Aggressive, protective of their freedom and more than a little reckless. You can buy. No Happiness or Production penalty for being wounded. It is only visible to you. +50% colonising and wood building cost on non coastal zone. Required Happiness for your population is reduced by 10%. Guerilla Tactics — Permanently increases your military units' attack power by +1% for any unit slain or lost in enemy territory (30% max). Your Thralls can be conscripted to production buildings to increase their output (You can assign a maximum of 1 Thrall). Pour les Wyverns j'ai trouvé qu'en fait il faut mettre d'autres types de victoire que militaire (ce que je ne fais pas la plupart du temps en multi), J'ai test le Clan du taureau mais je préfère attendre et le voir plus en profondeur avant de le mettre dessus si j'ai le temps. Harpoons — Fisherman's Huts can have one more. A Tier: This tier represents clans that are very strong, ... New editor map - League of Northgard - the first Northgard MOBA ever! In improved zones, specialized units get a +10% production bonus and buildings have a -50% upkeep cost. Activate on demand to reveal spikes that damage and slow down the enemy as long as he stays within. Nimble Paws — Lynxes frequently leap and dodge every attack while airbone. Gefjun's Jar : Allows you to spend Food to summon new Villagers or Sheep and build another Sheepfold. Burned zone: -50% production, snakes units and buildings +50% attack. The Northgard guide for Clans, Units, Lore and more written and maintained by the players. Clan of the Horse - Northgard Led by Brok and Eitria, two spirited siblings, the Clan of the Horse are a quiet and sturdy people. Led by Mielikki, the Beastmaster, the Clan of the Lynx have an exceptional connection with nature. Draconic Frenzy — +100% attack power for a military unit with no other military allies in their zone. The Trackers they train are ranged units shooting a wide variety of arrows. The Clan of the Dragon does not have access to the regular Military Building. If by any chance your regular population falls under your Thrall population (if < ), they will rise against you! All rights reserved. Like the regular civilians, Thralls can travel in neutral territory and fight. Your units have a +15% attack power and defense bonus. The biggest advantage lies in the unrivaled ability to prosper with only little space available. Ancestral Influence — Relics don't use a building slot. Activate on demand to reveal spikes that damage and slow enemies for as long as they are in the zone. Dainsleif & Tyrfing : Gives your warchiefs, Eitria and Brok +20% , +20% , +20% , +20% mining and +20% forge speed. Clan of the Dragon - Northgard The most alien of all clans, the Dragons follow ancient customs and embrace sinister traditions. Welcome to the Official Northgard Wiki The Northgard guide for Clans, Units, Lore and more written and maintained by the players. The Path of the Hunter replaces Military Paths. In addition each clan has its own unique Relic. Northgard is a real time strategy game based on Norse mythology in which you control a clan of Vikings vying for the control of a mysterious newfound continent. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. In Northgard you have to choose a Clan. The most alien of all clans, the Dragons follow ancient customs and embrace sinister traditions. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. It works similar to Factions/Races in other RTS Games. Please make your opinion known in the Community portal. Northgard on Steam, The Clan of the Ox is now available! All rights reserved. Current Northgard version: Northgard clans – a quick guide This excellent Viking-themed RTS has a lot of clans now - here's what you need to know So you bought the excellent Viking game Northgard and have been playing it … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Like in Age of Empires for example, each clan has the same basic kit of skills with minor tweaks. Likewise destroying enemy ones using. Your units are tougher, larger and eat 10% more than the other clans. Can build Fishery on lake tiles and beaches to assign fishermen. Oskoreia spirits gain +20%. Please make your opinion known in the Community portal. Industrious — Upgraded Food-producing buildings can be assigned an additional, Whenever you have no military units, the first unit recruited is free (excluding the Warchief). No Happiness or Production penalty for being wounded. Please see the. You keep staring at them, wondering if they are worth the investment; if you … Current Northgard version: I've been playing Northgard with the base clans for about a year now, still playing online 2v2 about twice a month. It's Early Access started on February 22, 2017, and the game was officially release March 7, 2018. The Kobold spawn rate has been decreased, and they won’t start expanding on the players' territory before the middle of the year 802. Gungnir : Unlocks the Stealth Ability to all military units. You can build a Dragonkin Altar instead of other military buildings. They are well prepared to face the dangers of Northgard and use their combined might and mobility to leave little chance to all but the most resilient. Note: More clans keeps appearing from time to time in form of DLC. Adaptable and resilient, they will be right at home on Northgard. The game is being developed by Shiro Games. Grants 1000 Wyrd once built. There are 2 different ways of getting new thrall: You can buy them from your longship dock. Northgard Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. The boldest Northmen have set sail to explore and conquer these new shores, bring fame to their Clan and write history through conquest, trading, or devotion to the Gods. The Wild Hunt — Mielikki can place one additional lure at a time. His defense has been raised to 10. Buildings can hold only one unit, and houses hold less people. All clans have access to five common Relics. Specialized civilian units have a +40% base production bonus, except loremasters. Aegir : Torfin can use Provocation : All enemy units and towers target Torfin during a short period and his defense is increased by 100% for 6 seconds. FAME BONUSES. After getting the Capture Lore, you’ll be able to enslave enemy civilians. Dragonkins are ferocious military units, more powerful than warriors. Gives a chance to enslave wounded enemy civilians or neutral faction units. It works similar to Factions/Races in other RTS Games. Spend Hunting Trophies to unlock powerful abilities for Brundr, Kaelinn and the Trackers, Place a Trap in a non-enemy zone. Each Clan has different characteristics and bonuses unique to that Clan. Blood Sweat and Tears — no Tooltip available. Specialized civilian units have a +40% base production bonus, except loremasters. Whenever your Warchief decolonizes a zone, you colonize it for free. 1 sheep has been added in nearby territories. In Northgard you have to choose a Clan. Glepnir : Allows you to place a trap in a non-enemy zone. Each Clan has his own Starting bonus, Fame bonus and a slightly differing Lore tree. Giving a Villager his Dragonkin form is a non-reversible process and will consume 50 Krowns (+10 per new Dragonkin) and 1 Dragon Essence Unit .

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