Kit can be seen trapped behind the Omniscient Eye. Eons ago, Galdera betrayed the other gods and attempted to seize their power for himself, but was cast down by Aelfric the Flamebearer, and imprisoned in a plane of utter darkness behind the Gate of Finis. If you didn't steal Platinum Sword, buy Trinity or Refined Swrod. If Cyrus first, use Firestorm + Defend > 3x Bow Bird. Tressa: Surpassing Power, BP Eater, Elemental Aid, Augmented Elements, Ophilia: Battle-tested Axe, Elemental Heavy Armor, -Elemental Augmentor +Mental Belt, Therion: -Empowering Necklace +Mighty Belt, Ophilia/Cyrus: Pom S Ophilia/Herb of Clamor on Ophilia or Tressa if silenced, Alfyn: Optimize, Empowering Bracelet, Empowering Necklace, Double Tomohawk, Olberic: Platinum Sword, Hasty Helm, Sprightly Necklace x2. Optional: Pick Pom L after 6th torch. Should always be possible with 4 & 8 shields, and possible most of the time with 12 shields. Break Lizards with Bandits x2 and kill with either an L Stone or Peacock + Lightning Blast x4 This phase is actually a bit easier in our opinion, but only if you have "Saving Grace" skill. It's quite a bit to take in, but with no saving we only have one shot at this. Steal Curious Bloom (100%) from man standing near the library to the south if you don't have one. I have added this and will close this now. This phase is more about surviving and prepping Olberic to do his job than anything else. 50% off in NA and Europe to celebrate, Octopath Traveler officially revealed for PC, June 7 release date confirmed, Octopath Traveler PC release date leaked, arrives June 7. TP to Duskbarrow after cutscene where Therion discovers the hideout. This fight is pretty adaptable in terms of turn order to save resources. Feeding the other three BP items and topping off SP when needed. Between the Scholar Cyrus, the Cleric Ophilia, and the Dancer Primrose, a player can use every kind of elemental magic in the game. This earned Galdera the sobriquet "The Fallen.". Weaknesses: With all his great power and knowledge, Galdera is also prideful and believes himself to be flawless; thus causing him to overestimate his own power. The original strategy guide can be found here. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. T1-3: Tradewinds Mikk VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Recommended level: 55+ on all eight travelers. The Blade will probably go down last, but that's fine. Break 1 shield off Steorra. We have two phases here. Prioritize the Pom L on Merchant 1 above all else. If you get one of them, a 2xIgnis with Peacock or a 3xIgnis + 4xIgnis + Fire M kills Our main target here is the "Omniscient Eye", but it is guarded by various undead souls. Needs to be done after they take their turn T2, and is the only thing that is turn order dependant. Enter Duskbarrow. Ophilia 1st + Wind L is faster than a really late Ophilia. Artifacts such as the tome From the Far Reaches of Hell and the mural in the Ruins of Eld are left as warnings of what destructive powers lie behind the Gate. You generally have multiple free turns. Steal Fool's Gold Ore x2 (100%) from woman standing in front of house. There's only one at the start of the fight, but later on there will be up to three. And that my friends is the true final boss. and the "Saving Grace" skill will ensure you have 9,999 HP. Diese vier Games für PS4 und PC sind gute Alternativen zu dem Switch-Exklusivtitel. If you're short Curious Blooms, steal 1 from the guy by Clearbrook tavern. The Devourer of Dreams will become a random encounter in the Everhold Tunnels after beating its boss fight. You need to Pom Therion & defend with him if he's before Ophilia. If you need Shadow Stones steal Shadow M and Shadow L from knight by church. Need 4630 for Surpassing Power. Tressa is the main source of main-boss damage dealing. Talk to Alaic by the entrance and Guide him. T4: Tradewinds x4 Mikk (kill) OK, time for Phase 2. This party (and phase) is all about killing the body's extremeties as fast as possible, because they don't come back (unlike the souls from before). If you want an extra Sharp M for Tressa, Steal Sharp M from Bale. Need Corrosive or Panther before Therion's next turn, Ophilia: Nourishing S, Nourishing M, Invigorating M x2, Magic M x3, Alfyn: Concoct Injurious Seed + Addlewort, Therion: Peacock/Soulstone M (only needed if Magic L not used, even then its a range), Tressa: HHVx3 (DO NOT x4, it makes Mattias a range), Monster Perfume if you got one as a drop :(, Therion: Evil Ward, Endless Items, The Show Goes On, Ophilia: Defend / Pom L Merchant 1 / Grape M Therion if needed, Alfyn: Purifying Dust + Essence of Pomegranite, Tressa: -Heightened Senses -Endless Items, +Percipience +The Show Goes On. In the second phase, your team should be optimized for Elem Def. A failed attempt was made with Graham Crossford, and so she sets her sight on his son, Kit. Weapons sell for 43500, Refreshing Jams sell for 13500. I think the tales series did it well with their custom difficulty settings or nier automata's new game plus where they introduced new mechanics. The phase 2 enemy is Galdera, the Fallen. There are two phases to the fight up ahead. Go to tavern, swap Olberic for Alfyn. Steal/Purchase Sprightly Necklace (55%) from Noelle. But... we don't want to do that quite yet... instead, we want our 1 HP Olberic to do his thing. If Ophilia is last, have Therion defend and use it T4. If you get Peacock + a Pom L before Ophilia T1, you can kill with Ignis x3 & Ignis x4 It isn't needed, and there's faster ways to do this, but this is the single best survival skill for the final boss (and this guide is for everyone, not just hardcore power gamers!). HP items as needed and defense/elemental defense are good as well. Recommended level: 60+ on Olberic, 55+ for the rest. If you have $61750, before talking to the bandit, buy Viper Dagger. You can choose to S&Q, or YOLO. On the next screen, get $25000 + Artwork, and TP to Cobbleston. Abilities below are only used once the Blade, Lyblac and Maw are slain. The Omniscient Eye summons souls in a set order. Steal Fort M from lady by stairs if you didn't earlier. You will need either Olberic or H'aanit to complete this quest. Combined with Physical Prowess and BP Eater, Olberic should be doing 20,000 damage or more with each hit from Winnehild's Battle Cry. Galdera, also known as God of the Accursed Flame was the most powerful of the thirteen gods that created the world of Orsterra. Therion's fire dmg is buffed by Harold's Sword and Heathcote's Dagger at all times - so no mistake there. Talk to Impresario again to unlock Ruins of Hornburg. Give the Cleric divine skill to him, feed him BP and have him blast away with fire to take both of these nuisances quickly. Anyone can heal with Herb of Clarity, Alfyn can prevent with Soothing dust + Curious bloom.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.