New Glenn is going to be much bigger than the rocket Jeff Bezos has been working on the past few years. For example, Bezos said that a New Glenn launch will not be delayed by a single sensor reading, a sort of “sensor out” capability. When it was over, he headed for the airport and home. The New Shepard 3 vehicle completed the most recent test flight in July, demonstrating the crew capsule’s escape system at the edge of the flight envelope. And this isn’t a book to read for style. Blue Origin has also leased LC-11 next door, the pad that launched the world’s first communications satellite. Jay Barbree Rockets are usually “mighty” and there’s a lot of bellowing primeval thunder, engines burning fiercely, spears of flame.

After Gemini 8, of course, he went on to command Apollo 11 and became the first man to walk on the moon. His hop down off the ladder of the Lunar Module on 21 July 1969 – 45 years ago this month – on to the dusty ground of our nearest neighbour made him the most famous man on earth. But Barbree, a space correspondent for NBC News, is the only reporter to have covered all 166 American astronaut flights and moon landings. He was a pilot, one of the best who ever flew.

It is striking that, in the remarkable broadcast interview he granted in the last year of his life to Alex Malley of Certified Practising Accountants Australia (Armstrong’s father was an auditor; that’s how Malley got the scoop), he played down the importance of his “one small step for man” statement from the lunar surface. Beyond low Earth orbit, Blue Origin also has the Blue Moon program aiming to land uncrewed payloads on the surface of the moon.

In his mind, the words that best expressed the achievement of President Kennedy’s vision and mission were: “The Eagle has landed.”, Barbree tells the tales of Armstrong’s derring-do with rather less modesty, one imagines, than “the quiet one” – as the author calls him – would have done.

But New Glenn is planned to offer 45 tons to LEO while still enabling first stage recovery, performance that should be equal if not better than Falcon Heavy. The hope is that Blue Origin and New Glenn will be able to compete with the likes of SpaceX and United Launch Alliance (a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Boeing) to launch large satellites. Barbree does, however, succeed in expressing the essence of Armstrong. Blue Origin plans for their ship to be underway during landing, using the hydrodynamic surfaces to maintain stability.

Flight 9 was the latest in a line of flights designed to demonstrate the safety of the crew vehicle, including another in-flight abort test in 2016, a pad abort test back in 2012, and a parachute redundancy test in 2016 where the capsule descended under only 2 of the 3 parachutes.

And he writes gently about the couple’s daughter, Karen, who died of an inoperable brain tumour in 1962. See? After the war, he worked for the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (which later became Nasa) at Edwards Air Force Base in the California desert. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. China launches new Yaogan-30 group of military satellites, Russia launches Soyuz with next-generation navigation satellite, Soyuz MS-16 returns Space Station trio to Earth, Soyuz MS-17 completes 3 hour journey to ISS, Suprise Chinese launch lofts Huanjing duo, Long March 4B launches new ocean observation satellite, ESA roundup: Ariane 6, James Webb, & BepiColombo, ESA’s Hera planetary defense mission signs prime contractor,…, Vega Returns to Flight with Rideshare Mission, James Webb passes critical test as telescope moves…, Indian PSLV launches RISAT-2BR1 military satellite, ISRO lose contact with Chandrayaan-2 lander during final…, Russia launches 3 Gonets communication satellites, 18 international…, Crew-1 mission in final preparations as launch date…, SpaceX launches second Starlink mission of the week, Tradition, Tragedy, Tribute: The Story of Doug Hurley,…, Doug Loverro Resigns, Ken Bowersox to be Acting…, NASA, SpaceX enters the critical month of May…, NASA/ESA complete challenging Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer repair, TAG, you’re it; OSIRIS-REx collects sample at asteroid…, Cassini data sheds light on Saturn formation and…, Blue Origin tests NASA landing system hardware on…, NASA, JAXA look to Sun to understand life….

SpaceX’s drone ships use small station-keeping engines to remain stationary during landing. The progress of BE-4 is being closely watched by United Launch Alliance, who is considering the engine to power the first stage of their Vulcan rocket.

Yet that’s how it was. A former literary editor of the Times, she has twice judged the Man Booker Prize.

Barbree may indulge in hyperbole but sometimes, where certain stories are concerned, it’s pretty hard to avoid. In the Shadow of the Moon is a remarkable 2007 documentary, in which all the surviving Apollo astronauts tell their stories in their own words – all but Armstrong, who does not appear. It was Barbree who broke the story of the cause of the Challenger disaster in 1986, thanks to his connections at Nasa.

Bezos said this decision was made to enable recovery in rough seas.

New Shepard first reached this altitude on Flight 8 in April. Blue Origin has successfully reached 70% thrust and 114 second duration burns on their test stand in West Texas. Once recovery and reuse become routine, factory production will focus on upper stages, as Blue Origin only plans to build a small fleet of lower stages. Discuss: Blue Origin's huge new rocket has a nose cone bigger than its current rocket, Avatar 2: Kate Winslet as a 'water person', sharing some behind-the-scenes looks at New Glenn's development.

Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith noted that current plans are to fly passengers “early next year.” The first passengers are understood to be internal test pilots and will fly on New Shepard 4. ULA’s Vulcan launcher, also slated for a 2020 debut, is planned to launch up to 35 tons to LEO.

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Bezos also stressed that taking apart and refurbishing a vehicle will be more expensive than an expendable vehicle and that Blue Origin designed New Shepard and New Glenn for operational reusability. After his descent from space, Armstrong took a lesson from his hero Lindbergh and kept away from the press and the burden of fame.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.