Once proposal is ready, upload to NSPIRES website!

%���� - Alert to NASA proposers, reviewers, and grant recipients regarding the impacts of COVID-19 (See Site News, updated as of 04/09/2020). The NSPIRES web page budgets will not be seen by peer reviewers. Award Management (SAM). Your NASA program officer really needs to know about any funds going to a governmental organization because it’s that person’s responsibility to send the right amount the right place. If you have funds going to a government organization you really should get a detailed budget from them, phased by fiscal year, and include that in the separately upload a "Total Budget" PDF.

Almost all ROSES program elements are set up to allow proposers to fill out the NSPIRES web page budgets.

endstream ]lpu���U�q+���lh� ���R�DY�>��_N�ّ�/j[�����?Yv���\� �I��HrP>\},?b� 6�\� cj�����N�f�. OMB Approval Information: Information Paid team members from your organization who are not Co-Is (e.g., students or technicians) go in Section B. Always keep funds for government labs separate in lines 8 and 9 if you can. The template from the planetary science division is provided as 1) a Word doc 2) a PDF file and 3) for latex uses the zip file DMP.zip contains the needed .cls and .sty files. organization, a user must be affiliated with an

endobj For proposals to planetary science (Appendix C and program element E.4 Habitable Worlds) refer to C.1, The Planetary Science Research Program Overview for details and exceptions (e.g., C.4 PDART). registered in NSPIRES. Budgets are generally laid out by project year but since NASA Civil Servant salaries must be charged to present fiscal year dollars, proposals that include NASA Civil Servant salaries may need to phase the funds for NASA Centers by fiscal year.

77 0 obj <>stream research objectives by submitting research proposals and If you have three or fewer other funded organizations then put them separately in Section F lines 5, 8 & 9. <> Registration is required in order to: However, in order to submit proposals or manage an Peer reviewers do not need salaries or overhead rates to evaluate the cost reasonableness of ROSES proposals. Forgot Password?

Don’t forget to include in the main proposal PDF all procurement items (including those in a sub award) in the detailed budget and explain them in the budget justification section, since the peer reviewers are best qualified to assess whether those procurements make sense. "f7*�\P�Co��XHE}�!Q*:��5R�C����l����4�o���^����]��0�~OC�T�x �2U���r���g�:�=���ׂO����'�������}����jMbv�C��'ru#ӛ��V�C�����]4�;�ivw�W��m�Iw��4܁��I�h~IG���x�=� ����X3��}e yU�([�ʻ��/����|` '�H� 11 0 obj endstream endobj startxref The Office of Sponsored Programs will log into NSPIRES to confirm affiliation. Unless otherwise specified in the ROSES program element, all proposers are required to include this separate Total Budget PDF. �\�ڋn�Z?�����~�z��V�����ݦ��߮n��_���|6��0�į���[ף���AF����r]�ೡl�`A�bɔ2ޯvC���RI��:H6ϣRp5�~쩳�Eٯ�˓�ů��W�}Y�����l�ߗW|�y�[� ����m9�\u;���ܵ&�=-�Vj����@I�*P�[�.餔�{�,C�Zge��6��LYC��N�l|RVe��Q"�������MΩ|���(�5:GC3R� �Fe�T�+���LVYf"EkH�LYE���Yk��ڸ��&"阵��;��^'#�6�����nw��qp7こ�(HBj������pC�����Ƒ����QV@ڤ\`ԉ ��22���kp9�- �a! If you have more than one subaward to a non-governmental organization passing through your institution then combine those first, they are all going to your organization anyway. <> The best place for those is in Section F lines 8 or 9. <>>> Summary, Business Data, Budget, Program Specific Data, Proposal Team, and Proposal Attachment(s) Summary - Completed within the text box within NSPIRES not the main body of the proposal - Limited to 4000 characters. All proposers, including NASA centers, must include the cost for the time (and fringe) of the PI and all Co-Is from your organization in Section A. Senior/Key Personnel, see Figure 1, below. 4. For questions or additional information, contact osp@utk.edu.

organization registered with NSPIRES. endobj

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Office of Research & Engagement, Blount Hall Sections for Proposal Summary (4000 characters), Business Data (Sponsoring org, start-end dates, environmental impact, point of contact), Budget, Program Specific Data, and Proposal Team (PI, Co-Is, Collaborators, Staff, Students)!

What are the page limits for the proposal text? Unless otherwise specified by the program element, all proposers must include all costs, including salary, fringe and overhead of NASA civil servants and all subawards and any separate Co-I awards in two places outside of the uploaded proposal PDF: the NSPIRES web page budgets and the separately uploaded "Total Budget" PDF file. Don't use line 10 for salary or overhead, its not redacted. 1.

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