The Structure of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is complex and multi-faceted. NATO Army Rank Comparison. For full details concerning a particular vacancy, please click on the links provided in the column "Title". Ambassador Sergio Fenoaltea (Italy) heads the Political Affairs Division, M. Rene Sergent (France) the Economics and Finance Division, and Mr. Lowell P. Weicker (USA) the Production and Logistics Division. x��V_LZg����)����2�����V��@�(d���h��: I��U����V�����Ym�tsU��f�����Xu]t�]ggK��m���eɾ{/�{q�^�� ���;����G �� ��l��l�_ȼ��V���to&�盛����Q~|�#0��;v30s�z>�d{`rI���|���J ~�@���ܡycxo����� E���.۪X���놾"� ���79+fT3P��q��ks�K������ۧ�n�Ԛo�vBp�G���n��n�����6�:b �����՚��uy�Z���:HW��5w��E��.�,�,ԙwQm��N��������%xl�~_���;�~s��^��aD��w4� ��}�e�l�I�︺'�� Most of the headquarters were absorbed within ACE, particularly within the new Allied Forces Northwestern Europe.[16]. [40] All the others were subsumed into Allied Command Europe and Allied Command Atlantic. In 1995 NATO began a Long Term Study to examine post-Cold War strategy and structure. [2], The NATO Military Command Structure consists of two strategic commands and is directed by the North Atlantic Council, all of which are liaised by a common Secretary-General:[23], The commands under SACEUR - Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum, Allied Joint Force Command Naples and Joint Force Command Norfolk are Operational Level Commands, while Headquarters Allied Air Command, Headquarters Allied Maritime Command and Headquarters Allied Land Command are Tactical Level Commands. The British made strong representations in discussions regarding the Mediterranean NATO command structure, wishing to retain their direction of NATO naval command in the Mediterranean to protect their sea lines of communication running through the Mediterranean to the Middle East and Far East.[9]. It also directed KFOR in Kosovo. [19] They included: In the twenty-first century NATO has an extensive civilian structure, including: The Defence Planning Committee (DPC) is normally composed of Permanent Representatives, but meets at the level of Defence Ministers at least twice a year. OR-9. [18] The headquarters of the two Regional Commands were known as Regional Headquarters South (RHQ South) and RHQ NORTH respectively. Among the new JSRCs was Joint Headquarters Southwest, which was activated in Madrid in September 1999. [34] Headquarters Multinational Division South – East (HQ MND-SE) is a North Atlantic Council (NAC) activated NATO military body under operational command (OPCOM) of Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) which may be employed and deployed in peacetime, crisis and operations. In early 2015, in the wake of the War in Donbass, meetings of NATO ministers decided that Multinational Corps Northeast would be augmented so as to develop greater capabilities, to, if thought necessary, prepare to defend the Baltic States, and that a new Multinational Division Southeast would be established in Romania. The Canada-US Regional Planning Group (CUSRPG) is the only survivor of the originally five regional planning groups of the late 1940s and early 1950s. The Divisions' tasks are to prepare, in close touch with delegations, proposed action in their respective fields for consideration by the appropriate committee or by the Council. Sean Maloney, 'To Secure Command of the Sea,' University of New Brunswick thesis, 1991, p.258-261, Barbara Starr, 'Cold War Battle Orders Make Way for a New NATO Era,', Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency, NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Programme Management Organisation, NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency, NATO Communications and Information Systems Services Agency, NATO Electronic Warfare Advisory Committee, NATO Research and Technology Organisation, Munitions Safety Information Analysis Center, Committee of Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO, Allied Land Component Command Headquarters Heidelberg, Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre, Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation Systems, Crisis Response Operations in NATO Operating Systems, Combined Federated Battle Laboratories Network, NATO Communications and Information Agency, "NATO Handbook.

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