I like the way he made good writing adjustments from the previous book. Terrific book! The resulting violent confrontation triggers a global search for the stolen technology and threatens to pit the United States against China in a looming shadow war and technology race. And. See full terms and conditions and this month's choices. Matthew Betley joined the Marines in 1999, and spent ten years as a scout sniper platoon commander, an infantry officer, and a ground intelligence officer. She graduated from the University of South Carolina, Columbia, and then obtained her masters in education from Converse College. Glad to have found another new author to follow! Matthew Betley has been there, this is clearly evident in his authentic writing and Oath of Honor is bound to be in this year’s top 3 best thrillers among veterans like Brad Thor and Kyle Mills. My only problem? Another outstanding Logan West book from MB! He credits the Marine Corps with providing a foundation in discipline and personal accountability for his desire to initially seek help. But Kevin's brother, Ryan, a homicide detective, is just as determined to find the killer so teams up with Izzy. You know you’re enjoying a book, when you start to read faster and faster. As New York Times bestselling author Kyle Mills raves, “Betley continues to turn the screws with the relentless action, unbearable tension, and terrifying threats that we all loved in Overwatch. The action starts on page one and simply doesn’t let up. Here is a challenge I'll set for you - if you happen to come across a character who is not in tip-top shape - please let me know. I was hooked from the first page and just could not put the book down. What do I do with this. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. That was until a team of killers turned up to take it. Notable that the characters, who for the most part, are age 40+, all are in top physical condition; probably able to leap tall buildings. A midafternoon storm was building to the south. It’s a story of action, history, and secrets that is as imaginative as it is compelling. Actually, I’m sorry, I have to take that back. Oath of Honor is an intense and gripping follow-up to former Marine Matthew Betley’s “brilliantly conceived” (Clive Cussler) Overwatch and solidifies his place among the greatest contemporary thriller writers. Matthew Betley puts his experience in the Marine Corps to excellent use in crafting an action-packed story full of daring heroes, nasty villains, and neck-snapping twists. Tell us what you like and we'll recommend books you'll love. Oath of Honor is a globe trotting, mach 5, roller coaster ride of an adventure filled with some of the best action set pieces I’ve seen in years. . The Blue Justice series is going to be fantastic from start to finish, if this book is any clue. I know we are only a month into the year and we still have a little time before this hits the bookshelves, but this will compete for book of the year for sure. In my opinion he is the best pure action sequence write in the genre today. © 2020 Simon & Schuster, Inc. All rights reserved. John Grisham's Recommended Thriller Reading List. Great family dynamics. As Logan and John—now joined by the chief of the CIA’s Special Operations Group, Cole Matthews—battle their way through Spain, the Mediterranean, and ultimately, across Sudan, an imminent threat arises at home that FBI Deputy Director Mike Benson must face and determine if it is part of a deadly global conspiracy. You know you’re enjoying a book, when you start to read faster and faster. When I began reading Christian fiction I had downloaded an ebook by Lynette Eason that I didn't enjoy so I tended to avoid reading any of her books until I read The Cost of Betrayal. Upon graduation, he worked in corporate America for five years in Cincinnati before joining the Marine Corps in 1999. I look forward to the next book in the Blue Justice series. Oath of Honor is an intense and gripping follow-up to former Marine Matthew Betley’s “brilliantly conceived” (Clive Cussler) Overwatch and solidifies his place … Once I got over my initial frustration of the similarities of the family of law enforcement to the tv show ‘Blue Bloods’ I really enjoyed this story. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Love the new character of Ameara. I mean, Izzy has a twin brother, and that kinda clinches the deal. The family dynamics are the best thing about this story, though that isn't to say other stuff isn't also good. Oath of Honor sees us picking some time after the events in Overwatch and again focuses on the adventures of series protagonist Logan West and his right hand man John Quick. Oath of Honor picks up about two years after the events of Overwatch and starts off strong with absolutely no breaks in the action. Can Logan and John so stop it? The author did a great job of making me feel as if I was right there with these characters as they faced off against incredible odds. With three brothers and two sisters, she's never without someone to hang out with—or fight with. In 1996, Lynette married "the boy next door" and now she and her husba, Lynette Eason grew up in Greenville, SC. Its a pet-peeve of mine to read a story that is accurate and he checks all the boxes. He also spent the first semester of. Between fast moving and heart stopping action there is humorous banter between the characters which provides a captivating atmosphere. Was thinking 4.5 stars but no way, had to give it a five. He credits his recovery with providing the authenticity for Logan West’s struggle with his inner demons. Here we go again. Oath of Honor CHAPTER 1. I'm waiting to read the full series to decide for sure.). Warning! A statuesque figure with a slim build and bald head, he watched the roiling clouds move toward the Republican Palace. Comment Report abuse. March 14th 2017 I read his first book, OVERWATCH, in a few days. If it has any truth to it, I would like to bring inmates from North American jails over there for a day or two. Matthew Betley, who exploded onto the scene with his 2016 debut novel the Barry Award nominated Overwatch, has delivered a novel on par with some of the true greats in the genre. This 2nd Logan West adventure will hit the NYT best seller list. Khartoum, Sudan. The MC non-sexually assaulted in the past, which was extremely traumatic. January 2nd 2018 His background and experience have allowed him an amazing opportunity to slip into his current role as the author of military thrillers. As much as I enjoyed the “Elite Guardians” series by Eason, this one is even better! Matthew Betley has done a superb job with this Action Thriller. I bought it in hardcover when it came out but I just didn't get to reading it with all the other books I've buried my nose in. I liked how both Izzy and Ryan were determined to figure out who had killed Kevin, and why, and the twists and turns that brought this book to the satisfying conclusion had me flipping pages quickly. Captain Jack Dawson had no idea how important his cargo would be to another country, and the lengths they would go to get their hands on it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Izzy St. John sees her partner gunned down at a stake out that went sideways and from then on, things escalate at a dizzying speed. The highly anticipated follow up to 2016’s best debut Overwatch, by Former Marine Officer Matthew Betley. Many of her siblings are in law enforcement also, including her mother and trying to solve this murder has attracted the attention of a decidedly bad element. Logan and John weren’t your average FBI agents, and they would need all their skills from their days in the military, with the men that are trying to kill them.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.