself by destroying his own throne room with Walker Cannons in a bid to kill Sulkaris. After Sulkaris killed Malkorbagia, the First Sage of Water, Demoko was forced to directly intervene, placing Ooccoo in direct command of his armies, as they focused on containing the Gohma with their forces and destroying them with the Heart of the Aura. She observed the It should be noted, when entering the Temple of Time, Ooccoo mentioned the temple housed the technology of their ancestors. They have built massive cannons that are capable of launching someone to and from the heavens, crafted a rod that can bring life to inanimate objects, and even built their own city in the sky that is held up by powerful propellers. Four years into the war, in 102 AG, Rauru again contacted Ooccoo at Vigjaro, pleading for the Oocca to intervene, but again the Oocca refused to intervene in mortal affairs. She is found in every dungeon up until the Palace of Twilight looking for the Dominion Rod, a piece of technology invented by her people. | Is it possible/likely that the Ooccoo from Twilight Princess (you know, the chickens with human faces) actually are evolutionary descendants of the Inhabitants of Skyloft. In the following two years, she and Rhoaban would sire two more children, in 2996 BG and 2995 BG, respectively. City in the Sky Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr. can be found stuck inside a pot somewhere in most dungeons; their location can be seen once Link obtains the dungeon's Compass. Arn Gustaf (descendant) It is not until Ooccoo journeys to the Temple of Time that she finds the Dominion Rod. There is also a possibility that the Oocca encountered were pets of another race who built and used to inhabit the city. Ooccoo Origin Hypothesis? Siroc abandoned her old name in favor of "Ooccoo," eventually becoming the First Sage of Time's most trust lieutenant and advisor. Three unnamed children where she aligned with King Daphnes Nohansen Kazakk to destroy the Gohma that had survived Demoko's sacrifice while Sulkaris was baited to Hyrule Prime. Link Gustaf II (descendant). Since the birds living there do not seem to have the ability to build, due to the city's declining state, it may all have been built by someone else, though the perches imply the builders were aware of the Oocca. And they, simultaneously with the birth of the Hylia people, created a new capital, a capital that floated in the heavens. *So I have no evidence to back this up which is why it is not really theory and is more of a Hypothesis, However I am curious as to what everybody thinks. Possible mistranslation could have led to the bird creatures being thought to be called the Oocca, when it was actually their owners. This can be used at any time in the dungeon, except during boss and mini-boss battles. It is possible that the Goddesses created the Oocca, got the idea for the Hylians from them, and created Hylians shortly afterward. Some fans also believe that the Oocca living in the City in the Sky are descendants of the Hylians living in Skyloft. /r/zelda is the hub for anything and everything The Legend of Zelda - the iconic Nintendo series. The city does not seem to have been designed for the Oocca, as Ooccoo was unable to return without the help of Link. If these other people once existed and died off, the Oocca may have been left in the ruins of their old owners' city with minimal understanding of their magic or technology. "The common opinion is that Hyrule was created by the Hylia people, the race closest to the gods, but...truth be told, there's also a theory saying that in ancient times, there was a race even closer to the gods than the Hylia people, and THEY created it.

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