National Urban Policies have been recognised internationally as a tool for the implementation and monitoring of global urban agendas, such as the Sustainable Development Goals, Paris Agreement and Sendai Framework.

FIRE-FIGHTING V BROADER STRATEGIC OVERVIEW. Confronting with rising anger among workers, health authorities tested all Brandix employees at the Minuwangoda plant, discovering that at least 1,200 out of its 1,400-strong workforce, and hundreds of their associates, were infected. The SJB cancelled its bogus protests against the 20th amendment, citing the virus. Defence and “internal security” allocations to strengthen the repressive state machinery against workers and the poor will exceed 500 billion rupees next year. Last week, Labour Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva, after a discussion with a representative of Katunayake Free Trade Zone companies, declared that the government’s policy is to “maintain the country normally and that factories will be maintained with health security methods.”.

Politics at CNN has news, opinion and analysis of American and global politics Find news and video about elections, the White House, the U.N and much more. No job losses and fully paid leave to all other workers. Report examines the economic and socio-economic trends in Chile’s urban areas and approaches for revitalising the urban governance structures. Medical Research Institute (MRI) Director Dr. Jayaruwan Bandara told the media that the new spike in infections indicated that COVID-19 has been in the community for the past few months. Globally, COVID-19 cases have passed 40 million and on Monday, the death toll climbed to over a million. *All those in the informal sector—including all self-employed, poor farmers and fishermen—must be provided with sufficient and unconditional financial assistance. Policy co-ordination across levels of government is essential if cities are to function well, and this requires national leadership. Cities are home to 2/3's of the OECD’s population and account for an even larger share of output. The official figures are still low, however, because the Rajapakse government has only ordered random tests in factories and other areas. Sri Lankan workers must rally the rural poor against Rajapakse’s “herd immunity” policies . From the outset, Colombo’s response to COVID-19 has been of a militarist character, with Army Commander Silva appointed as head of the NOCPCO, thus undermining the role of medical experts. It is currently “debating” in parliament a 20th amendment to the constitution which gives the president sweeping powers.

Last week, the Central Bank boasted it disbursed about 178 billion rupees and is ready to release even more. Information about the recent increase in infections emerged after hundreds of workers from a Brandix factory at Minuwangoda in Gampaha complained of being ill last month. Drivers and Co-Drivers work together in production-based vehicles to compete on closed public roads, called Special Stages. Health authorities, amid rising tensions among free trade zone (FTZ) workers, conducted 15,000 random tests and by Monday had discovered another 224 cases.

The OECD series of national-level Urban Policy Reviews evaluates the role of central government in urban policies and provides recommendations to assist policymakers in achieving their policy objectives.

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