And, there are many kinds of love — romantic love, as you know, is different than familial love. Reprinted with permission of the author. I couldn’t live with that. That summer we learned the names Of flowers strong enough to takeHeat and light and all elementsClassical philosophers thoughtCould change us. Copyright © 1997 by Marilyn Krysl. Star Gazer. I think those lines were just my way of getting myself back to my present and “I draw a frame around the frame” already does that. I knew I wanted the telutons or end words to be variations of the characters' names, so I scanned the dictionary for variants of green, mustard, peacock, plum, scarlet and white. Let mesee us whole, beside the sea. I’m so thankful to my readers. The following is an edited transcript of our conversation. NS: This question always gets the best of me because I end up forgetting someone. But most of the work of revising was deciding how many of the details of the story needed to be in the poem, the right balance of transparency for the reader and intimacy with Jackson. We thought Fingers in dirt meant it was our dirt, learningNames in heat, in elements classicalPhilosophers said could change us. Here was Professor Plum’schance to charm a certain lady, catching what he called scarletfever. But Nicole Sealey’s second book, Ordinary Beast, manages to perfectly blend the heartbreaking and the hilarious — often in a single stanza. Mr. Boddy’s absence was so brazen it bred whitenoise not even tales of exemplumheroism, narrated by and starring Colonel Mustard,could quiet—his presence, by all accounts, as keen as mustardand showy as a pride of peacocks.Like a boy exiled to his room, Professor Plumexcused himself, giving the others the greenlight to do the same. One only needs to open her eyes to see that there is an active, one-sided war against black and brown people in this country, in particular, and in the world at large. Reprinted with permission of the author. There’s something simultaneously more intimate and lonelier about not having you, the writer narrating the experience. Her work has appeared in Vice, Guernica, PANK, and Joyland, among others. September rain falls on the house.In the failing light, the old grandmothersits in the kitchen with the childbeside the Little Marvel Stove,reading the jokes from the almanac,laughing and talking to hide her tears.She thinks that her equinoctial tearsand the rain that beats on the roof of the house were both foretold by the almanac,but only known to a grandmother.The iron kettle sings on the stove.She cuts some bread and says to the child,It's time for tea now; but the childis watching the teakettle's small hard tearsdance like mad on the hot black stove,the way the rain must dance on the house.Tidying up, the old grandmotherhangs up the clever almanacon its string. They seemed to bloomAgainst the will of the sun, which was—According to news reports—warmerOn our planet than the sun guiltyOf sweat our fathers once wiped From their necks and foreheads.Baby’s Breath. But, also, this boring meta-commentary about how I feel about finding the Jackson story interrupts the intimacy (and, if the poem is working, shouldn’t be necessary). Poetry also allows me to slip into and out of character, my own character. Cockscomb. The barbaric writer loved hatred, and hated love; nevertheless, he knew that his desire for love, and not hatred, had inspired him to writethe Forest of Barbaric Sestinas in the forest of barbaric sestinas. I got rid of that bit at the end about birds, because I don’t know what it was doing there… I guess I was trying to explain how the body could be “not a question,” but it becomes a question again in that attempt at justification. The soldier firing the mortar alreadydead. She is the Executive Director at the Cave Canem Foundation, and lives in Brooklyn, New York. Birdlike, the almanachovers half open above the child,hovers above the old grandmotherand her teacup full of dark brown tears.She shivers and says she thinks the housefeels chilly, and puts more wood in the stove.It was to be, says the Marvel Stove.I know what I know, says the almanac.With crayons the child draws a rigid houseand a winding pathway. Let meride those waves pouring from your fingers. Finally, the word “room” in the first line became “frame” after I inserted this poem into my manuscript, because “room” in that book takes on an overdetermined meaning that doesn’t make sense in the world of this poem. NS: The average person’s life isn’t that long, if they’re lucky about seventy-nine years. Donate Donate. John Crawford. Hardcover If I believe in the Immaculate Conception, or in being filled with the Holy Spirit (or other, less divine entities), then I can believe this to be true for other things. About her way of writing, poet Adélia Prado said, “Who am I to organize the flight of the poem.” Not only do I agree, but I would also apply this attitude to the overall structure of the book and knowing when it’s finished. Mr. Boddy’s absence was so brazen it bred white, could quiet—his presence, by all accounts, as keen as mustard, old library was a crime scene, his final fall on this white-, knuckle ride towards death. I took out what was the third line (“the papers called you…”) because it seemed to abruptly interrupt that intimacy – Jackson, probably, already knows what they were called. That burninghut on T.V. Destruction and the blossom: let me, to become fabulous, torches the thatch (see blossomy, lie along your side. For those who’ll exist long after I’m gone. Her cheeks were as redas her nakedpinkass after her “Bad Wife”spankings. We hold our mugs with outstretched pinkies. I know death, even when it’s camouflaged by greenery.”, knight would look to a distressed damsel. My search yielded little for peacock and scarlet, but much for the other four words. Let mesay truth: no place, no one, is safe. and raised in Apopka, Florida, Nicole Sealey is the author of Ordinary Beast, finalist for the 2018 PEN Open Book Award, and The Animal After Whom Other Animals Are Named, winner of the 2015 Drinking Gourd Chapbook Poetry Prize.Her other honors include a Jerome Foundation Travel and Study Grant, an Elizabeth George Foundation Grant, the Stanley Kunitz … I want the same for those I love. Miss Scarlet hadn’t time to peel off her peacoat before the no-frills food, which she declined, and a pre-cocktail cocktail, which she accepted. To me, a poem is a translation of thought and experience into something capable of being shared and, to some extent, understood — no matter page or stage. Bird of Paradise. Now, my time as a Cave Canem fellow and former workshop participant, on the other hand, has made me a craftswoman and diligent reviser. In the middle of my return, I’ve also had to watch other Christians use biblical scripture to promote homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, and Trumpism. Love is fleeting because life itself is fleeting. So we are already in that weird space of artist/”muse”— objectifying a person as part of a desire or act of courtship. My hope for the field is that it expands further, that it welcomes the contributions of poets of color. BNR: Bodily pain is so present in these poems, particularly the ways black bodies are misrepresented or trapped or violated. I conceived of the idea for "Clue" at either the 2009 or 2010 Cave Canem retreat, where the first stanza of the sestina pair was first workshopped. “For the dead,” Mrs. Peacocksaid, “the grass is greeneron the side of the living.” While plumbingMr. What are the resonances between past and present, what are they made of? What do you think love is and did writing this collection change or influence your concept of love? This person, in the real world, has been working on a treatment of the Narcissus myth, so in addition to stealing their likeness, I stole that bit of their vocabulary, that mythological space where they were already locating themselves.

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